Celebrating Valentine’s Day for me is like singing in front of a large crowd – I will never ever do it. Not that I’m bitter or apathetic, it’s just that it’s not my personality to go on romantic dates on a day that’s celebrated by a million other couples. I have my own way of showing my affection to my significant other, not only on Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s for me and my then boyfriend(s) is just another ordinary day. The farthest I can go to 'celebrate' is by going out with friends to party. A group date indeed (like we often did when we were younger). Despite being the ‘stiff’ lady though, I had my share of funny valentines in my teenage years.

I went to a university that is known to hold a week-long fair that falls on the Valentine’s week. Most of the fraternities/sororities/clubs/organizations have their distinct activities and one of them is this flower delivery (plus chocolates, toys and other stuff) fraternity. The flowers are delivered by fratmen to the ladies being wooed by their customers. They can even request that their ladies be serenaded by the boys. I was one (un)lucky girl who received flowers and chocolates more than I can hold.

When I was in my freshman year I had my fair share of suitors (modesty aside… haha!). I even had a ‘stalker’ in school. I considered him one coz he would often send me messages without introducing himself. I can still remember how he scared the hell out of me whenever he says (via SMS), “You’re the one in blue at McDo, right?” or this particular day when I was wearing gray top and black pants and he said, “You look pretty in gray and black.” The ‘stalking’ went on for months that I got really scared. I even tried to trace who he was through the number he was using by asking around. I failed.

He stopped probably because he felt I was on my way to finding who that stalker is.

One Valentine’s Day, on my way to my Math class, I saw a couple of fratmen waiting in front of my Math classroom’s door, holding a bouquet of white roses and a bar of Toblerone. Then came my Math professor who asked them to just go away coz they’re messing in the class. He even banged the door and said, “mga istorbo!”

He told the class, “Dapat di nila ginagawa yon e, baka lokohin nyo pa yung kaklase nyong bibigyan nila ng bulaklak e maistorbo pa klase natin.”

On my way out after the class, the group of guys approached me and asked, “Ikaw ba si Annacel?” (that’s what they called me in school, by the way). When I said yes, they handed me the flowers and chocolates.
While walking en route to my next class, my phone beeped. Mr. Stalker resurrected. His message says, “Kawawang naman mga yon, ang babata pa ang labo na ng mata.. akalain mong ikaw pa binigyan ng bulaklak. Haha!” Since then I had a hunch that Mr. Stalker is actually my Math professor. As much as I wanted to debunk my own idea (coz it was really impossible that he would send me personal messages), that particular incident somehow revealed Mr. Stalker’s identity.

From that day on I started to observe his actions during our class. I noticed that everytime we have exercises he would call me to answer the problem on the board. Sometimes when we do our seatwork, he would stand behind my back and silently watch me solve the problems. It was kinda uncomfortable, at the same time made my young heart skip some beats. Hahaha!

I just shrugged it off knowing that he could possibly be Mr. Professor. After all, I knew that he's a good person and won't harm me. Perhaps he was just making fun of me.. or wanted to court me. Hahahaha! Feeeeeling! :P Anyway, the semester was about to end soon at that time so I would be seeing less of him in school. So I just concentrated on my remaining exams.

After our pre-finals week I already went home to the province. I scored high in all the exams so that means I won't be taking the final exams. To my dismay, he contacted me and told me I should take the final exams. At first I argued with him, confident that I really should not take the final exams. But I had no choice but to go back and take the finals. So there, we saw each other again.

What really surprised me is that I got a grade of 2.0 in that Math class. In UP, if you take the finals exams you will either get a 3.0 or 5.0.. so why the hell did I get a 2.0? That led me to a conclusion that he just wanted to see me again. (Oo na, ako na feelingera hahah!)

To help me confirm, I asked my classmate to text and call Mr. Stalker’s number. She found it it was really our professor. By the way, Mr. Math Professor isn’t the usual old guy professor, he was just in his late 20s then. He’s young, cute.. and funny. If he were just my classmate I’d probably date him. Hahaha!

Oh well, nothing special was born out of those 'stalking' moments. We did not get the chance to know each other more. After all, I was a student and he was my professor. It's just not right.

Our story ended as the semester completed.

The following year, on the same month (the LOVE month) I had my first real boyfriend -- one of those flower delivery boys. He did not give me flowers though, he gave me 3 years of love, care, attention... and heartache. :)


  1. Freaky si professor!! At di ko inexpect na siya yun ha. I read the entire story, tapos siya pala :D

  2. he must really be smart to be a professor at a young age, i don't find it surprising that he stalked you. you know, smart people are capable of those things because they're weird. what i find surprising, though, is that he didn't give you the highest possible grade, that should at least compensate for all the troubles that he gave you. anyway, happy valentine's for all it's worth.

  3. grabeyy, creepy magkaroon ng stalker na professor. ang haba ng buhok mo teh! hehehe


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