I've been single for almost half a year now. I know it's too early for me to commit once more. I still believe that it would take time for me to fall in love again. In fact, before Dr. Doom and I became a couple, I was single for almost two years. I took my time. But I guess now is different. Aside from the fact that I'm not getting any younger, I also feel the need to be loved.

I started going out again and meeting a lot of guys as soon as DD and I broke up. But nothing serious came out of those night outs. Sure, I met a couple of men but none of them has kindled my quiescent soul. People are right, don't rush. If it's not meant for you, whatever you do.. it's not gonna happen.

I met a few guys. Most of them were too strong for my taste. Those who have the same personality as mine. And whoever said that like poles repel might be right, coz I didn't get to be with any of those men. I want someone who will complement all my flaws. I want someone who will take me as I am. I want someone who's patient enough to bear with my weaknesses and shortcomings.

I grew tired of it. I almost gave up. I told myself that it ain't gonna happen soon, whatever it is that I've been praying for so long.

And then suddenly, my heart rose from the dead.

Then they were in front of me. Yes, THEY.

I almost fell in love with someone who I have known for a long time now. ALMOST. But not really. I don't know. Or perhaps my mind's too busy to manipulate my heart that's why getting romantically involved didn't happen. But just recently, he started showing interest once again. I don't know, I'm too vulnerable at the moment that I don't wanna entertain him anymore. But the friendship's still there.. something that will stay forever.

And the other one's the person who has the power to change all my views in life. I'm perplexed. I don't know if I'm beginning to fall for this person.

It's so unfair. I never liked it in the first place.

I never liked him. He was never my type. It didn't even occur to me that he'd play a role in my life coz all I know is that I DON'T LIKE HIM yet why am I writing this?

Never a day goes by that I don't think of him.

I miss him. I miss his company even if we never had the chance to spend much time with each other.

I miss how he calls me "Baby". I miss how he teases me everytime I let him know that I miss him. I miss how control freak he is. I miss how he loses his voice whenever he tries to speak to me. I miss how he almost loses his common sense and sanity whenever we talk.

I miss how he held my hand several times he was driving his car.

I miss the way I kissed him goodbye during that time when I had to say... well, goodbye.

I miss him.

And why am I acting this way?

Is this LOVE?


My schedule the past few weeks has been hectic. Aside from catching up at work, I've been traveling and going out due to a lot of commitments.  A few hours after I arrived from Hong Kong, I went to a hotel in Makati to meet my Dad and my siblings. My dad just came from Japan and he had a business trip here in the country. And because he just spent a night here in Manila (he went straight to Subic the day after), I allotted time for him and the rest of the family.

We just met up for dinner. It was quick but I was happy coz I missed him so much, as well as my siblings. I'm glad coz my younger brother even came all the way from Nueva Ecija even if he had to commute coz his car was in the casa at that time. My sister and her hubby (together with the 2 kids -- Mikee & Gabee) were there, too.. straight from their hospital duty.

We ate at Tony Roma's in Glorietta.

Waiting for the food

there you go...

Kanya-kanyang trip muna.. :D

Gabee aka apo ni Barrack

Mikee and Tito Mako

I love the food at Tony Roma’s though it’s a bit pricey. Hehehe. :D

Family Feast (St. Louis style ribs, fried shrimp, chicken bbq, coleslaw, corn on the cob)

Ocean Feast (fish fillet, calamari rings, fried shrimp, crabstick potato salad, corn on the cob)


Pumpkin Soup

Lamb Chops

Four Seasons

Si Yaya mas prim and proper pa kesa sa kin.. Hahah!

While eating, Mom called and she was complaining that she had nothing to eat at home (she’s at home in Japan), hence, we made fun of her and told her, "wawa ka naman wala ka food jan, kame sarap food here.."  and my Dad teased her, "wag ka na nga tawag ng tawag, pagbalik ko na naman makikita ko ang laki na naman ng phone bill natin." Hahahha! :D Of course, we were just kidding.. but the truth is, we all missed her.

It’s very rare that we go out nowadays since both my siblings already have their own family. It was kinda sad as well that Dad’s here and Mom’s there. I’m gonna miss her for long coz I know they won’t be here this Christmas. *sniff sniff* (so where the hell am I going to celebrate Christmas??? :( )

One thing that I realized after this dinner’s that change is really inevitable. When we were young it was easy for us to go out and be together once in a while. But now that all of us have our own lives already, finding time to be with each other needs a little effort. Like we had to block our calendar and turn down other appointments just to be with the family.

Oh well, I think it’s part of getting old.

My family minus Mom






A few months ago, my friends planned a trip to Hong Kong since they were there last year and they had a great time bonding and partying. Most of us liked the idea and said yes. We decided to go on this trip in time for this year's International Comedy Festival that our comic friend, GB, was very eager to participate in.

Unfortunately, by the time the event was nearing, some of my friends backed out due to schedule and financial reasons. Then there was the hostage drama that happened in the country a few months back that left us wondering if it is still safe to go to Hong Kong. But since GB decided to push through with the competition, I also opted to come along.

From the original group of 7-8 people, we were down to 3: GB, Lovely and I. I even thought it was going to be boring and less fun. But the trip was all worth it. I've been to Hong Kong before but it was really my first time to enjoy the place. I used to go there with my family and since my Mom is a bit tamad, we would explore the place by riding a cab or availing a tour package. Since this trip was a "budget" trip and our barkada is kuripot, we learned to wander just by taking the bus and the train. It was fun. It was there that I enjoyed commuting coz I learned to read maps and follow directions. Harhar!

Airport Express
Lovely, GB, AC
inside the bus
sabit lang po
Oha, naka-tube sa bus!

