As practiced, our company had 2 Christmas parties. One was a "Showtime" themed party at The Fort and the other one was a family day at our head office.

In the first party, employees were required to wear statement shirts. I wasn't so excited about this coz I won't be able to practice being kikay (I will be wearing a tee which I don't normally wear in parties). Since I found it too boring, I just wore a pair of short pants, my current favorite footwear, lots of accessories and put on a red lipstick... and voila! I looked like a Korean Popstar. Hahahahah!

My shirt says, "May tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita at may bunganga ang chismosang palaka." (This goes out to all my enemies in the office.. wahahaha.. joooke! :D )

My teammates and I decided to wear shirts of the same color.

Recruitment Team

RT with the Managing Director and Asst. Delivery Manager
RT with the Virgin (???)

As usual, we were in charge of the registration since we are part of the back office.

I was also responsible in taking pictures of the employees at the entrance (but it turned out that I had lots of pictures as well coz I gave my camera to my colleague and joined the consultants in every shot.. bwahahah!)

We had some sort of "Showtime" program wherein teams from several projects performed.

I was part of the Hurado. If you're familiar with Showtime on ABS-CBN, you know that each of the judges gives "sample" (they perform as well) but I didn't give one. I told you, I have no talent -- only charm. Hahahah! Jooooke! :D And when our host called me to give my sample, I just waved and she told the audience, "Yan po ang talent nya, magpa-cute." Hahahah! :D

After the program, of course, we had a blast!

I won't be posting the photos from the party/dancing portion anymore coz I got too drunk and what happens if you're drunk dancing? Everything was captured by the camera. Oh, I was such a tease. Hahaha! :D


I remember when I was still with Dr. Doom (my recent ex-boyfriend), we would always go to a Persian restaurant after his duty at the hospital coz he loves kebab. Some of his favorite restaurants are Mr. Kebab and Uncle Moe's at Citygolf in Ortigas. It was very seldom that I take a bite of what he eats coz I never really liked Persian cuisine. I would just sit beside him, drinks soda and let him finish his food. Hahaha. Oh well, I can't stand the smell of such kind of food.

But since I became adventurous when it comes to food lately, I tried eating shawarma and kebab at The Kebab Factory (I wasn't able to write about it though) and I survived. I just think I won't get to love shawarma. Promise. :D

A few days before Christmas, I got another taste of Persian food. This time it was at Persian Grill in SM Megamall. They say it is owned and managed by Kian (an ABS-CBN talent). I already heard him promote this venture of him on TV before.

Persian Grill wasn't really my first choice that night but since I was starving to death and couldn't find a place to eat (not to mention the flocks of people inside the mall doing their last minute Christmas shopping), I settled for this one.

What I didn't like about this resto is the service. We were seated outside coz my friends and I were smoking so we expected that it wasn't easy for crew to notice us and take our orders. But to wait for 45 years (oh yeah, I'm exaggerating) even if I was already waving? That wasn't funny at all. I told you, I was famished.

And since I was hungry like a bear, when they gave us the menu I didn't think hard anymore. I just ordered something that I am familiar with -- Lamb Chops.


To be fair with them, I liked it. All the more coz it was well done (oh yeah, I'm Pinay and jologs, you cannot expect me to eat rare meat). It costs less than 300pesos, I think. It has no after taste and didn't taste "malansa" at all considering that it's lamb. The vegetable dish on the side was also good.

My friends got the following:

Beef Biryani
Chicken Biryani

Just like me, they enjoyed their food. :)

As for the price, we paid for like more or less a thousand bucks for these. :)

I can't write a decent review on Persian cuisine coz I rarely eat this kind of food, hence, I couldn't compare it with other Persian restaurants. I can only say that I liked what I ate. Hahaha. :D


December 26, 2010

Christmas is over and I’m here in my room, alone and drinking Vodka Cruiser.

Last time I checked, I am not alcoholic. But whenever I feel the need for my friends to keep up with my rants coz I cannot bring myself to sleep, I drink alcohol. Just a bottle or two.

