I still have a lot of topics to write about here but since I had a 9-day vacation in the Philippines recently, I got swamped when I got back to work last week that made me busy as a bee so I’ll just write a short entry about this festive season.

I left Singapore on Christmas Eve and was supposed to arrive at 12:15AM in Manila. Unfortunately, my flight got a bit delayed (imagine an airport full of OFWs carrying too much/excess baggage as pasalubong for their families that airline crew had a hard time managing, ergo, the plane wasn’t able to leave on time).

Anyway, I finally arrived in Manila at around 1:30AM. I had to spoil my family’s Noche Buena at home coz I asked my brother to pick me up from the airport. Haha! I was finally home past 2 in the morning.

Not bad though.. I was still able to join the Noche Buena… with leftover food. Haha!

The following day (Christmas Day), my brother (with his wife and daughter) and I met up with our sister (with her husband and kids) for dinner.



Our parents were also there via Facetime. Hahaha!



It was such a fun night coz I was able to play with my niece and nephews who I really missed. And even if our parents were not able to come home for the holidays, I still feel complete coz my siblings spent time with me though they already have a family of their own now.

My siblings and I were never close when we were young. But as they say, when you get older and mature, you will learn to value your family more. After all, family will always be family no matter what happens. So they should come first before anybody else in the whole wide universe, right?

Indeed, it was a Merry Christmas for me. Smile


  1. Nice to know you had a fun Holiday break. How was New Year's Eve?: )

  2. too bad, your mom and dad didn't make it. sobra sana ng saya. :)


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