It's been a while since I last wrote a personal slash emotional entry here. Remember that piece about change that I posted last month?  I guess God answered my prayers and gave me what I wanted.

Over the holidays, I updated my CV (which I haven’t done in a long time). In jest, I told my friend who worked in Singapore and Malaysia before, “Gusto ko na lumayas dito sa Pinas, nabubwiset na ko. San ba ko pwede mag-apply sa Singapore?” Then she told me that she can refer me as a replacement of her friend who has just resigned from an IT company in SG.  She also gave me a name of another company which I searched over the internet.

After browsing the company’s website, I got the email and sent them my resume with a note that says I am JUST sending my CV for their future requirements (as I wasn’t so sure if they have opening in the Recruitment Department). I even told them that I am aware that most companies prefer Permanent Residents in Singapore. I wasn’t that decided to leave the country, I’m certain it was just a spur of the moment coz I already had several opportunities there a few years back but I really want to spend my life here in the Philippines.

Come the start of 2011, I got so busy with work that I totally forgot about that application. One day, I saw an unknown number registered on my list of missed calls on my phone which I initially thought were my parents'. When I opened my personal email (which I do not regularly check), I saw an email from what I presumed was a Recruiter from a company in Singapore. She told me that she has been trying to contact me via mobile but I wasn’t answering their calls. I responded to her email and explained that my personal phone was on silent mode coz I was swamped. She asked me to connect with her via Skype but I wasn’t able to coz we are not allowed to take calls via Skype here in the office so I said I will just be the one to call her.

That day I called her. I was very apprehensive as it was the first time in years that I will undergo an interview again. I am a Recruiter, I do interviews and it ain’t easy for me to shift roles from an Interviewer to an Interviewee. So just imagine how nervous I was. The phone interview lasted for 30-45 minutes (I was so worried about my phone bill.. hahaha!) I swear, the interview was very technical (You may find it weird that I finished Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology but I am a Technical Recruiter and I’ve been doing this for more than 5 years now.. I only took basic Computer Science subject when I was in college.. hahaha!) and I wasn’t able to answer all the questions coz I admit, we are behind Singapore’s technologies.

After the interview, I told myself that I didn’t pass the interview for sure. But after a few hours, I saw another email from her asking me to answer an online exam for 30mins. I swear, it was also very technical and there were computations and situational questions too (I am not aware of SG’s labor laws) coz the job entails account management, employee relations and benefits administration, too. Due to time constraint, I got so nervous that again, I didn’t get to answer all the questions. Once more, I told myself not to expect anything. I felt really stupid. Hehehe.

The next day, I got an email again asking for references coz they will be doing the background check. I told my bestfriend about this and we concluded that probably I got shortlisted coz in some companies this stage is just for formality. I was trying hard not to expect but my friends told me they’re confident that I passed the screening.

Even if I gave them some references, still, I wasn’t decided yet. I would only think about it once I see their offer.

The following day I received the Offer Letter.

Then they asked me to submit my requirements for the Work Permit. I sent them my papers, hoping that it would only be approved in 2weeks (I wanted to stay longer here in Manila) but it only took 1 day (half a day, actually) and my pass got approved. But then again, I still have to formalize everything and undergo other processes that include medical exams (na wish ko lang maipasa ko.. at baka tunaw na baga ko hahaha!) and personal appearance at the Ministry of Manpower.

I had a hard time deciding coz the Philippines is my home. I’ve been to other countries but only for a short period of time. I can’t even imagine myself living in another country, hence, I live away from my parents who were formerly based in the US but are now living in Japan.

It’s hard for me to leave my friends who have been my family here in Manila; my colleagues whom I have grown to love beyond being officemates; my brother and sister who have been getting closer to me now that they have their own family; my nieces and nephews who have the power to cheer me up whenever I am feeling blue.

But I guess the time comes for me to focus on myself more. This is what I wanted. Change is what I wanted. I am keyed up by the fact that I’d get to work with group of people with different nationalities and having diverse cultures; I’d get to eat other delicacies; earn more than what I am receiving here in Manila (but of course, the cost of living is much much much much higher!); I’d be with one of my best friends whom I am gonna share an apartment with.. and probably fall in love again.

I didn’t plan it. I didn’t expect it. So when it came, my friends told me to accept the offer coz it seems that it was really for me. I did not have a hard time finding a job. I didn’t even have to go there for the interview while most Filipinos spend so much time (and money) there looking for a job. It was probably fate.

So I said yes, I will accept the job. So I signed the offer.

I resigned from work and my last day will be on February 16, 2011. I am set to fly on February 17 coz I will be meeting my employers on the 18th. In all honesty, I am kinda scared of the job (Hahahah!) as I will be holding bigger accounts and the position has more responsibilities than what I am doing now. I am afraid that I won’t be able to meet their expectations. But I will try my best to concentrate on the job.

