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I am no saint but I do have a heart. And at this point it's breaking whenever I watch/read the news from the Philippines about the recent calamity that left Mindanao devastated, Sendong.

My heart cries out for those people, not only because they are fellow Filipinos, but I also feel their pain and fears. I can still remember the 1990 earthquake that ruined Baguio and Nueva Ecija where I lived with my family. I was just a 6 year old Grade 1 student banging against the gate of a school while the earth was shaking and afraid that the land might split and eat me alive. Almost 20 years later, it was Ondoy that made me homeless for a couple of weeks. The pain is always about moving on and starting all over again..

As a Filipino who is living a relatively more comfortable life than our kababayans, I feel it is but necessary for me to share whatever I can to people in need. As Ramon Bautista tweets, "Hindi sapat na mag-RT at mag-share lang ng How To Donate, mag-donate din tayo sa mga nasalanta ni Sendong." 

I would really love to volunteer to help in the operations (my friend who works for Red Cross said I can participate by being the kusinera to feed at least 3,000 people in CDO, Bukidnon and Iligan). Unfortunately, I couldn't, because I will only be in the Philippines for 8 days and will be back to work in Singapore by the 2nd of January.

I need not enumerate how I've been trying to help in my own little ways, but I do hope somehow I am able to take part in helping people rebuild their lives.

There are several ways on how to help. They are written all over the web and I don't think I still need to repost them. It's for us to do our research. After all, if it is REALLY in our hearts to help, we will find ways. :)

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  1. Everybody should chip in. I sent my donation to the abs-cbn foundation.


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