Now I am doing that coz everyday it gets harder for me to even take a nap. There’s just too much in my head that prevents me from getting a decent rest.

To tell you honestly, I am not broken in its truest sense. I may be sad, but that has always been part of my drama. Like most of my friends say, I am an emo. Yes, I am. And I’m proud of it. They say I have the tendency to overanalyze things that always leads me to be too emotional. What can I do? I am a woman. I am emotional coz I feel what I need to feel. I scrutinize circumstances so often that makes me think really hard.

Just like now. I guess I’m emotional at this moment that led me back to writing, which, I somehow forgot to do since I shut off my blog a few weeks ago. But then again, I acquired a new domain and I’ve been sharing my adventures here already, sans the matters of the heart and some personal stuff.

I tried being a little private. I struggled to keep my life within me. I even made an effort not to share with anybody my personal brawl with life unlike what I was doing when I was thinking of myself as a showbiz persona or some kind of public figure. But it was really hard so now I am baring my soul coz keeping quiet doesn’t really help at all times.

2010 has been awful (but not as cruel as 2008 and 2009). It was in the middle of this year that my heart broke for the nth time. My recent boyfriend and I broke up because of (anticipated) third party. I moved on. Tried living my life to the fullest. Met a lot of beautiful souls. Almost getting romantically involved with a few. Well, almost. But not quite. Though most people think that I’m such a playgirl, only one man stood out. We are almost alike in so many ways. Obliviously, he challenged me to alter whatever it is that I’ve believed in. He even had the guts to knock on my door and I let him in no matter how hard I told myself that it wasn’t going anywhere. He made me smile. He made me shiver. He made my heart skip a beat. And I guess he made me want to fall in love once again. But he’s gone now. Everything’s gone to waste.

Have you ever felt the exhilaration brings about by looking forward to something really special? It was a mixture of joy and fears as I opened up my heart once again. It was then that I considered taking a risk and let fate make me fall real hard. He is someone I seriously thought about taking a chance with. But like most men in my life – he kept me hanging. As days went by I felt that I no longer had the other pair of hands that was supposed to grasp mine as we look forward to something worth giving a try. Yet again, I was left alone. Bruised but still standing.

Sometimes it enters my mind that perhaps I am the worst lover on earth, coz if otherwise, why did it have to have a trend? Like not showing interest in the beginning yet by the time I am starting to fall sincerely, they’re already keeping their eyes off me and heading toward another direction.

I often ask my guy friends, “Panget ba ko? Masama ba ugali ko? May maayos na trabaho naman ako. Anong mali? Baket sablay ang lablayp ko?” They would always make things lighter by telling me I have everything they look for in a woman, except for one – I don’t know what I want.

Perhaps they’re right. I am turning 27 next year yet I feel like my life’s stagnant. My savings account’s busted coz I travel like there’s no tomorrow, I shop like a moviestar, I eat like a monster, I am living the party animal’s life.

As 2011 is nearing, I have a lot of promises to myself, as well as to my family and friends. I’m not really much of a New Year’s Resolution person. In fact, I never had any in my entire life. It’s just that at this point in my life I feel the need for change if I want to be happy.

So I’m making promises (even if people say – promises are made to be broken) that I would try hard to fulfill.

Since the past few years have been terrible for my heart. I told my friends (as well as myself) that my heart will be taking a break as it seems that I won’t find someone special anytime soon. I am not really looking for someone who will sweep me off my feet. It’s enough that he’d take me as I am; someone who will keep his promises and won’t let me dream alone. Someone who knows what he wants in life – and that involves me.

I even told one of my best friends, “lovelife isn’t part of my goals for 2011” and I meant it when I said that. I should focus on loving myself even more.

And by that I meant not depending on somebody else to make me happy. Not that I’m keeping my heart closed; not about hypocrisy either. If someone comes along who’d do what I’ve been longing to see, then I’ll surrender. But I won’t wait anymore. I won’t chase for someone who hardly knows I exist. I will let the universe take over.

