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Blame the 4-day off on Chinese New Year, I totally forgot about a lot of things, including updating this blog and even doing the chores. While a lot of my friends and colleagues went on vacation, I stayed at home glued to my laptop watching a Korean drama called “Hello! Miss”, also called “Hello! My Lady” (or Aegesshi, a Korean word for Miss, or baby, or young lady.. not sure though, better ask your Korean friends, if you have one. Hehe), a 16-episode drama that was aired in 2007 (I read it was also shown on GMA in the Philippines a few years back).

I used to spend my weeknights watching “My Binondo Girl” on TFC coz of the daily dose of kilig it gave me. Oh well.. when you’re single, you would just settle for romantic teleseryes than sulk and wonder why hasn’t anybody come and sweep you off your feet. Smile with tongue out

I felt sad that My Binondo Girl’s over coz I’m gonna miss Andy Wu (one of my most loved characters on Philippine TV). He sure can make any woman fall for him. So I waited for a “replacement” of him in my heart. Daniel (Coco Martin) of "Walang Hanggan" came and I began liking him, but the show’s too dramatic for my taste. It gives me heartaches more than laughter so I just opened my computer and began searching for Korean series to waste my time for (man, 4 days at home was sooooo boring.. all I could do was eat, sleep, watch TV, swim and swim in booze). Then I revisited an old favorite site – maaduu, it’s a free, legal site (only in Singapore in Malaysia) that boasts a collection of Korean dramas from 1999 up to present. Some friends told me to watch “City Hunter”, I know it’s being aired on ABS-CBN in the Philippines but I opted to watch “Hello! Miss” instead coz it stars two of my favorite Korean actors – Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji Hoon.

Lee Da Hae has one of the prettiest faces in Korean entertainment (though there are some rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery), she looks so sweet and angelic, and funny too. Her 2005 hit “My Girl” is also one of my favorite Korean shows. Lee Ji Hoon, on the other hand, is one of the very few Korean actors that I like. I first saw him in “Wonderful Life” and since then I got interested in seeing more of his projects. I know he’s not that popular in acting world (coz he is a singer turned actor and in fact, prince of KPop as they) like that guy in “Boys Over Flowers” (Sorry, I don’t know his name) but Ji Hoon has this smile that can make me smile too. Haha! I feel like I’m back to high school while writing this. Smile with tongue out


SYNOPSIS (taken from HERE)

Lee Su-ha (played by Lee Da-hae) inherited the historical home, Hwa Ahn Dang, of the Je-an Lee clan after her father left for Seoul with another woman years ago and her mother died last year of stomach cancer. That is when her dual life began as the head of the nearly-ruined clan as she refused to give up on the Hwa Ahn Dang. But one day she meets Hwang Dong-kyu (played by Lee Ji-hoon), who asks her to sell the Hwa Ahn Dang to him by any means. Dong-kyu is the grandson of a servant who 50 years ago ran away from the Hwa Ahn Dang after stealing its cow and a bale of rice. But after much bickering, Su-ha and Dong-kyu end up falling in love with each other.

One of the things that I liked about this series is how it was able to somehow introduce me to the Korean traditions with all those manor homes, the family, elders and lady of the manor stuff. I ‘ve been so fascinated by everything about Korea (except for the music.. haha!) -- its culture, food, people, fashion and entertainment that it has become a dream for me to visit the country one day. I was, in fact, booked to Busan and Seoul last year but I had to let it go coz of my relocation to Singapore that brought changes. Anyway, it can wait.. hopefully this year, so I better save my Leave credits for it. Smile

It’s also amazing that though it depicted the old Korean culture, it also did not ignore the fact that we’re on the 21st century, hence, shows the modern Korea as well. It’s like I am watching a documentary and current events shows at the same time. But of course, it’s not all about culture that got me enthralled, it’s also the romance. Da Hae and Ji Hoon definitely have the chemistry that made me smile in most of the scenes. You know you’re addicted to (and affected by) a romantic series when even taking a bath you keep recalling the scenes in your head, unintentionally skipping meals so you can finish the whole episode and smiling for no reason at all.

Korean dramas really melt my heart. Probably because of the absence of stories within a story within another story that Philippine drama shows present, the charming actors/actresses, or merely the simplicity of the plot.

So I guess whenever I feel like crying my heart out, I’ll watch Pinoy soaps, but when I would just like to smile and (pretend to) fall in love, I’ll look for another romantic Korean series, care to suggest one? Smile


  1. I like Lee Da Hae because of My Girl too. Kakilik nga :) But my love for Asian novelas started pa with Meteor Garden (ouch age! :) Aside from Lee Da Hae, I also love Kim Tae Hee..iba ang beauty nila eh :)

    1. I can still remember when I was in college and renting a flat with my friends tapos we had no cable TV at GMA 7 mas malinaw than ABS. We were so addicted to Meteor Garden that we had to take turns holding the antenna of our TV para malinaw hahahahahhaha!

  2. Miss ko na mag beach.:( I wish I could have time to visit some place this summer or sa Holy Week.



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