When I was young, I always thought that love (the romantic kind) makes the world go round.

Several years had passed and here I am, almost failed to remember love anymore.

I realized, as we get older.. we learn the value of loving not just a significant other, but life itself... even the shittiest shit that comes along with it.

And I'm off to bed now, 'coz I'm gonna do a lot of shit tomorrow. :D

but when everything falls into place,
and when the shittiest becomes the loveliest shit,
I will come out clean,
and shine the brightest...

And love the best. :)


No, it's not about who you are seated next to.  It's all about waiting. Timing. The arrival. The hardships that come along the way.

Lately I've been wondering if I would still meet "the one". I know I do sound pathetic but I hate it whenever I envision myself growing old alone. I'm afraid. Who isn't scared of not having someone to grow old with, anyway?

I already lost all my hopes..

Then my heart woke up from the slumber...

No matter how many buses you've missed. No matter how bad your bus rides are. Or how cruel your bus mates have been (even how smelly they are)...

It's all good, my dear. The shitty bus rides are all worth it.. After all, you know you rode the right one that brought you to your destination, right?

Thank you for being my forever inspiration. I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the whole wide universe! :)

PS: Who ever said that "Man in nature is selfish" could be wrong. I've been crying (tears of joy!) myself to sleep the past few days coz of you! Not that I'm jealous, that's just how much I love you that all I want is nothing but your happiness. :)

And you know that....

I miss you soooooo much it hurts! :D


This place isn't new to me. I've been here several times before but it was only last weekend that I got to enjoy every moment. First, it was a looooong overdue R & R coz I've been working so hard; second, we stayed there overnight; and third, it was Gny's (my friend) visit to Singapore.

Nheng (my housemate/friend) has work and classes on weekends so we were just able to go there in the afternoon. I played Gny's tour guide (but she was the one taking photos of me.. baligtad! :P )

While roaming around the shore, we saw a post-wedding pictorial.. Awww... ;)

Come night time, two of our friends (Harry and Cyvir) dropped by to join us get drunk by the beach. The beach may not be as beautiful as those in the Philippines but it was quiet (sans the house music courtesy of the nearby bars) coz there were only a few people along the shore at night.

The place was made beautiful by friends and alcohol. :D

We spent the night at Siloso Beach Resort. The room costs us almost SGD300. It's quite pricey but the place is really relaxing.

The following day, we went swimming at the pool.

We also had a special guest: MARILYN MONROE in Black. Hahaha.

But this is really the highlight of this day (pasintabi po sa mga kumakain.. hahaha!):

Nyahahhahahaha! :D

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