Another way of loving myself is by taking care of my health, setting limits when it comes to alcohol and nicotine intake. Occasional drinking is fine, but too much partying I guess won’t be part of my activities next year.

Saving for the future is also a means to love myself. My dad always taught me to be practical, which I often do. I don’t splurge on something that’s not really needed. But sometimes (all the more whenever I am down), I have the tendency to shop a lot coz it’s part of my therapy. I guess I should learn to skip indulging on retails.

I am not earning much compared with other people of my age but I already have my insurance which I acquired more than 2 years ago. I also have a club membership, which I hope could be of little help in the future. But I guess those aren’t enough to say that I am financially stable.

I have long wanted to get out of my parents’ house. I even tried living in a condominium unit a few blocks away from my workplace for a few months. But my mom requested if I can go back to the house since nobody’s living there at the time. It was somehow okay since I don’t have problems when it comes to utilities and household bills; even the groceries and maids’ salaries are covered by my parents. But sometimes I feel the need to get out and live within my means, without my parents’ financial support. But I cannot do that now since I do not earn much.

So I am hoping to find a job that could let me live on my own, like the way I used to when I was in college. All the more now that my brother and his family have occupied the house.

My siblings, even if they already have their own families, aren’t as responsible as people expect them to be. Now that I am living with my brother and his family, I need to get out and live on my own coz I feel like I am my parents’ assistant who runs the household when in fact I am the only single left in the family.

In our house, people always talk about money. And it brings me tears whenever my mom and dad call and instruct me regarding the budget, our “scholars”, our “foundation”, my siblings’ allowances and some other financial matters. I want them to realize that not everything’s about money. I want my siblings to recognize my parents more than being human ATMs and bank accounts. I want to get rid of money talks in our family. I miss talking to my parents about anything under the sun except money.

So I want to be financially stable just so my parents would be proud of me; that they won’t need to support me financially. I want them to enjoy the fruits of what they have worked for.

Since being independent and living alone is part of the changes that I want to see in my life next year, I am seriously considering living and working away from here. I want to leave my siblings not because I don’t love them, but because I love them so much that I want them to learn the value of responsibility for as long as I am near them, they won’t learn.

Like I said, I seriously consider working away from here. And I’m working on it. Let’s see what’s gonna happen when it comes to my career.

It won’t be easy for me to leave my company coz I love my colleagues so much. But then again, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone for you to learn and see where you truly belong.

I am looking forward to 2011 and so thrilled to find out what’s in store for me.

So there, so far these are the promises that I told myself. I hope I could have enough strength and means to work on these as I badly need changes in my life.

So help me God.

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers!


I'm not much of a "planner person." I'm not good at organizing my daily activities (ironic coz I've always been our group's "travel agent") and setting appointments. Also, handwriting isn't my thing anymore, hence, I have my online diaries.

But I do collect planners. Once I was able to fill my Starbucks card with stickers, thus, I was able to get one. That was 3 years ago, I think. The following year I got a UP centennial planner and bought Belle De Jour planner. Then last year, I won a BDJ planner courtesy of PEP's online contest. Amae, one of my BFFs used to work for Summit Media and she would always bug me to join everytime they have contests/raffles. I used to love BDJ coz it's so girly it has a lot of retail discount coupons, pages for travel plans and it has a menstrual tracker. Hehehe. :D But all those planners were left untouched. I was just able to write my name and some other personal information but weren't really used for planning per se. :D

For 2011, I got this cute planner.

It's called Relaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka planner. It costs PHP350. I just love it that I ordered a lot and gave some to my friends as Christmas presents.

The contents are so hilarious. I'm sure those emo girls out there will like it (yeah, I'm a proud emo) :D

The personal information section is kinda "complicated" that I have yet to write on it.

Even the list of "holidays" is freakin funny.

I wonder who would be sitting next to me on March 9 and May 19.. Hahahah!


There's a "love letter" (or hate letter) template.

