On the third day of our Northern Mindanao tour, we headed to Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon for our zipline adventure (the night prior to that, we checked in at a hotel in Cagayan De Oro after a day and a half in Camiguin).

Going to Bukidnon from Cagayan De Oro is quite easy as we rented a van that will bring us to our destination. We paid for PHP2100 pesos each and that included the following: Zipline (all zips) + RTT CDO-Bukidnon + White Water Rafting + snacks. You may also opt to include lunch for a minimal cost but we decided not to avail it as I suggested that we have our lunch at Del Monte Clubhouse coz I heard from friends that they serve scrumptious steaks there. I found the package reasonable coz zipline alone costs PHP600 per head and the rafting costs around PHP1000++ per head. It was simply hassle-free instead of commuting. :)

Initially, we planned to spend the whole day doing the zipline and White Water Rafting in CDO so we got up early in the morning. We left CDO at around 8AM, arrived in Bukidnon past 9 in the morning. But since the weather was really bad, our transpo service/contact person/driver just decided that we do the rafting the following day.

Zipline in Bukidnon is located at Dahilayan Adventure Park, roughly about 40 kilometers away from Cagayan De Oro. On the way there, we passed by a verrrrry long pineapple plantation that belongs to Del Monte. The zipline park is called Zipzone where you can find the longest dual zipline in Asia.

Like I said, the weather was really bad. It was raining and so foggy so we spent time first deciding whether we should go on ziplining or not.

See photos below:

Just a trivia, Dahilayan Adventure Park is 4,700 feet above sea level. It was effing cold and I was just wearing a pair of short pants, good thing I brought a jacket. Hahahah!

We spent time contemplating, playing around, warming up and taking pictures, of course! Hahaha!

But since I am such an adventure freak, we decided to do it even if it was raining. I wouldn't want to miss it for the world!

We took the 3 ziplines:

320M + 150M + 840M.

The first two zips were "corny" for someone who enjoys this extreme adventure (like me) coz they were short and the position was easy. It was as if you are just sitting on air.

The 3rd zipline's starting point is quite far from the end point, thus, they have a transportation service (a jeepney/multicab) that brought us there. If you're familiar with the "Superman" position on air, you will do that here in the 3rd zip.

One of my friends didn't try it coz she has a fear of heights. I tried my best to convince her (she tried the 1st two zips but didn't take the longest one) but I guess my best wasn't good enough... lalalalala...

I also HAD this fear of heights (except of course when riding an airplane) when I first tried ziplining in Tagaytay a couple of years ago. But after doing it, I crave for more. I became addicted to extreme adventures. It's really fun and there's this certain euphoria when you get to finish the activity.

So for those who are afraid, just do it. Life is so short, make the most out of it.

And I believe in the saying that, "Pag panahon mo na, panahon mo na." You can even die while sleeping, right?

Hahahahah! Morbid much? Jooooke lang! :P

For transpo + zipline + rafting package, you may inquire here:

Brenda Catarman
09175490866 / 09209163289

She's very accommodating, was checking on us from time to time and we also asked her a lot of favors and added services such as transpo to other part of the province at minimal cost. She made sure that we enjoyed our adventure as well. :)


The following day, after touring Camiguin town proper, we headed to one of the beautiful beaches here in the island -- White Island.

From Bahay Bakasyunan, we went to the port which is just a few minutes away. Since the boats were small and the waves were big (the weather wasn't that good), our group was divided into two -- we were 3 in one boat and on the other was a group of 4. Since we availed the tour package, our boat rides were included in that 2100peso package that we paid for. But if you are to do the "mano-mano" type of tour, the boat rental to and from the island costs PHP500.

White Island is just 10-20 minutes away from Camiguin proper, depending on the weather. Since it was raining hard, we got to the island after 20minutes. We arrived at around 8 in the morning.

The island is small; there are no trees or huts of any kind -- except for one which is the government/tour officials' shed. The water is so clear and the sand is white and clean. White island is very beautiful.

There were souvenir items as well as exotic seafood vendors roaming around the island..

My friends tried the sea urchin (I didn't get one.. I just couldn't eat it.. hehehe)

We only stayed for 2 hours in the island coz we got nothing else to do but to snorkle, take pictures and drink alcohol (again.. hahaha!)

We got back to the town proper at past 10 in the morning. Before going back to the resort, we dropped by Katibawasan Falls.

Upon entry, we were greeted by this cute monkey.

It took me a few minutes to plunge into the water coz it was sooooo cold. But when you're already dipped, it would start to feel good.

We did not leave Camiguin until we experienced Bahay Bakasyunan's amenities such as the pool and jacuzzi. It was fun coz it was as if we were the only guests in the resort (but 21 rooms were booked, as per the staff). I never liked crowded resorts, especially pools.

