My job is a lot like finding someone to share my life with. I spend time looking for the perfect candidate, someone who possesses all the qualities that I'm looking for. No matter how many hopefuls apply, it won't guarantee that I will find the right one. Worse, they would just waste my time trying to make me believe that a programmer can support a server. But the job doesn't end in finding the right candidate. In fact, it's just the start of another mission -- that is to make him "fall" for my requirement. What if he is not interested? What if he doesn't like the terms? What if he would just leave after a month or two coz he's not happy anymore? There will always be this fear of being left behind... and I'll start all over again to look for a replacement...  Oh well, such a neverending quest for someone who will stay. 


Just a random thought this morning when I almost gave up on a certain requirement. Hehehe


  1. I guess this is a random realization that springs from something deep :) Whatever it is, I wish you well, I wish you will end up finding the one :)

  2. Ayun oh! Nakakita ako ng "emo" post. Hehe..

    Maybe the only thing I can say is that these people that we thought we need now will only come whenever we don't need them.

    The only best way to find the right person is for us to totally not look. When we start to become happy, independent, and show others that we are very satisfied being single, and that means totally not mentioning about it, that's when blessings or miracles happen.

    1. Namiss mo ba ang emo post ko? Ako din namiss ko mag-emo dito e. Hahah! Kidding aside, kita mo naman may kinalaman pa din sa trabaho maski emo.. ibig sabihin lang nyan pag napapagod lang ako sa trabaho tska lang "nakakaalala" hehe. Pero in all honesty, hindi talaga ako searching in its truest sense. :) Thanks for the words of wisdom and stay happy! :)

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    Thanks! :)


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