When my good friend, GB told me he's gonna perform with Tim for a comedy club here in Singapore, I got so excited that I already informed my SG-based friends to catch the show. I was looking forward to it coz apart from getting a dose of Pinoy Point-of-View Stand Up Comedy that I've been supporting for a couple of years now, it will also be some sort of reunion with them, my comic friends.

Apparently, a day before this big event, Pedring (typhoon) hit the Philippines that resulted to cancellation of flights. GB and Tim were set to arrive here in SG at around 2PM last Tuesday (27th September). Prior to leaving Manila, I already told GB to call me as soon as they arrive. It was already past 4PM and there were no calls or even SMS/PMs from the boys so I told my SG friends that they probably won't make it. But we can still go to the club as there are still other performers; Indians, Chinese, Malay, Brit, and a lot more. Come 5PM, I decided to check their flight status online, and there I saw that their plane has already landed (just got delayed). Yey! A few minutes later and they called me and asked me to meet them up at the hotel. They just quickly washed up and later we were picked up by the show's producer.

Okay, enough of the intro. I just wanted to share how ecstatic I was coz they made it to the event despite the bad weather (Thank God, they arrived safe and sound) :)


Just to give you a background, Comedy Masala is a weekly (Tuesdays) stand up comedy event happening at Home Club (The Riverwalk, Singapore). For its 1st Anniversary, they flew in 2 of the best stand up comedians (the POV kind of comedy) from the Philippines, Tim Tayag and GB Labrador (I am one supportive friends! Haha!) to headline for the show.

A lot of Filipinos came to catch the show (the host even mentioned it was like we were at Lucky Plaza even if it wasn't on a Sunday and not our "day-off".. hahaha! Baliw lang :D ). Our Kabayans got big laughs and applause as they delivered their sets. One thing that I liked about GB and Tim's sets were they did not resort to green jokes (the gross kind) and the materials were not the typical Male vs. Female, Husband-Wife, Racism kind of jokes. There were a few, but not the offensive ones.

I was even worried that GB's materials are not fit for other nationalities' taste and wouldn't be understood by all, it was also his first time here in Singapore so he had a hard time choosing his materials. Even Tim was not sure of his jokes though it wasn't his first time to perform at the Masala. But they nailed it and everybody praised them after the show; from locals to white people. :)

The Tourist.. Haha!

I was able to capture their set but the quality is poor as I was only using my phone and I was seated far from the stage (and the crowd just keeps laughing, hence, the noise).

If you want to see samples of their sets, you can check out Youtube and search for Tim Tayag and GB Labrador. :)

Here, I have one video of GB when he competed in HK last year (I was there too!) :D

We ended the night by partying and taking pictures (poor quality photo... arrrgghhh)... and chatting with the guests (ako na feeling artista! hahah!)

Me, GB, Tim and some SG-based Pinoy friends.



Tim started performing stand-up comedy in 1997 in San Francisco. He has showcased his act in world famous comedy clubs such as Punch Line and Cobb’s where famous comics like Robin Williams, Chris Rock, and Drew Carey took their first comedy steps. In 2002, Tim decided to go back to the Philippines and share his style of comedy with Filipinos. Tim has expanded his career into television. He was the “supahhost” of talent search reality show “MTV Supahstar”, which aired on MTV. He wrote, directed and hosted the international travel program “On-Foot” on the Living Asia Channel. Tim was also co-host on the wildly popular late night show Men’s Room on Studio 23. Tim is a regular headliner with the Comedy Cartel in the Philippines.


GB was the 1st Runner-Up in 2010 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival. GB has been making a stellar rise in his comedy career and is fast becoming one of Philippines most sought after comics. He has performed in various clubs in the U.S. including shows for 2nd Avenue and Jack TV. In December 2008 GB became the finalist of Jack TV’s “Laffapalooza 2”. GB’s style of comedy has no boundaries—he believes that anything you find funny in this world is worth delivering on stage. His jokes are about his daily experiences, family, friends, and life as a Filipino.


To all my SG friends, GB and Tim (plus one more Pinoy comic) will be back in November to perform again for a big event at the Masala. GB MIGHT be back in October too (still thinking about it).  Hope to see you there! :)



And I'll hold my breath
just until the train stops
Then I'll count to ten
Maybe I'll see raindrops
As I'm waiting for a sign

The cat wakes me up
A minute before the alarm goes
I can tell myself
Won't need him to say so
Waiting for a sign

Lean on to me don't ever
Look back again no never
Cos I am waiting forever
This is more than a sign
I am here and you're mine

If he takes me out
And we talk til midnight
And he holds my hand
Til then I'll just sit tight
Just waiting for a sign


When I saw this short film, I remembered what my "sister-out-law" (my brother's ex girlfriend) shared with me.

A few months after her heart was broken by my brother, she got close with her childhood friend. He pursued her, but she did not give in at first because of fears of getting hurt again (FYI, she and my brother were together for 7 years before my brother met again his high school sweetheart, now his wife).

On her birthday, she asked for a sign -- a pink rosary.

It was just on ordinary day for her until she got home and saw her room filled with pink stuff. There were lots of pink balloons, on the bed was a box of gift containing a bottle of perfume -- Lacoste's Touch of Pink, a personalized card, pink roses...

and a pink rosary.

She was dumbfounded as she did not mention that "sign" to anyone. Perhaps, "this is it" was the first thing that entered her mind.

1 year later -- she's happily married and expecting a baby soon. :)

I felt relieved that somehow the heartaches that my brother inflicted on her were all worth it. But I cannot deny the fact that it saddened me that she will no longer be my sister-in-law, but in my heart she will always be my sister. :)

I dunno, maybe I still don't believe in signs coz it already happened to me once yet the relationship didn't last (I wouldn't want to disclose the story though.. haha!) Or probably too much belief in signs and faith on fate aren't always enough -- hardwork is.


