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Today is a gloomy Thursday. Apart from the rain, negative emotions are inside the four corners of where I am situated.

For the past few months that I've been working for this company, I usually start my day by calling/sending out e-mails (from my misfortunes and a lot of hilarious things/events to chismis and kalokohan) to my colleague; by lunch time I would call her again and ask her if she has packed lunch, otherwise, we would go out and eat together with other colleagues; by 7PM I would call her again to ask what time she will be going out coz we take the bus at the same stop.

By these you can already figure how close we are, debunking my own theory (and decision) that you can never have real friends at work.

Apparently, her last day of service was last Tuesday. I just learned about it yesterday when she sent me an SMS saying she will no longer report for work starting Thursday (which is today). She resigned due to reasons that I opted not to disclose anymore. It was sudden and she chose not to tell anyone immediately as she didn't want people to worry about her. I think she's perfectly fine, except that she has to find a job soon if she still wants to stay here in Singapore (as soon as her Employment Pass is canceled, she can only stay here in the country for a maximum of 30days as Social Visit Pass holder).

She is one of my favorite colleagues for the reasons that: we share the same interests, I guess we have the same wavelength.. we both love to crack a joke.. we can communicate in Singlish (another reason why I am often mistaken as Singaporean, aside from being chinky eyed and having thin/brown hair). She speaks her mind (just like I do), she's a grammar freak (haha!) coz she's a Communications graduate of one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines.. and... she's a 36 too (bwahahahah!) :P

I know life at work will never be the same without her. I no longer have my fan when it comes to doing stand up comedy (nyahahah!); someone I talk to about my passion for Korean drama and blogging/writing.. about novels, movies and forms of art and literature.

It's always been sad to be the one that's left behind but somehow it's fine. After all, no one stays forever, right? It's just a matter of how soon people will come out of your life.

I just wish her all the best and may she take a glimpse of the career path that she's been dying to track. She doesn't really enjoy recruiting so I hope she can have the will to pursue her dreams of getting into arts or literature.

I hope we can work again in the future, in case she decides to pursue being a Human Resources practitioner.

PS: We both love Friends With Benefits, hence, this entry's title.


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My friends tell me I am always cranky. I couldn’t agree more, I guess I was sleeping when God showered the earth with this trait called composure. I am ill-tempered and my patience isn’t enough to just ignore annoying things (and people) around me.
And since I’ve been irritable the past few days, let me just give you an idea of how grumpy I can get. Below is a list of simple/shallow things that cause me to lose my temper.
  1. Improper use of they’re/their/there; your/you’re; didn’t + base form of the verb; and a lot of grammatical errors. (It’s okay tho if they’re not pa-konyo, I would understand)
  2. Noisy eaters. I hate it when I am with someone who chews with sound (takam, in Tagalog) and talks too much.
  3. Not using serving spoon when sharing food.
  4. Drinking water/juice directly from the container (shared bottle); I just drink beer and juice/soda straight from the bottle if it’s only mine to consume.
  5. Girl/Gurl/Ghurl. My friends call me dude, tsong, brad/brod, pare. I hate people abusing the word “girl”, like using it 3x in a sentence. Haha. Open-mouthed smile
  6. Gay lingo overload. I scold my officemate whenever she tells me “yung churfer.. blahblah churfer.. na chorvaness..” Arrrghhh.
  7. Wet doorknob. I usually grab the knob when going out of the bathroom using toilet paper.
  8. When other people use my slippers/shoes.
  9. Used clothes on the couch/bed/chair/table.
  10. Tasting food using ladle when cooking.
  11. Wet utensils. I have to dry the plates/spoon/fork first using napkin before eating.
  12. Noisy people in front of the TV (except when the program being shown’s basketball/football/boxing/UFC).
  13. Negative people sharing sappy love stories over and over and over again. You can tell me one or two times, but not forever.
  14. Someone who thinks like he’s got all the problems in the whole wide universe. Go, drown yourself!
  15. “Liking” your own post on Facebook. Duh.. would you post something you don’t even like?
  16. you/u/me (when used in a Taglish sentence – san na u? dito na me), q, aq, toh.. and a lot more jejemon-ish terms. Kumukulo dugo ko pag nakakabasa ng mga to, seryoso.
  17. Someone singing while I’m busy working (all the more when it’s kind of operatic or bossa). I love listening to itunes while working, but not to feelingdivas.
Hmmmmmm.. what else? I think I missed out a lot, I just can’t dig my thoughts much today. Next time for sure I have some others to add up on my list… coz everyday I realize that many things can cause irritation. Open-mouthed smile
PS: Please don’t use any of them to intentionally annoy me. Open-mouthed smile