Our trip became more enjoyable because everybody's fun-loving and crazy...

See, that's Don Romantiko with his chicks. Hahahha! :D


It's just sad that we weren't able to visit Mantigue Island. I heard it's just as beautiful. *sigh*


Last weekend I had my last (but hopefully not) adventure here in the Philippines for this year. It was a 4-day tour in Northern Mindanao. It was my first time in Mindanao so I was really excited about this trip that I booked our flights as early as September of last year (too bad I wasn't able to avail the promo/seat sale, I got a round trip ticket for almost PHP4000). It was okay though coz I was able to advise my boss earlier that I would take a 2-day leave from work coz if it was otherwise, I might not be able to join my friends in this trip (FYI, I resigned 3 weeks ago and I am no longer allowed to file a leave).

As always, I did all the bookings and the itinerary as well. I told you, I am my barkada's travel agent. This time I was with my High School buddies.

The first in our itinerary is Camiguin.

We booked a stay at Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin. Since I heard that going to the ports and tourist spots is quite exhausting and we wanted a hassle-free trip, I just decided to avail a van rental service. We are a group of 7 persons so it wasn't really costly for us. They offered us an overnight accommodation + tour package for PHP3200 each (I computed the "mano-mano" transfers/tour and it would cost us almost the same).

Below are the inclusions:
  • Overnight room accommodation (3 rooms)
  • Buffet breakfast for 7pax
  • Round trip transfers (CDO Airport-Balingoan Port-CDO Airport)
  • Round trip ferry tickets
  • Round trip transfers (Benoni Port-Resort-Benoni Port)
  • 1 1/2 day tour
  • 12 hours use of van for the tour
  • boats to White Island
  • All applicable entrance fees
  • Shed rental
  • Welcome fruits and/or drinks
  • Use of pool, game room, fitness gym, jacuzzi, wi-fi

If you are a small group, hiring a van would be costly for you. There are other alternatives on how to get to Balingoan Port:

(1) Take a cab going to Agora Bus terminal then board a bus to Butuan, the bus will pass by Balingoan Bus Terminal. From there, walk for a few minutes to get to Balingoan Port where you can take ferries going to Benoni Port (Camiguin).

(2) Ride a jeepney outside the airport and transfer to another (you can ask the drivers about the route) jeepney that's bound for Agora Bus Terminal.

We arrived in Cagayan De Oro (Lumbia Airport) before 8AM last Saturday (January 29). We were greeted at the arrival area of our service and brought us directly to Balingoan Port. The port is quite far from the airport, it took us almost 2 hours to get there. From Balingoan, we took the Ro-Ro going to Camiguin Benoni Port (more than an hour travel).

When we got off the ferry, we were fetched by our service and brought us to Bahay Bakasyunan. It was a hassle-free travel, you see. I really prefer hiring a van for this kind of trip as I bring too much stuff whenever I go out of town and commuting would be uncomfortable for me. In addition, I don't have an absolute idea of the fares and there are some drivers who are taking advantage of the tourists' lack of knowledge.

We arrived at Bahay Bakasyunan just in time for lunch. We checked in then headed to their resto-bar. The resort is very nice. It's cozy, the rooms aren't really rooms but nipa huts. There is a pool facing the sea and across the restaurant.

The food is okay, but not excellent.

But one thing I liked about this resort is the staff. The service is good and the people are nice. They smile a lot even if I always made fun of them. Hehehe. Like this one. I called him Mang Gary (his name is Garry, btw) and I told him, "Nasan si Aling Susan? Baket mo inaapi si Mara?"

Since the weather was bad, our tour that day was postponed for a few hours. We started touring Camiguin around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Our first destination: Soda Pool.

The water was so cold (and it was raining) that I ended up dipping for just a minute! Hahahah!

I just ended up drinking with my buddies.

Second Stop: Sto. Nino Cold Spring.

True to its name -- it was effing cold! So we just decided (again) to drink... and be merry! Hahaha!

Third Destination: Ardent Hot Spring.

I loooove hot springs coz the water is very soothing. This time I enjoyed the place though I must admit, I liked Maquinit Hot Spring (Coron, Palawan) better than this. The water here in Ardent is kinda lukewarm.

See how much I enjoyed the water? :D

Too bad it was raining so hard that we were not able to visit other tourist spots such as the Sunken Cemetery, Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross, etc.

Good thing we were still able to visit Katibawasan Falls (will be included in the next post) :)


Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin
Camiguin Island, Balbagon
Mambajao, Philippines
Phone: +63 88 3871057
+63 88 3870131
Telefax: +63 88 3870278
Mobile: +639209017270
Email: camiguinbbc@gmail.com
Website: http://bahaybakasyunan.com

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