This one's my favorite:

I think it promotes infidelity though coz as you can see, there are 3 coupons to be given away (unless you're gonna give them all to the same person) :D

I found it through Facebook, just LIKE Witty Will Save The World and all the important details on how to order are there.


When my friend told me, "Penge na ng picture ng kung sino man ang gusto mo dilaan.", I got excited coz I know she was talking about Chocopix, her business. She said she's going to give me samples of their products for free! And you know whose picture I gave her? Papa Derek.

Chocopix is all about personalized confectionery -- chocolates. They can turn your pictures into chocolates! They can be in a form of coin, business card, CD, children's books, greeting cards, portraits and a lot more. Just imagine, you can eat someone's picture (like in my case, I can eat Derek, errrr.. Derek's photos) :D As what the website says, they use a unique patented technology called CHOCOLOGRAPHY which makes it possible to reproduce any picture, image or message right on the surface of rich and delicious gourmet chocolate. You just need to give them hard or even soft copy of the image that you want to turn into a chocolate.

Below are the pictures of samples that she gave me (Actually, she gave me a lot but I wasn't able to take pictures of everything coz my friends asked for some)

Star Party Favor
Business Card

The Business Card type costs PHP130 while the Star Party Favor costs PHP200.

It's really dream come true for me to lick Derek... Hahaha.. :D

Don't mind my pimples, they are part of growing up... Haha!

Since I liked the products so much, I got a few for my favorite colleagues as my giveaways. I gave them away this morning and I'm glad that they liked my simple token.

I got their favorite personalities printed on Party Favors. :)


This one is my favorite. It was for Jackie who is addicted to Jun Pyo.

Jun Pyo

When she saw it on her table, she told me.. "Parang ayaw mo naman ipakain sa kin yung chocolate." Hahaha. :D

Nice token, isn't it? Also best for birthdays, baptism, weddings and some other special occasions.


If you're interested to order, below are the details (Oooops, I'm not doing marketing.. I just found it cute that's why I wrote something about Chocopix :D

Address: Unit 101 Eastside Condominium, 77 Malakas Street, Pinyahan, Quezon City
Phone: (632) 920-5911
Fax: (632) 920-5911



Banchetto (n). Italian word that means "feast".

True to its meaning, going to banchetto means going to a feast. I've been to Ortigas Banchetto several times already but it was only last week that I got to examine the fair.

Every Friday night, Emerald Avenue in Ortigas Center closes down to give way to food stalls to be set up at the Banchetto. The fair starts at around midnight until Saturday dawn.

Flocks of corporate people (especially those from call centers and 24/7 BPOs) are always present to eat or spend their breaks there. The place is not for people who are claustrophobic as the number of people coming in is really huge. Also, most of the time there are no seats so it's best to eat inside your car, at the parking lot or just be there early to secure a spot to eat.  Don't be overwhelmed though, coz as far as I can remember there were no incidents of crime in this event yet.  :)

There's a lot of cuisines to choose from: Filipino, Chinese, Japanese.. even my favorite isaw and other ihaw-ihaw are present. They also have Mediterranean, American and some European food. Desserts and pastries are also being sold so it's impossible that you'd end up empty handed.

The first few times that I went there, I was full so I wasn't able to enjoy much. Last week I tried to forget about being a glutton for a whole day so I can eat a lot at the fair.

I got the following:

Isaw - PHP25 per stick. You might think that it's pricey but it's huuuuge! It was comparable to 5 regular sized sticks of isaw.
Pasta (tuna and mushroom in olive oil) with roasted chicken - PHP120
Garlic baby potatoes - PHP40
Kwek-kwek - PHP25 per order (5pcs per order)
Maki - PHP120

Don't be surprised with my order coz like I said, I am a glutton. :D You might not have seen it in my frame, but I got really bulky tummy. Hahaha. :D

I spent like 500bucks that night for these food. I got so full that I shared some with my siblings and cousins.