Singapore may be near. The fare isn’t that expensive, but of course I know it won’t be easy to take a leave from work. Hehehe. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can go home in July (coz I am booked for South Korea in July-August).

No more gimmicks (it’s costly). No more cigarettes (last time I was there, a pack costs SGD11). Time to save for the future.

Please wish me luck.

So help me God.



My smallest happy pill.

My 4-month old niece.

Marcailah Felicey Hurlimann Mangilin.

Ain't she lovely?

I swear, I'm so addicted to this little girl. All the more now that they're living with me in Pasig. Every night after work, I go straight to her room and play with her even if it means staying up late at night and not having energy for work the next day. And in the morning, after taking a bath, I play with her first before leaving that makes me late for work. Hahaha. :D

I can't get enough of this princess and I swear, I'm gonna miss her when I leave... :(


These photos were taken last weekend in Batangas (Palm Beach) where we celebrated her Dad's (my younger brother) birthday.


Holidays are family days. My second family is Gogolosh -- my barkada of more than a decade. Hence, my holidays are also for Gogolosh. Since we were busy and had no common time to celebrate before 2010 ended, we just decided to have a post Holiday slash Welcoming 2011 Party last weekend.

We checked in at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, had photoshoot courtesy of my friend, Noelle's boyfriend, AJ. We all wore white (too bad coz we didn't realize we should have opted to wear black instead for us to look slim.. hahaha!). Sugar did our make up (Oh yeah, I'm wearing make up now! :D ) It was a fun-filled shot and we got so tired (now I feel for models and actors.. haha!) that we were not able to swim in booze anymore. I was left wide awake together with AJ as he was already fixing the photos and uploading them on Facebook and Multiply.

We were very much happy about the outcome of our photos and I want to share them with you. It's just sad that we were not complete (Dane is in the US while Nheng is in Singapore already). BTW, we have one "adopted" barkada -- Jeni, a college friend and Che's (and my ex-boyfriend's... haha!) sorority sister.

And our headshots.. :)









Even before trying out Abbondanza, I have already heard so much about this Italian restaurant as most of my friends who are working along or near San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas (that was the area where it was situated) frequent it. They said dining here is worth it coz apart from being generous when it comes to serving, the dishes are all good.

A few weeks ago while waiting for my friends at Starbucks Megastrip (Megamall), I saw that Abbondanza was already open (located just beside Starbucks) so I decided to just wait for them there. I've been wanting to eat there but I do not go to San Miguel area that much.

When my friends  arrived, the crew started to assist us. They said their branch somewhere in San Miguel doesn't exist anymore. Good thing they decided to put up a branch in Megamall coz that's where we always meet up to eat or have coffee (aside from Robinsons Galleria and The Podium).

And because I was on diet (and so were my friends.. hahaha!) we decided to order just a few dishes.

half Prosciutto, half Four Seasons

Salsicce Al Vino Biance with Potatoes

For the pizza, we got half Prosciutto for PHP350 (toppings consist of parma ham, mozzarella and parmesan chees) and half Four Seasons, also for PHP350 (stewed tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, cooked ham, artichokes and black olives). The price is reasonable for me coz the serving is big and the pizza is really good. I particularly liked Four Seasons coz I love pizza with lots of toppings especially mushrooms. I also like it that you can order half pizza if only a few of you would eat.

We also got Salsicce Al Vino Biance (PHP175). It's a serving of Italian sausages with cream baked potatoes. I hardly like baked potato but this one's really good I almost eat everything and did not share with my friends. Hahahha!

As for the service, it was great that the owner (or the manager, I hope I got it right coz she was wearing casual clothes so I supposed she's the owner) would come to our table from time to time to check if our orders were already complete, if we enjoy the food, or if we need anything.

My friends are right, Abbondanza is really awesome. I would definitely eat here again. :)


Every start of the year I see to it that I write an entry about people who made my previous year remarkable, may they be the positive ones or those who became detrimental to my existence. So long as they left a mark on my year, they deserve to be part of my list.

To begin with, I would like to thank my FAMILY for their endless support and love. I believe that when everybody else turns his/her back on you, your family will always be there -- my first and true love. Need I say more?

CHIKITINGS. I am thankful to my nephews, Mikee and Gabee; and my nieces, Chelsea and Cacai for forever painting a smile on my face. I’m certain kids have the power to take away all your worries and problems in a snap.