I'm not a "series" type of person. While a lot of people of my age are dying to see every single episode of the likes of House, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and a lot more, I am always stuck in writing, taking and editing photos, reading the news and current events. I think the last show that I was able to follow was Desperate Housewives a few years ago. I've seen some episodes of One Tree Hill, Chuck and How I Met Your Mother but never really got hooked.

Today, I am glad to share that I've been religiously following this new sitcom called New Girl. The show stars Zooey Deschanel (of 100 Days of Summer) as Jess, Jake Johnson as Nick, Max Greenfield as Schmidt, Lamorne Morris as Winston and Hannah Simone as Cece. It's effin' hilarious and cute. It's only on its 3rd episode but so far I've been enjoying it.

The Plot:

Jess is an eccentric, fun-loving girl who was cheated on by her long time boyfriend. While trying to get over the heartbreak, she looked for a new place to live in and eventually moved in with three single guys: Nick, a bartender; Schmidt, a slutty kind of guy and Coach, a former athlete turned trainer. Later on, Coach was replaced by the original flatmate, Winston who came back from his basketball stint in Latvia. Together they will make Jess' life totally different -- from finding herself once more, getting over a breakup, learning more about life and love, awesome friendship, fun and so much more.

Why I love this show?

I like Zooey Deschanel. I find her beautiful and her eyes are mesmerizing. She can pull off the role of a naive girl (such an innocent looking face) at the same time, act like a tease, even the oblivious kind of one. She can sing too (tho sometimes I find her singing annoying, like Smurfs'.. :D )

Jess (Zooey's character) is a lot like me. A drama queen, a hopeless romantic, somewhat annoying (yeah, my friends often tell me this), full of antics, never cared about how she looks and how stupid she can get while having fun (Jess has this chicken dance to the tune of Groovy Kind of Love while I do the "running man" moves and Raggamuffin girl steps even in public :D ). Jess loves putting on her "vampire" prop teeth while I love taking my chocolate-cake-stuck-in-between-my-teeth slash "bungal" picture (you can see my collection if we're connected on Facebook).

Jess and her teeth

AC and her teeth
AC and her teeth

I just love how carefree and bubbly Jess is. 

Like her, I am also surrounded by guy friends.  I am a "tomboy", not really being a lesbian, just the boyish kind of girl in terms of the way I dress, I speak, my gestures and the groups where I belong. In high school, while my girl classmates are busy practicing for cheerdance competition, I was just watching. While they were looking proud in their skirts and dresses, I was happy with my DMs and baggy jeans (until I was forced to join a beauty pageant.. where I took off my stilettos while on stage.. hahaha!) :D

My boy friends are often mistaken as my boyfriends, significant others, flings or sadly, fuck buddies (pardon me for my language, but that is the reality nowadays). Being a Filipina that I am, the culture somehow remains to be that a girl should not be close friends with boys (e.g. going out a lot with them, watching movies with them, spending the night with them, sleeping beside them.. all wholesome activities, of course), otherwise, you will be discriminated the way I have often been misunderstood by the double standard, effin' judgmental flock of some Filipinos (just recently I cried because of this.. here in Singapore). Anyway, it's really awesome having boy friends coz you'd get to take a peek into the world of arrogance (haha! just kidding! :D ). I think it's good coz it can help in handling your relationships by understanding more of the other side (the world of men that is), it can teach you how to be more objective.

