If there’s one reason why I got excited when we booked our flight to Phuket last November, it was the trip to Phi Phi coz I’ve long been wanting to see it after I watched the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio hit, The Beach. The movie was filmed in Ko Phi Phi Leh, one of the 2 major islands of Phi Phi (the other one’s Ko Phi Phi Don) and it looked really majestic on screen.

We planned to go to Phi Phi Islands on our 2nd day in Phuket. The trip costs THB1,400-1,600 but since I was with the ultimate haggler in the whole wide universe (my friend, Nheng), we got ours for THB1,250 each. The package includes boat ride to Ko Phi Phi Lei, Ko Phi Phi Don and Khai Islands plus buffet lunch (Western and Thai food) plus snacks and drinks on the boat.

Some photos taken at Phi Phi..


We were approached by a bunch of Indians to have our photo taken.. (and told us in jest that they’re gonna publish it on an Indian magazine.. hahaha!)

Beer bellyyyy!!!!!


Planker on my back

Island of monkeys


… then at Khai.








Despite all the fame and hype, Phi Phi didn’t really amaze me as much as Philippine beaches did (e.g. Palawan, Coron, Camiguin, etc.). Sure, Phuket is nice, Phi Phi and Khai Islands are beautiful.. it’s just that it’s overrated. The sand is average in terms of being white and fine; there were a lot of vessels blocking the way for pleasurable swimming.

Aside from snorkeling, there are no other things to do than laze around and relax.. but how can you relax when there’s a lot of people wandering.


Of course, these aren’t the only criteria that determine how beautiful an island is but I’m just speaking based on my experience as well as preference. Anyway, who am I to complain.. might as well rent the whole island so there won’t be other people there, right? Hahahah! Smile with tongue out

It only saddened me that beaches in the Philippines are a lot more breathtaking but many of them aren’t really known worldwide. Could it be that we have poor tourism campaign? Or perhaps it’s the infamous hostage taking and crime scenes in the country that’s veering away potential tourists.

Oh well, it wasn’t that bad though.. coz I saw one of my idols..

Bob Marley.. hahahahahahahaha! :P


  1. I also feel that Thailand is way better than us in generating Tourist Arrivals. Pero come to think of it, a lot of Pinoys are saying that our beaches here are a way better. Siguro nga, the negative image of the country alo overpowers everything.

    One of my friends went to Krabi Island and sabi nila, Palawan is better pa daw. I wasn't really surprised with your assessment sa Phi Phi & Khai Island. Pero sabi nga nila, the experience to travel is always priceless :)

    1. Diane: These islands, I think, are actually part of Krabi. :) And yeah, it's all good even if it did not meet my expectations, it's fun to travel naman e. :)

  2. hello AC,

    waaah your soo bbusy wandering, hur. nice photos and you're soo sexy! enjoy traveling! i've always eating at sunshine plaza and never crossed our path. Hope to see you one day.

    1. Hi Che, wahhh.. no more sexy body lah! eat many many mah! hahaha. :P hindi ako masyado nakakalunch out eh.. laging sa desk ko lang.. :(

  3. Generic comment to this entry:

    'Wow! fantastic view of the beach! I love the beach too!'


    The real Ape commenting on this entry:

    'Wow! girls in bikini!! I like!' Thanks for the 'view'! This truly made my day!


  4. the indian guys must have been smitten by your charms. did they ask for your autographs, too?

  5. haha wow! sexy., :D
    the beach is great too! :)

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  6. btw, AC., follow me on Twitter @excloudstrife6 hehe :) thanks!

  7. Haha. Parang my previous comment was made on the wrong post. Here sana dapat ung beach something comment. Toinks talaga.:) By the way, are you on Twitter?:)

  8. Yaiks, not the kind of beach for me...kasi parang bawal dyan ang hindi naka-2 piece hehehe. Eh ako pa naman pag nasa beach balot na balot hahaha!

    At ikaw pala'y nagtaksil na sa wordpress :)

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