No, it's not about who you are seated next to.  It's all about waiting. Timing. The arrival. The hardships that come along the way.

Lately I've been wondering if I would still meet "the one". I know I do sound pathetic but I hate it whenever I envision myself growing old alone. I'm afraid. Who isn't scared of not having someone to grow old with, anyway?

I already lost all my hopes..

Then my heart woke up from the slumber...

No matter how many buses you've missed. No matter how bad your bus rides are. Or how cruel your bus mates have been (even how smelly they are)...

It's all good, my dear. The shitty bus rides are all worth it.. After all, you know you rode the right one that brought you to your destination, right?

Thank you for being my forever inspiration. I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the whole wide universe! :)

PS: Who ever said that "Man in nature is selfish" could be wrong. I've been crying (tears of joy!) myself to sleep the past few days coz of you! Not that I'm jealous, that's just how much I love you that all I want is nothing but your happiness. :)

And you know that....

I miss you soooooo much it hurts! :D


  1. thank you for taking all the shitty bus rides with me..God knows how much i would want to have you now that i am stitting more comfortably..

    ikaw nagsabi sken dba, walang sugat na di naghihilom. that's what brought me you anna!! <3

  2. Kung may "like" lang, ila-like ko na lang 'to. I was about to text you if you've already found the "one" based on some of your posts on FB. :p

    I have friends who are way older than you who remain optimistic about love. So wag kang matakot neng because God is just preparing the right bus that will take you to the right man :)

  3. ba't ganun parang may kakaiba dun sa first pic.??
    anyways i enjoy mo lang muna ang pagigging single
    para kpag dumating ng si "the one" eh readyng ready
    ka na. ^__^

  4. midnight orgasm: because... ?

  5. mukhang bus ang sinasakyan mo everyday ah.. ako isang taon na MRT lang lagi.. ngayon natuto na ko mag bus.. mas tipid at mas mabilis din kse...

    :D *HUGS* inuman? hahah

  6. Wendy: layo ko kase sa MRT stn, lalakarin pa ng malayo or another bus. Kas convenient for me ang bus kase malapit lang ako sa stn. MRT lang ako pag naglalakwatsa. Hehe. Pero mukang maiiba ng ritual pag nakalipat na kame. Gow! Inuman na! Haha

  7. Heartfelt, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy reading this. Here's to hoping we all end up at the right destination, no matter how many effed up detours and wrong lanes we've been too.


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