Sign Seeker is one of several short films released by Nestle in celebration of its 100 years of existence.

The title of the song is Waiting For A Sign by Loudbox.


One of the best gifts I received on my birthday this year was a set of Smurfs toys from McDonald's Philippines. Oh yes, you read it right -- this set came all the way from the Philippines, sent by my good friend, Richie.

He might have eaten at every McDonald's outlet in Quezon City, Makati and Pasig just to collect these Happy Meal toys just so he could complete the set. Unfortunately, Smurfette was nowhere to find. Even my other friends told me there was scarcity of Smurfette toy. Huhu. :(

Nonetheless, I really appreciate the effort and time spent (and calories gained) eating at McDo. He knows that I love the Smurfs so much and when he learned that McDonald's Singapore dis not release Smurfs toys, he promised to collect and send me the box. :D (Just today though, my flatmate told me McDo already released Smurfs Happy Meal.. I need to find Smurfette! :D ).

Aren't they cute? Yeah, they sing repetitive and annoying songs.. but hands down, they're the cutest annoying thing on earth... errrr, Smurfs' Village, I meant. :)




Casual sex? Sex without emotional attachment? Friends with benefits?


Just kidding. Hahaha. :D

I stayed up late last night just to watch this film coz I heard from my friend that it's cute. Hell yeah, it's f$%#ng cute.

During my teenage years, I loved Backstreet Boys more than NSync (in fact, I hate the latter), hence, I didn't like Justin Timberlake but this movie made me somehow appreciate him. I didn't know he can act (not to mention he's hot in this film). He and Mila Kunis (hotness personified as well, esp the enormous eyes :D ) exhibited chemistry and a cute pairing. Justin's (Dylan) almost cheerless character was complemented by Mila's (Jamie) charm and bubbly personality.

It might be another chick flick.. but for me, it's kinda different. I enjoyed watching because of its unconventional way of portraying a love story (apart from the reason that I really enjoy watching chick-flicks.. coz it's the only activity that tells me I am a girl.. haha!). No love at first sight kind of thing. No melodramatic background music while the main characters say their cheesy lines. No fairy tale-like plot, no evil antagonist and prince charming who would sweep you off your feet. No "I-love-you-please-say-that-you-love-me-too" kind of stuff. Not much drama. No bullshit. No pretensions. Just plain feel good movie.

The plot, just like any other rom-com, may be predictable.. so what? I still felt this thrill of seeing what's gonna happen next, because the scenes are amusing and entertaining (not the dirty kind of entertainment that the title initially conveyed to me when I first heard of it).

My favorite scene? The flash mob scene toward the end of the movie. I was smiling all throughout. :)

The lines were hilarious, too. My personal favorites:

Jamie: "I've got to stop buying into this Hollywood cliche of true love. Shut up Katherine Heigl, you stupid liar!"
Dylan: "Why do women think the only way to get a man to do what they want is to manipulate him?"
Jamie: "History, personal experience, romantic comedies."

Jamie: "You're emotionally unavailable?"
Dylan: "Oh, yeah."
Jamie: "I'm emotionally damaged!"

Ladies, you should see this.. and witness how love develops between an emotionally unavailable and an emotionally damaged. Hahahaha. :)

PS: It's f*ckin embarrassing but I felt like I am really in love after watching this film. Sa wakas, hindi na lang ako sa wiwi kinikilig. Hahaha. :D


Dear friends, I hope you would allow me to brag about my little achievement as a corporate slave through this entry. :)


As some of you know, I've been in the IT Recruitment industry for the past 6 years, already handled a team and became one of the members of a pioneer team/company back in Manila. However, when I came here in Singapore to work as a Recruiter, I started from scratch. By starting I meant I had to undergo "training" all over again. I had to endure getting all the negative remarks, the pressure, the stress that gave me lots of pimples and eyebags, the painful words that came from the pain-in-the-ass slash terror boss. Believe me, when you get to meet her, you will feel blessed for not having someone like her as your superior.

Aside from having a monster boss, adjusting to new environment and adapting to all-work-no-play practice of Singaporean companies almost took away not just my energy, but also sanity.

I felt useless and inefficient while it always seemed that 12 hours of work everyday will never be enough. I almost gave up and come home to the Philippines for good. But then again, everything changed before I reached my 3rd month in the company. :)

I started on February 24, I was confirmed (in the Philippines, it's equivalent to REGULARIZATION) on May 1, 2011. Too soon, isn't it?

Here goes my monster boss' assessment on me:
Cecil (oh yeah, that's my corporate name here in SG, but not in Manila :) ) has good foundation in recruiting IT consultants and has recently broadened her knowledge to other areas including project management and banking domain area. After struggling initially with the recruiting environment in Singapore, she has recently shown good progress and is starting to work independently.

Cecil has shown good strength in sourcing for quality candidates and she is providing strong support for the Project Manager positions for. She has also shown good speed, ability to multi-task and good follow-through on that matter. This will help her in her ability to support accounts as well.

She is encouraged to continue to develop rapport with her accounts and be persistent and focused in supporting them.

Today, more than 6 months later, I still feel the pressure and high expectations from my boss. I work for 11-12 hours a day, I hardly get a good sleep, my pimples are still loving my face.. but you know, my heart is somehow at peace knowing that I contribute to the company's success, at the same time helping professionals find their "perfect match".. errr, job, I mean. :)

Learning the hard way, isn't it? :)
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