In response to my birthday note for her, Che also made something for us (Amae & Nheng also wrote a note for her :) ) and I'm gonna share it to you coz it's cute and very touching. I know we're the cheesy kind of friends, but we're not ashamed of it. :)


I <3 Gogolosh

i am what i am today because of all of you.
in my journey to self discovery, you held my hands.
shared (a lot of )bottles of booze.
finished a lot of packs.
stayed up until wee hours.
waited for me to finish work until wee hours.
hanggang sa makatulog na si anna sa GJs at nagchurva na sa taxi bago umakyat ng libis flyover...hahaha umabsent na para lang mag-inom.
maginom araw araw.
danced the night away with me.
escaped manila, escaped PH to find sweet serenity.
hoped with me.
laughed with me.
cried with me.
cursed with me.
failed with me.
crawled with me.
stood up with me.
understood me.
accepted me for everything i am and respected me for the person that i am not.
there are a number of things i have prayed for, some got declined, some were answered.
you were all with me.
whatever is the climate of my life, you were just where you have been exactly for 10 years now.
i may not have received everything i wanted, but i sure got everything that i needed.
i can never imagine myself, my life without all of you.
i heart you forever and ever. <3
this is so cheesy we will all die. hehe :P
thanks for another gogolosh year! until the next birthday series. :)


And since it's her birthday, we went out.

It was just a dinner in one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in the metro, Omakase in Libis. I was starving to death coz I haven't had my lunch then so I planned to eat a lot. I even ordered my favorite Jurassic and Spider Maki But when I saw AJ's awesome camera, I didn't bother to eat coz all I could do was pose for the camera. I even had a separate "photoshoot" that they called "pre-engagement photoshoot" wahahha!

So forgive me now, I won't be sharing pictures, info and reviews on the food, just pictures of us having sooooo much fun. See below and see how fun that night was. :D

Birthday Girl
AC and Gny -- normal pa
AC, Noelle, Che -- normal pa din
Cutie cake from Mary Grace Bakeshop
Normal pa lahat
Mga laki sa panahon ni Aiza Seguerra
On the phone is Nheng (now based in Singapore)
Abnormal na kame ni Noelle, sila normal pa din
Nagsisimula na mangulet
Ang saucers. Bow. :P
Si Amae may chocolate na sa ngipin pero poised pa din.
The bangs and the lime.
Practicing for.. my wedding?! Hahahah!
Ang daming gifts!
One more time... hagis!
I looked like a villain and Amae is the protagonist (first time nangyari kase usually sya ang mukang biatch!)

See, I was even practicing my bouquet throwing skills already. :P

Special thanks to Amae for her red lipstick (coz I don't really wear lipstick) that I used for the photoshoot.

Again, Happy Birthday to my bestfriend.

I heart you forever and ever. Amen. :)


"Banana! Eto ay isa sa mga pinakaloka-lokang tao na nakilala ko. She can do away with her antics and faster than the speeding bullet na pag-uutak! Ambilis ng pick up! Hehe at sobrang bilis sa kalokohan.ewan ko ba, 1st day I saw her, sinabi ko sa sarili ko, “Ambait naman nya! Ang hinhin pa!” Hehe. Pero nang makilala ko, jusme! Hehe. Kidding aside, Anna is a loving person, giving at totoo! Hehe. Pag ayaw nya ayaw nya. She almost has everything a typical woman can ask for, money, clothes, shoes, bags, pro she is MORE THAN THAT (ayan, tandaan mo). She can take you away with her jokes but she is, in reality, a woman of substance..Dati ko lagi kong iniisip kung sinong magiging bf nito, ayun, katambay ko lang pa la! Hehe. Seriously, I am happy that she is happy now. Miss na kita! Kahit lagi tayong magkatxt (para ko syang syota! Hehe. Gudlak sa life, I seldom say I lover her, pero I do. I will always do…" (6.16.2004)

Remember this Friendster testi that you posted on my wall? I no longer have my Friendster account but I copied and kept your notes. I still smile everytime I read them. :)


More than 10 years ago, we met in the university. It was in one of our major subjects (PolSci ba yun o SocSci?) where your phone fell and got broken into pieces. I picked them up for you. You smiled and thanked me. Back then we were part of different cliques in the block. You said I was timid but I know by now you wanna tell yourself that you had a wrong impression on me. Haha! But hell yeah, I think I was really shy back then. We were young and I am a promdi, while most of you grew up in the city (or at least had a taste of city life). Through time we got closer and our group got bigger.

We may never be alike but the good thing is that we were able to keep the bond intact despite our differences. You’re kindhearted, I’m ruthless. You’re conservative, I am quite liberal. You hate dressing up, I love to mix and match clothes. Working is your outlet, shopping is mine. You rather wear studs, I am amused with hoops and dangling. You’re fair, I’m dark. You’re easy to get along with, I hate pleasing people. You love to smile, I frown a lot. You’re quiet, I tend to be loud at times (but Amae’s the loudest :D). You fell in love just once, twice, thrice… I have been broken countless times already.

But I love you for being you.

Thank you for keeping my happy feet company wherever they want to go. From our first major tour together in Bohol up to our recent trip to Ilocos early this year with Nanay and Nica. Even if you are soooo special (by that I meant CAUSE OF DELAY.. haha!), I don’t mind (even if we always waste time :P ) Like when we went to Singapore, we had to rebook our flights coz you still have pending tasks in the office and your boss won’t let you fly early. They had to rebook my flight, too and pay for my fare. That’s how special you are (pati ako!). Hahaha!