Another thing that I enjoyed there was food tripping. I am known to be a picky eater (though I love to eat) so everytime I go out of town or out of the country, I'm having a hard time deciding what to eat. Good thing, there are ever reliable fast food chains like McDonald's and Yoshinoya.

May libreng Colgate sa McDo. :D

But I think (and like I said in my previous foodie blog posts here) I am starting to explore other cuisines and delicacies, too coz I tried eating in other restaurants and hawkers there (yes, we went street food tripping and it was fun!)

Di ko alam tawag dito eh. :D
Authentic Chinese resto (beside me is Vivek, they say he's a celebrity in HK)

I wasn't able to take photos of the street food that we ate, though. Apart from eating, my shopping bonding with Lovely was one of the things that I enjoyed. However, I just realized that HK is not the place to be when you just like to buy tiangge stuff coz most of the items there are found here in the Philippines, with the same price. In HK, it's best that you go for branded clothes, shoes and bags. Some of the shops that I love here are H&M and Cotton On for girly stuff. Giordano and Bossini are also some of the good buys here in the island.

The biggest H&M in HK is located in Central

The highlight of our trip was the 4th HK International Comedy Festival. It amused me coz Stand Up Comedy there is a success, unlike here in the Philippines where stand up comedy means "bading" comedy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against gay performers and comedy bar shows. In fact, 4 years ago I used to accompany my former boss in comedy bars like Punchline and Laffline coz she loves Vice Ganda (who, then, was a performer in those bars). It's just that what my friends do, Point of View Stand Up Comedy, isn't that popular here in the country unlike in the States (Fact: one of the famous stand up comedians in the US, Jo Koy, is a Fil-Am and he was supposed to perform here a few months ago but didn't materialize due to poor marketing and sales). Aside from GB, other Pinoy comic friends who joined were: Raffy Taruc, Noel Gascon and Eri Neeman (yes, the DJ/VJ/Model).

Eri, AC, GB and Noel on our way to Soho
Roommates! :D

The event was held at TakeOut Comedy Bar in Soho. The place is small, no cook nor bartender inside coz they do not sell food and drinks. It's just there to hold comedy shows. We got our food and drinks from the nearby 7-11 and we took them inside the club; clean as you go. Nice, isn't it?



The festival ran for more than a week. Raffy had his set on the 6th, Eri on the 7th, GB on the 8th and Noel on the 9th. I was just able to see GB's set coz I went there October 8.

GB's set
Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Every night, around 10 comedians (Chinese, American, British, Italian, Indian, etc.) competed to get to the Finals that was held last Saturday. Among these 4 comic friends, only GB made it to the finals. He got the 1st place on his night! He had a great set and I can see that everybody there loved his jokes. But I know our guys did well on their nights, too! :)

Finalists and hosts

After the show, we met up with our other Pinoy friends and had pictorials with our NFF (as in new found friends.. haha!)

The boys and Jamie Gong, the Club owner and host

The Gang


And there was this meet and greet at a nearby bar coz GB became an instant celebrity! :D

Meet and Greet


And drank the night away!!! :D




the Kitty Pose
the Kimchi pose

Since GB won in the prelim, he had to go back to HK last Friday to open a major show starring Shecky Wong (seen on Comedy Central) and compete in the finals last Saturday. Out of more than 50 comedians, he came in 2nd. And that's already a success for Pinoy Stand Up Comedy and the Comedy Cartel. :)

I'm sooooo proud of you, Geeeeebeeee!!!! :)






I was never a fan of stage plays, even when I was in college that most of the time my Communications subjects required us to watch some.

Just recently, I learned to appreciate theatrical plays and musicals. I enjoyed watching Legally Blonde, the Musical that I asked my friends if they want to come with me to see The Wedding Singer (musical again) on October 30. Aside from these shows, I went to UP with my friends about two weeks ago to catch the comeback of Floy Quintos' "Shock Value" presented by Dulaang UP.

Shock Value mainly talked about network wars, television shows and what really happens behind the camera. It strengthened my (and a lot of people's) belief that what we see on TV are sometimes manipulated and imposed by people who run the show just so the audience will appreciate the show and those stars who are in it. It also depicted how filthy one can go in the name of fame and eminence.

The story’s about Matt (Andoy Ranay), a famous gay TV host/producer/director cum talent discoverer who got involved in a sex scandal when the host from his show’s upcoming rival program, Wes, captured his sexual adventure with Jason, a young sex worker.

That’s when Matt’s downfall began. While trying to redeem himself, several characters who have been part of his life as a TV persona came out such as Rina (Mylene Dizon), his producer; Dita (Frances Ignacio); Richie, another producer; Krista, a has-been actress; Elbert, a jologs rising star; the father-daughter tandem of Papa Dann and Tweety Girl, the child star; Kuya Mike (German Moreno-ish character) and a lot more.

I enjoyed watching coz it's hilarious. The actors and actresses had their own time to shine. I especially liked the father-daughter tandem of Papa Dann and Tweety Girl. In fact, when we went out of the theater we did not leave the lobby yet until we saw Tweety Girl and had her pose with us for a photo. Hahaha! Another favorite of mine is Elbert coz he was able to pull off a jologs character with his grammatical errors and TH look. Too bad I wasn’t able to see him outside to have our photo taken.

Tweety Girl: Pakyu po!!!
with Ms. Dita
with Kuya Matt

One thing I didn’t like about this, though tolerable, is the technical glitch (sounds and videos). But in general, it ran smoothly and entertaining.

BTW, this play isn’t recommended for young viewers coz of profane languages and vulgar scenes.

The Gang aka Jogadillas
Papa Luke "The Real Shocker"

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