The bitch I'm talking about is not the 'bitch on wheels' or the mean-spirited character that Joan Collins played on Dynasty. Nor is it the classic 'office bitch' who is hated by everyone at work. The woman I'm describing is kind yet strong. She has a strength that is ever so subtle. She doesn't give up her life, and she won't chase a man. She won't let a man think he has a 100 percent 'hold' on her. And she'll stand up for herself when he steps over the line. She knows what she wants but won't compromise herself to get it. But she's feminine, like a 'Steel Magnolia' -- flowery on the outside and steel on the inside. She uses this very femininity to her own advantage. It isn't that she takes undue advantage of men, because she plays fair. She has one thing the nice girl doesn't: a presence of mind because she isn't swept away by a romantic fantasy. This presence of mind enables her to wield her power when it is necessary. In addition, she has the ability to remain cool under pressure. Whereas a woman who is 'too nice' give and gives until she is depleted, the woman with presence of mind knows when to pull back.



And so I thought I already pulled back even before you get the chance to play your trick on me. But no, it just apparently made you hungry for attention. Not that you still want me, but probably just to awaken my almost paralyzed heart.

Not through your sweet words. Not even by doing wonderful things you've done for me before.

But the other way around.

I am tired. I am saddened by what you did. I am deeply hurt. My heart may not be that bruised, but my ego's damaged.

Yes, I am often misunderstood. Never a day goes by that I do not receive judgment. Oftentimes, from people who only see me as two peaks walking together, with a long and deep river in between. Sometimes I hate that fact, but more often than not, I don't waste my time defending myself. I wouldn't want people to adore me for pretending to be someone I am not. But it's not for you to direct my life's drama; never assume the role of a protagonist. You are not worthy of any part, not even cameo.

Just be part of the audience. And watch me get my happily ever after.

Nonetheless, I would like to commend you for making my heart rise from the dead. Thank you for making me realize that I still have emotions. No matter how negative they can be.

Thank you for tearing up this bitch's heart, it just strengthens her realization that you will never be, in any way, worthy of her love.

Amid all hatred, she will remain to be a bitch.

The sweetest and the most genuine bitch anyone could love.


For someone who has spent several years of her Recruitment career in Manila, working in Singapore as a Recruiter is 100x tougher. The job doesn't end in getting the right candidate for the requirement, in fact, it just starts there. I am doing end to end Recruitment plus account management and sometimes even doing some HR functions.

One thing that makes my corporate life stressful is the Nationality preference of the clients.

Of course, as a Filipino, I would like to process every Filipino applicant that comes in (plus those friends/relatives who submit their resume to me). However, as much as I want to, I think that won't happen anytime soon as I am currently handling requirements from clients with government projects (the reason why I am always looking for Singaporean candidates).

Another pain-in-the ass is this whole Ministry of Manpower issues and E-Pass difficulties that make our job a lot harder coz even if you pass the screening conducted by the employer, if MOM doesn't grant you an EP, you still won't be able to work. And that means us, recruiters, would have to do the whole sourcing thing again looking for replacement of those staff who weren't able to get EP. Taxing.

But even if I have been recruiting locals since I started working here, I also know some information about foreign employment and I would share them here for the benefit of Filipinos (especially those based overseas, the Philippines, I mean) who would like to work here.

Here, let me give you an overview of the employment process and some facts on how hard it is to land a job here in Singapore nowadays (OFWs who have been staying here longer than I am would agree that it is harder now than several years back).

As a Technical Recruiter, I would speak here based on what I observe in the IT Industry.

1. It is evident that foreigners get good jobs and excel in Singapore and locals are being left behind, hence, the government might have been alarmed by this fact that locals are prioritized (aside from what I mentioned earlier that big projects are usually with the government). For commercial projects as well, they prioritize Singaporeans (not just converted, but those Chinese-Singaporean) as well. Preferences: (1) Singaporeans (Chinese); (2) Singaporeans (Malay); (3) Singaporeans (other races); (4) Permanent Residents; (5) Foreigners. PRs are also considered a priority because they no longer need to process EP, thus, there will be no delay in getting the candidate on board.

2. For Filipinos in the Philippines who would like to work here, you may want to keep these things in mind:

(a) Get extensive experience in the Philippines first before coming here. Singapore companies set high standards (I get crazy at times). (For those MAYABANG applicants who come to me and ask me to process them coz they are IT Managers in Manila, well, I don't care.. that's just a title; your roles/projects/job scope/organization would speak for your strength). For Developers, exposure in full cycle development (esp. big projects) is an advantage. Having a clear career path as well is also a ticket to employment here (e.g. When they say they want .NET developer, they want solid background in .NET and not a mix of several technologies). Moreover, they are very particular about the industry (for IT, the domain) where you came from. Let's say you are applying for a bank here, if you came from a bank as well, that would be an advantage. Working for an MNC back in the Philippines can also give you bigger chances of getting hired/approved by MOM.

This also applies to non-technical positions if you want to get an EP. For example, your last job was administrative and you got a job here as a waitress, I think you would have a problem in your EP application. It's funny how the Ministry of Manpower can also be a Career Consulting firm.. Hahaha.

(b) You should have at least a Bachelor's Degree. From what I have observed (since I read tons of resumes everyday), most professionals here hold post grad degree. Also, the institution where you graduated from matters. Actually, there's a list of recognized universities from MOM (I think there are 50++ Philippine universities in the list). But of course, it's not the only criterion, if you did not come from any of those schools, at least your working experience can compensate for that. I know some friends who are graduates of small schools who were able to make it in SG, they have exceptional professional background. :)

(c) Your degree should match the type of job that you're looking for. e.g. A nurse who applies for a teaching post.. So how?

(d) The salary that your employer gives you. You should not accept something lower than $1800 for you to get a pass. Unless your employer can do magic that can grant you a pass. Hehehe.

(e) If you really wanna work here, fly and look for a job. Only a few companies consider processing applicants based abroad, most of them prefer face to face interviews. You cannot just apply online when you're in the Philippines and wish that you will be called and be interviewed via Skype (unless sobrang bihira ang taong katulad mo sa mundo) :D

Hmmm... may namiss ba ko? Inaantok na ko. Wala na ko maisip. :D

NOTE: These do not really apply to all. Some are just lucky to get a job and EP even if they defy all these "rules". Minsan, tsambahan at swertihan lang din.

Also, like I said earlier, if you are a Permanent Resident (na inaapply naman sa ICA - Immigration and Checkpoint Authority), all these things wouldn't matter anymore.. kahit pa chopsuey ang experience mo, basta na-hire ka na ng company.. wala nang isyu sa MOM dahil hindi mo na kelangan ng Employment Pass.

It's okay to take a risk at makipagsapalaran. But please, be prepared... FINANCIALLY prepared. Kawawa naman yung mga kamag-anak at kaibigan nyo na tutuluyan at hihingan nyo ng tulong while you stay here. Ahem ahem. HAHAHAHA. Kidding aside, the cost of living here is quite expensive. Mag-ipon muna kayo ng pera sa Pinas para sa inyong pakikipagsapalaran dito sa Singapore.

Kuha nyo?

Happy hunting! :)

Naisip ko lang isulat to dahil sa sandamukal na nagpapahanap sa kin ng trabaho dito sa Singapore. :D

Ayoko na, masakit na talaga ulo ko kakaisip. Gagawa na lang ako ng Part 2 pag may naisip pa ko. :P

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