Also known as Jonker Street and Jalan Hang Jebat, Jonker Walk is one of the famous spots in Melaka, not only for tourists but also for locals. It is a long, narrow road bordered by old houses. Along the street, you can find shops that sell antique items and one of a kind stuff.

Not only you can find crafts and souvenir items, street food stalls are also found in here. Being a food lover that I am, this place is really heaven for me. :D

Those food above are reasonably priced at 40cents each (except for dried cuttlefish which costs RM10/pack).

Aside from street food stalls, a number of bar and restaurants of beautiful architecture can be seen as well.

We were fortunate enough to experience listening to soothing live music courtesy of this shop's waiter. :)

We arrived at Jonker in the afternoon, the people were still few. Come night time, it turned into a crowded market.

I didn't mind being in a packed place though, it was fun being here. The sweat and the weary feet were all worth it. I love this place and I recommend this to those who would visit Melaka. Bargain hunting and food tripping are some of the things that this place boasts, and since I am a lover of such activities.. I already love this place! :lol:

Melaka (Malacca) is one of the states of Malaysia, a few hours (approx. 4-5 hours travel by bus, including immigration stopovers) away from Singapore.

If you have plans of going to Kuala Lumpur (2 hours away) or Singapore, make sure that you drop by Melaka as this place is beautiful (this has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site). I bet bargain hunters, antique collectors, photography enthusiasts will enjoy roaming around this city.


“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
~ Jack Benny


PS: Love is -- receiving 3 cakes on your birthday. :)



Marami man tayong hindi pagkakatulad at pinagtatalunan...

... hindi man ako kasing linis at sinop mo sa mga gamit,
... hindi man ako kasing prim and proper mo,
... hindi man kasing galing ng English mo ang SINGLISH ko,
... hindi man ako kasing ingat mo sa pag-ibig,
... hindi man kasing sarap ng adobo at arrozcaldo mo ang luto ko,
... hindi man kasing tigas ng puso ko ang puso mo,
... hindi mo man ako kasing galing sa stress at homesickness management,
... hindi ko man nakuha ang budgeting skills mo,
... hindi ko man makuha kuha ang moving on lessons mo,

... at kahit hindi mo man maintindihan ang pinanggagalingan ng aking kasiyahan,
... hindi mo man ako maintindihan sa aking kamartiran,
... hindi mo man matagalan ang aking buwanang katopakan,
... hindi mo man magets ang aking paminsan minsang katahimikan,

... magkaiba man ang depinisyon natin ng KALIGAYAHAN,
... walang sawa mo man ako sermonan at kahit hindi kita pinakikinggan,
alam ko, na sa puso natin, nananatili kang isang kaibigan

... mula noon at magpakailanman.

Kaya sa iyong kaarawan, gusto kitang paulit-ulit na pasalamatan,
hindi ko man masabi ng harapan, na mahal kita at hangad ko ang iyong kaligayahan.



 A few days before my birthday, my friend and I had a misunderstanding that led to us not talking to each other (aside from being one of my best friends since college, she is my flatmate here in Singapore). On my special day, she wrote and posted this note on her Facebook wall that made me smile and my day extra special..

 You see, just like a romantic relationship, friendship involves arguments and petty quarrel..

 But what's important is you get to settle your differences no matter how challenging it seems to be.

As they say, unlike poles attract. :)
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