Because my friend slash flatmate knew that I'm a sucker for sushi (my Mom is almost Japanese and often cooked Japanese dish when I was young), she gave me a toy-like sushi maker for Christmas.

It's not the usual sushi maker coz the set consists of moulds of different shapes, like heart and flower shaped ones. There were even instructions on how to make pig sushi, bear sushi and so much more. It's so cute that I wanted to try it right away.

Out of excitement, we planned a Japanese themed party at home. My flatmates aren't really much of Japanese cuisine fan. I think I am the only one who loves it so much that you can leave me in Japan for one month without craving for oily/calorie loaded food such as Pinoy dishes.

Anyway, since I was too excited, I already bought the ingredients for sushi even without looking at the instructions of this sushi maker. I don't usually follow instructions because I believe I'm too smart so I can figure things on my own (Hahah! Joooke! :P ) but when I got home from the supermarket, I realized that this one's too complicated.

I didn't know I still need a bamboo rolling mat before I can go on molding using this toy. I had no time to go to the Japanese store anymore so I just did what I can to at least make some rolls. I used the plastic sheets included in the sushi maker set as my improvised rolling mat. By the way, I also got mediocre ingredients for my sushi coz the only ones available in the supermarket were the roasted seaweeds that are too crunchy (thus, difficult to roll without breaking) so it was really a challenge to make it right. Our knife wasn't even sharp enough to slice the rolls nicely.

Good thing my sushi "students", Lendl and Nheng were patient enough so we were able to pull it off. :) Lendl's 'creativity' was proven when Nheng looked for mangoes (I only bought cucumber, eggs, crabsticks for the filling). Since there were no mangoes, she said, "may peaches pa ata sa ref, pwede na yon." It was such an 'experiment' that became an instant hit coz our flatmates liked it so much. The sweetness of peaches is perfect for the salty taste of eggs and the inexplicable savor of cucumber and crabsticks. :)

Anyway, here goes our product. :)

The following day, while busy Facebooking, Nheng gave me a plastic bag containing these:

Haha! It seems that her first sushi making experience was really that hard. :D


  1. looks like the real thing. but, of course, it's the real thing. :)

  2. I am not really a big fan of Japanese dishes but I am always amazed of these cute pieces are prepared... Manirap din gawin!

  3. thats a WHOLE LOTTA sushi right there.

    pareho tayo ng sakit, hindi nagbabasa ng instructions kasi feeling mr.know it all kung minsan.

    Merry X'mas AC... :)

  4. I love everything related to rice.

    just found your blog.

    Visit mine and follow each other.

  5. This is what I want to try! I want to try making sushi! As in! Next time I will! Good job AC!

  6. Galing!

    I haven't tried making sushi... I must admit hindi talaga ako fan ng Japanese food... hehehe...

    Happy New Year AC!

  7. inggit akey!
    happy new year AC!
    I hope 2012 would be your best year yet!


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