So for those of you who love eating and enjoy the adventures of going to a "market", this one's for you. :)


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A couple of months ago, your heart would tremble everytime you see him. All the more when you found out that he already got another girl, the one who took all your dreams away from you. You shed tears, feeling like the whole world betrayed you and tore your heart into a million pieces.

It didn’t even enter your mind that maybe one day you’d stop crying. That perhaps all the questions would eventually find their answers.

You sounded bitter. You looked shattered. You were helpless. You were blinded by rage. You cursed men like they’re all the same. You lost your will to trust people. And you promised yourself to never fall in love again.

You used to feel like something pinches your heart whenever you hear stories about your past beau. Even more everytime you see pictures of him and the girl looking happy. Just as happy when you were with him.

You belonged in the same group, so it wouldn’t be surprising that someday your paths would cross again. But then again, it didn’t happen instantly. He stepped back. He gave way for you to continue having fun with your friends while he opted to stand by his girl.

Weeks after breaking your heart, you had a glimpse of him. Alone and looking untroubled and even had the guts to greet you and give you a peck on the cheek. While you, on the other hand, gave him the sweetest smile that everybody was imposing you to throw away. But you know that inside, your heart was bleeding like hell. You chatted for a while, then he said goodbye and held your hands like he still cares for you, which I think could be true as I believe that the intensity of love for someone can change but the care will always be there. As soon as he left, you found yourself heading to the restroom, ready to explode like a bomb when suddenly, one of your best guy buds approached you, hugged you and let you cry in his arms. You thought you were okay. He still had this inexplicable effect on you, though somehow you already let go of the fact that he will come back. The pain was too strong for your weak heart. You must be grateful for your friend’s arms that caught you and stopped you from breaking down.

There were some stages that you put in your mind before you actually believe that you have moved on.

  1. See him.
  2. See his friends.
  3. See his family.
  4. See him with his new girl.

Funny (but not really) thing, everything happened in order. You already saw him, right? What’s next? See his friends. It wasn’t really surprising coz even before you became a couple you were going out with his friends already. That didn’t make significant effect though, except for one -- his co-workers. You didn’t even imagine partying with his co-workers/friends but you were able to do it. It was fun. And you were sincere when you said it.

One of the most heartbreaking moments happened in a place that you both frequent. You saw his brother and sister. You were sad coz you wanted to say hi and smile. But you just chose to sit in one corner with your friends, away from their sight, to avoid uneasiness and further pinches in your heart.

By the time you saw him and his new girl, your heart was already recuperating. It wasn’t as if it didn’t bother you that you saw the girl (who actually looked exactly like you, except for the nose.. and the body, coz she’s a lot thinner than you), but more like hey, you are so happy and I’m alone in here. Oh well, you’re just human. Envy is part of being human, I guess.

Months passed by and you got really better. You started living your life again like you just woke up from a nightmare. You even started going out though not romantically involving yourself with anybody else. You just sought attention, but not absolutely offering your heart to someone who is worth another try. Coz you haven’t found that one. You were just contented with finding something to smile about, like getting attention and admiration from people around you.

Then one day, while having fun with your friends, he showed up. It wasn’t for you, though. It was for your friend who was celebrating his birthday at the time. Nonetheless, you were so happy that all the smiles from you were all genuine. He wasn’t with his girl so the whole world had the chance to tease both of you while they were singing "Maybe This Time" by Michael Murphy but you were game and weren’t affected at all. You even had pictures together. And who can forget that quick hug and a kiss on the cheek when the party ended and you had to say goodbye to each other?

Did you expect that this will happen in the future? And that “future” happened so soon. You were both okay and you are genuinely happy. In your mind you wished him the best though you aren’t part of his life anymore. Because you still believe that he’s a good person after all. That he broke your heart just because he is meant for somebody else and you are destined to be with the one who is worth all your sacrifices and tears – whoever that will be.

You are just hoping now that that person is already on his way to your heart.. and eventually you’ll be happy, too. Just as happy as the one who broke your heart.

You see, it’s a wonderful feeling when you come to realize that time really heals all wounds.

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