Upon learning that I was going on a vacation in Phuket, a lot of my friends told me I should go to the most frequented “tourist spot” there and watch a different kind of entertainment, Bangla Road in Patong. At first I didn’t have an idea of what they were talking about.. until I got there…

Along the streets of Bangla are the usual bars and restaurants (as well as souvenir shops).







While wandering, we were approached by a guy and handed us this:

It didn’t take long for us to give in.. Haha! So we headed to the “hidden” part of Bangla where several A-go-go bars are situated.



The farther we go, the more shocking the shows get...



There was no entrance fee to the show. Just buy a drink and you can stay for as long as you want. The drinks are a bit pricey (THB800/beer, but since I was with the best haggler in the universe, we got ours for THB2000 for 4 bottles.. hahah! kahit sa bar nakatawad si ate! Smile with tongue out )

Sure, I’ve seen some movies showing girls dancing in the clubs, entertaining men and acting stupid. One of my ex boyfriends also gave me an idea of how it is in a girly bar (he used to work for a political icon and most of the time they go to Quezon Avenue to “de-stress” Hahahah! Okay, I know I sounded like a lenient girlfriend.. Smile with tongue out ) but the ones in Bangla are ‘extreme’ and shocking.. Of course, picture taking isn’t allowed inside the strip club so I just posted the ‘wholesome’ ones taken along the street..

When we came in, we were asked to sit in front of the stage coz that’s the only available table left. I did not want to, coz I found it really uncomfortable watching naked girls dance so close to me.. and it wasn’t just dancing that they did, it was their so-called “Ping-pong Show” (please refer to the photo of the ‘menu’ above). They danced with their brassiere on and wore a skirt without panties until they pull some items (listed on the ‘menu’) out of their…. you know what I mean.. Gross, isn’t it?

The next few shows were just plain a-go-go and pole dancing.. the numbers were non stop and there were like 3-5 of them dancing every set.

The customers may also take the ladies to accompany them in their table, they just have to pay for what they call bar fine. After every set, there were also ladies carrying cans asking around for tips. “A little help for the ladies”, I think, was written around the can.

I was just curious about this talk of the town but it was not really fun. While others were entertained, I found it really disgusting and I pity the girls coz it is kind of abusive. It really saddened me coz I am a woman and we all deserve to be respected. But how would you get respect when even the dirtiest creatures are coming out of your ‘hole’ for every customer to see? Oh well, like the ones depicted in movies, probably they don’t have the means to survive but to work this filthy.

Bangla Road is undeniably the hub of a different kind of entertainment. For the record, I do not promote this place.. I’m just sharing my experience coz it’s something different that I guess I won’t forget for the rest of my life. (But I  am certain you’re curious too, so when you go to Phuket you will also ‘roam’ around Bangla and get noticed by a-go-go ‘marketers’ Hahaha! Open-mouthed smile)


  1. ikaw ah pagala gala ka n lng.. hahaha... really sana makapunta ako ng korea next year.. i will save my time for that.. sana mabudget ko na... as in may stripper doon,, never pa aq nkakita ng pole stripper in my whole life lol..parang kumbaga yung bangla road yung libis satin..:)

  2. Hi Jeniffer. Actually, its in Thailand. :) At matagal na akong pagala-gala even when I was still in Pinas. :)

  3. halimbawa pingpong show, ibig sabihin may nilalabas na pingpong mula dun? pano nila ginagawa yun??!

  4. Natawa ako dun sa best haggler in the universe! Bilib ako sa nagawa niyang pagtawad! Hahhahha!

    But after that, nakakaawa nga naman sila, pero I think it is always a choice...

    Pero naiba ang mood sa closing sentences mo... Hehehehe... At nacurious nga din ako... hahahaha!

  5. Hi AC! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I highly appreciate it. I browsed some of your entires and I enjoyed the pictures of each place you have visited. I wish I could reach those places too. Have a great week ahead! :)

  6. Jayvie: Oh yesss.. ganun na nga. Can you imagine how a bird (as in buhay) comes out of 'it'? It's not magic, tunay sya na nasa loob. I don't know how they do it. Arrrgghhh.

    Mark: Pagpunta mo din dun try mo nood ha? Hahaha. :D

    Diane: Hello! Yes, I started following your blog kase most of the entries are of my interest din. Like your New Girl entry. Hehe. :D

  7. hey Ac! u missed the xmas party it was really fun night. next time sama ka na ha..

    thanks for the comment. wow! uve been travelling ha.good for you! uwi ka din sa pinas, yehey, di kana mahomesick.

    yep, my boyfriend na ako. =) dito din sya sa singapore. ikaw ba? msta love life

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