GOGOLOSH, my second family. Like I always say, thank you for being my eyes when I can no longer cry; for being the ears that constantly listen; for the good times, the bad times, the drunken moments, the emo trippings, the time, the company, the love.. it could have been the worst year if it weren’t for you. I heart you forever and ever. Amen.
Dane: Thank you for always being with us in spirit. I miss you, our foodtrips and shopping moments. Thank you for inspiring me to be a good mom in the future.
Nheng: For the boundless words of encouragement, for the support and for always being available for me online 24/7. I can’t wait to see you. Singapore, here I come!
Che: For being the best listener ever. For being the best in everything (except fashion and being daring.. haha!) You already know what’s inside my heart.
Amae: For always making me realize how sane I am. Hahha! Joke! :P Thank you for the company almost everyday/every night.
Jeannie: For bringing Fonzy into this world and for being a good role model when it comes to parenthood.. and for introducing Nu Skin. Hahaha!
Sugar: For finding time to be with us despite being a Misis, and for always making us laugh with your antics.
Noelle & AJ: For the good times, our night outs.. photoshoots.. thank you as well for the best Christmas gift ever. Hahaha!

EMERIO. Who says you cannot have fun at work? Well, I’m debunking that coz I’ve got the most fun loving and coolest colleagues on earth. Thank you, Liza for being the best boss (I’m not being sipsip here, I’m just being honest.. haha!); Erin for always keeping up with my rantings; Leslie for reminding me to always look good; Chen for telling over and over again how pretty I am despite being boyish at times (hahaha.. kapal!); Boyet for being a good listener and the best drinking buddy; Mitch for calling me Sexy AC (hahaha!); Erwin for always bugging me.. haha!; Mickey for being a good brother and Jac for making me fat coz of Aling Floring’s Honesty Store. Life at work becomes enjoyable because of you.

JOGADILLAS. GB, Lovely, Caca, Wal, Mae, Jimmy, Ryan, Benjie, Richie, Reg, Luke, Harry, Jerome, Tin, Jeni, etc. Being with you always means Good Vibes. Thank you for the endless booze, our Votre and Aruba MorNights, the parties that put a smile on my face at all times; our Tapsi ni Vivian and Goto along Kamuning moments right after gimmick;  for being good friends beyond gimmick nights and drunken moments. Thank you: GB for being an inspiration to stay positive despite mishaps; Lovely & Caca for being older sisters to me; Wal & Jimmy for being the Kuyas that I never had.

COMEDY CARTEL. GB, Alex/Danah, Richie, Noel, Ryan Rems, Raffy, Chino, Victor, Kel, Red, Trian, Eri, Patrick, etc. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Stand Up Comedy. Watching you is the epitome of fun.

TEAM OC. Jeni, Tristan, Amae, Che, Noelle, AJ, PangkeEli, Gil.. etc etc. Thank you for making Ortigas a pleasant place to work in. Our night outs and house parties kept me alive and kickin last year. Thank you for being an effortless source of fun, Jeni.. Hahaha! And to Tristan aka Babe, thank you for always opening your unit for us, ladies.

HAYSKUL BUDDIES. Kris, Hermo, Rhia, Jillian, Nikki, Kamote, Maui, Ralph, Terence, Mabel, Jeff, Mark, Ryan, Hannah, Abben (sige pati na din si Kiriring). Thank you for making me look forward every Cabanatuan homecoming. To braders Ralph & Terence, thank you for sharing thoughts on love and relationships from a man’s point of view. To Bebe Hermo, thank you for always treating me to SBC. Hehe. :D

CYBERFRIENDS. Gincie, Jayvie, Gayla, Ape, N, Emily, Wendy, Crickette, Mark, Omel, Ferna, Enjoy, Kellie, etc. Thank you for being the reason why I just couldn’t stop writing; you motivate me to be real and to express what’s inside my heart. Thank you for being my friends further than the blogosphere.

SISTERS-OUT-LAW. Gay and Ate Iris. You don't know how much it breaks my heart everytime I hear your sad stories coz I always want the best for both of you. We may have failed at being sisters in real life, but in my heart you will forever be my sisters.

ASTROBOY aka DR. DOOM. Yep, you broke my heart in the middle of 2010 but I still want to thank you for making me happy the first few months of last year. Thank you for touching my life and for imparting lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Our relationship reiterated that age, indeed, doesn't matter.. all the more when you are truly in love.

PETER PAN. You are oblivious of the fact that getting to know you, understanding your ways and accepting you for who you are were some of the biggest challenges I have faced last year. You remain to be one mystery that I have yet to comprehend. Nonetheless, thank you for being the alarm clock that I’ve prayed for. You might have left me hanging but thank you for knocking on my door, for helping me open up my heart once more and for coming into my world. Thank you for making the last quarter of my year truly special by making me feel.. well, special (I hope I got it right.) I guess I am just your Tinker Bell; that spoiled, ill-tempered and jealous little fairy. Hehehe.

I'm done with my list. Sorry, it’s just a quick post.. but I hope this entry made sense to you.

I wish next year more people will add up to this list and will make my life more meaningful.

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers! :)

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