Thank you for opening a Tagaytay home for me whenever I feel the need to escape from the city’s pressure and heartaches. Your house is like my rehabilitation center where I can unload my negative emotions and recharge.

Thank you for selflessly sharing your family with me. Remember our university graduation? I can still recall how you kept me company coz my family wasn’t there to celebrate with me. All I had were Gs and your family. Since then I know I will never be alone for the rest of my life.

I would also like to thank Nanay for giving birth to a beautiful baby girl twenty seven years ago. And Tatay for nurturing her and showering her with love that made her a loving person that she is now.

Thank you for being my eyes when I can no longer cry. Thank you for being my mirror who always reminds me how beautiful I am inside and out. Thank you for being my guardian angel who always leads me to the right path whenever I am blinded by rage.

Thank you for being you.

Happy Birthday.

I heart you forever and ever. Amen.

PS: It’s so cheesy, I’m gonna die.


**Che/Smoochie is the BFF for all seasons.

Eastwood, 5-6 months ago.

Tagaytay Highlands, 2 years ago.

Selangor, Malaysia, 2 years ago.

Cebu, 2 years ago.

Ortigas, 3 years ago.

QC, 5 years ago.



If life gives you limes, make margaritas.



I love The Wedding Singer. Aside from being a sucker for romantic comedy flicks, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are two of my favorite actors. In fact, I think I will never get tired of watching this film over and over again. When I heard that this is going to be a musical, I got so excited coz I couldn't imagine how a chick flick would turn into a theatrical play. I saw Legally Blonde, the Musical and yeah, it is also a chick flick but it's comedy (with a little romance on the side) to begin with.  So I already expected that it has a lot of hilarious scenes. But The Wedding Singer? It's not even comedy 100%, but more like a love story. A bit shallow. Typical chick flick. So when my HS classmate told me that she is one of the buyers (they paid for the whole theater and resell the tickets) of the play, I said that I'm gonna watch and see if my friends can come with me. Fortunately, they did. I even asked around if my other friends would come but they told me they won't coz their friends saw it and they didn't like it. I don't know, perhaps they have high standards when it comes to musical plays. Hehe. So I was afraid that I might not like it.

It turned out to be a good play, though. I loved it. I asked my friends if they enjoyed it and they said yes. Of course, there were some dead scenes but the cast were able to pull them off. We were seated at the 2nd row from the stage so I was able to see everything clearly, including some minor flaws. There were also some slight changes in the story. The plane scene in the film where Robbie sang Grow Old With You didn't happen. Instead, he sang it in Las Vegas when Glen and Julia were about to get married. The impersonators of Imelda Marcos, Ronald Raegan, Billy Idol, etc. were there, too. That was freakin' hilarious. :D The actors and actresses were great. Gian Magdangal was a revelation coz I never liked him on TV. When I saw him here, I began to like him. I never realized he's cute and matikas in person. I loved the way he carries his clothes. He deserves to be Manila's Robbie Hart. I just didn't like it when he sang Somebody Kill Me Please when Linda left him coz he didn't have this full of angst look. As for Julia, I really thought it was Iya who's gonna play her role on that day, but we saw another face. They said it was Sheila Valderrama-Martinez and she is a veteran theater actress. She's awesome. I love her voice. Other actors that stood out include: Nikki Valdez (Holly, Julia's cousin) and Pinky Marquez (Robbie's Grandma)

One of favorite scenes is Julia and Robbie singing If I Told You. That was when Julia tried on her wedding gown and Robbie was about to see her to tell her he loves her but opted to just walk away. That scene was really heartbreaking.

And since I love the song, I'm sharing here a video of Gian & Sheila singing If I Told You on their press conference for the play. I am also posting the lyrics (that's how much I like it :) )

Enjoy!!! :)

Standing here underneath your window
Searching for some kind of sign
Every move, every tiny gesture
Only proves you're not mine
I could write you a thousand love songs
Search the world for the perfect tune and rhyme
But what good would when it seems I'm out of time
If I told you
All the words I've yet to say
Would they matter
Or would you simply turn and walk away
If I hold you
Would you tell me I should go
Do I chance it
Or would it just be better not to know

Who's that girl with the perfect future
Her reflection says it all
Trying hard to pretend she's eager
Searching for some way to stall
So unsure of the road she's chosen
Faced with feelings her heart should not allow
On thing's certain, it seems
That she just can't turn back now
If she can, tell her how

If I told you
All the words I've yet to say
Would they matter
Or would you simply turn and walk away I
f I hold you (if I hold you)
Would you tell me I should go
Do I chance it
Or would it just be better not to know
Would it just be better...
Not to know




Join us in a night of music and laughter and let’s make the lives of kids in Ifugao a little brighter.

Laugh It Out! A fundraiser for the benefit of young girls and boys through Sister Helen’s Home for the Abandoned and Indigent Children of Ifugao.

Get to enjoy a rare comedic treat from the Comedy Cartel as they perform together with the comics of TakeOut Comedy HK!

Plus! Be serenaded by live acoustic music courtesy of Johnoy Danao and Benjie Tech.

All for a minimal door charge of PHP200 which entitles you to a free drink.

So swing by Votre (42A Eugenio Lopez corner Sgt. Esguerra Streets, QC) on November 13 and have an absolutely good time while spreading the love on this special night!

It's my dear friend, Caca's birthday (this is her project), so come and celebrate with us! :)

Show starts 9PM. See you there!

** You may also give donations of any kind (medicines, old clothes, books, etc.)

For those who want to see me in person (ahahaha, parang artista lang :D ), it's our chance to meet and parteyyyyy!!! :)

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