Love and relationships are also tackled in this show. Like Jess, I've never been lucky in love and got dumped (a LOT of times already) by the men I loved; feeling like the world turned its back on me, crying my heart out and wasting time watching sappy movies. Jess watches Dirty Dancing and sings Time of My Life a couple of times in a day to her flatmates' disgust. One More Chance, starring John Lloyd and Bea was once my Time of My Life. Hahaha! :D

But no matter how annoying she is, or how disgusting she may seem to be.. she is still well-loved and appreciated by her friends. Just like me. I guess this is the only thing that matters to me now -- to have people who will accept me for who I am. Anyway, you cannot please everybody, right? So just stick with the people who will stand by you no matter what happens and forget those who don't really care.:)



Dylan: Hey, I miss you.
Jamie: I miss you! But you're not wrong. I am damaged!
Dylan: So am I. Who isn't? It's what makes this so awesome. And our tattoos.
[he kneels in front of her and takes her hand]
Jamie: Oh! No! No! No! No!
Dylan: Shut up. It's not what you think. Jamie, will you be my best friend again?
Jamie: That is so lame.
Dylan: Oh, I know! It's some Prince Charming shit though, right?
Jamie: Get up.


Looks like until now I am not yet over this chick flick.

Forgive me, watching this kind of movie is the only thing that makes me feel like crazy. Crazily in love.

You know, the feeling when you see someone looking so stupid begging to win his girl back yet you don't give a damn. Instead, you wish to be in that girl's shoe...

Coz just like Jamie, I've always wanted my life to be like a movie. The one with a happy ending.

Oh well, as I've said in my Facebook wall a few days ago.. 

"She prolly needs someone who's equally (emotionally) damaged (but awesome) with a tattoo on the right part of his back."

 That "She" is me, of course. :)

And oh, did you know that I am a Headhunter too? Just like Jamie... Uhmmmm... Lalalalalala.. Hahahah! :D


Time flies so fast and Marcailah Felicey is already 1. She used to be my toy when she was little. I miss playing with her every morning before I go to work and every night before I go to sleep.

Isn't she adorable?

Probably one of the reasons why I've been sad the past few days is because I missed out my niece's first birthday. I really wanted to come home to attend her party but my schedule did not permit me to. Anyway, they tagged me on the photos as if I was there. Adding insult to the injury. Hahah!  :D

I was really jealous coz the party looked awesome and a lot of relatives went there to celebrate with them. Some sort of family reunion. It could have been perfect if my parents (who are based in Japan) and I were there. Awww.

the venue

pink and purple

with Mom and Dad



Her parents' princess

Cute kids



Trying to walk

Family pic

Family pic

Marcailah's Angels (look at the shirt!)
Pagod na sya.. :(

Careful, baby..

Happy birthday to our princess!

May you grow up to be beautiful, smart and kindhearted... like your Tita. Ahem ahem. Haha. :D


Disclaimer: My flatmate and I just finished a bottle of vodka and I must say, I tend to be emotional when under the influence of alcohol. I rip my heart open just to feel the things that I have already ignored a long time ago -- regardless of the consequences it would bring and how stupid I may seem to be.

So there, we were drinking vodka and we almost talked about everything including love and relationships. I did not share much at first coz I was quite shy and the last thing I would like to share is the state of my heart.

But I gave in. Probably because I can no longer keep what's bugging me the past few days. And I realized it won't hurt to share a thing or two with people who have become my family here in Singapore.

I used to sing Wake Me Up When September Ends coz that has been one of the awful months for me.

And October has been the best for the last 5 years of my life.

But I guess this time my October's gonna be a lot different.

I want those wonderful moments back.

Nostalgic. Bittersweet. It's effin' killing me now.

For the record, I am sad.

But its okay, you're not human if you do not feel melancholic at times, right?

Oh well, there's just too much in my head lately that I opted to keep to myself -- probably the reason why I want to burst right at this moment.

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