I never believed in long distance relationship or LDR, as what we call it. Remember that entry I wrote about a wedding that my friends and I coordinated? It was a wedding born out of a long distance relationship. But that event didn't change my perspective on LDRs.

Even this movie that I saw a few days ago with my bestfriends wasn't successful in altering my thoughts on this kind of relationship (though when we came inside the cinema, Che kept on teasing me about it coz she knows that I am not a believer of LDRs, aside from the fact that I had several "suitors" who are miles away from me). The movie is entitled "Going the Distance" starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

Erin (Drew Barrymore) is an intern at a newspaper in New York while Garrett (Justin Long) works for a recording/music company, also in New York. Garrett met Erin at the bar he frequents with his friends after he was dumped by his girlfriend. They ended up spending the night together, having breakfast the morning after and eventually spending the days with each other until Erin goes back to San Francisco. Erin is in New York only for the summer so they had this no-strings attached "relationship". Before Erin left, they realized that what they had was something deeper -- LOVE. Eventually it evolved into a more serious relationship, and that's when their long distance relationship started.

You know why I would never (as much as possible) want to be in a long distance love affair? (some were depicted in the film as well)

First, I suppose time spent together is a factor in getting to know one another. It would take time to really fall in love with a person (that's why I never believed in love at first sight as well) and if you're apart from each other, how would you know your significant other well? Loving means accepting even the worst in your partner. I think when you are apart, the natural self won't come out often, it would always be the best foot forward.

Second, trust is a big issue. How the hell would you know if your partner is telling everything to you? You don't see him/her. Yes, being together doesn't guarantee faithfulness and loyalty, but what more if you're apart? Of course, there will always be occasional lying and fabrication of stories.

Third, missing somebody is just as tormenting as hell. I wouldn't tell you I'd be a good girl in case I'm gonna commit with a guy who's at the other side of the globe. It's just hard. Everyday would be a struggle to be good. I don't trust myself that much. Hahahah! (at least I'm honest) :D

Fourth, when you fight it won't be easy to kiss and make up. I know some couples who fought, didn't have the chance to properly talk about the issue and eventually broke up. When you're together (or at least live near each other) it is a lot easier to think of ways to resolve your differences.

Fifth, I cannot easily give up my life for someone. All the more when I am enjoying where I am. Just like in this film, I liked it when Garrett talked to Erin about her plans of relocating to New York to be with him. I loved it when he said that she should not decline the job offer from the newspaper company in San Francisco (coz she just finished her degree and needed to establish her career first) just because she wanted to live with him and make their relationship work. It was a selfless act, indeed.

There are still other reasons why I don't want to be in a long distance relationships that I can't seem to put into words but these are the most significant ones for me.

Anyway, it will always be a case to case basis. For some LDR works, while for other people it just doesn't. Garrett and Erin's LDR worked in the end. Of course, it's a chick flick. And chick flicks always aim to make us believe in happily ever after no matter how hard the situation of the protagonists was at the start.

In my case, I don't know yet. I have never been in a long distance relationship. Perhaps, it's just like a ghost for me -- I won't believe in it until I see it.

Just my two cents.  :)


I love cooking. My folks used to run a canteen and bakeshop business in the province back when I was young. I learned how to cook, though, not because they taught me the skill formally. I just love watching whenever someone in the family cooks.

I only cook for my loved ones; my friends and my family.. including my significant other, if any. I used to cook a lot for my boyfriend when I was in college and renting an apartment, coz I believed that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach (that belief has since debunked, though.. hehe :D ) But since I've been living alone for quite sometime now, I just usually dine out with my friends especially before going home from work. I am also accustomed to ordering food from fastfood chains and have them delivered to my home. I know my lifestyle isn't wallet friendly but what am I gonna do? It's hard to cook for 1-2 persons (me and my maid). If you're wondering why my maid doesn't cook for me, well, she's not good at cooking. She only knows how to fry and all those simple stuff in the kitchen.

But today I cooked for 6 persons! My cousins are here in the house visiting me. I love it whenever my relatives and friends visit me coz I get to cook real food. I get inspired and I show them that I value their presence that's why I serve them.

Here's what I cooked for lunch (sorry for the poor quality of photos coz I only used my phone) -- KARE-KARE!!!

Kare-kare isn't complete without it, so I also cooked bagoong.

Sorry, I ain't good when it comes to presentation so forgive me. :D

I hope they liked it. :)

And I hope soon I can cook again for a loved one -- a significant other, perhaps? Hahahah! :D


This is what I always tell myself everytime I'm on the verge of losing my sanity coz of a lot of awful things happening in my life. Just like today. I am so frazzled that I  kept on frowning all throughout the day. Still, I thank God for the wonderful things despite being in terrible circumstances most of the time.

Even if I've been feeling bad about my job lately and I feel like I'm approaching my career's downfall, it's okay. At least I still have a decent job, thus, I earn. I have the capacity to pay for my bills, eat whatever I want, go on a retail therapy, party with friends and travel.

Even if my brother and sister always annoy me coz of my "sisterly duties" that are sometimes against my will, it's fine with me. At least I have a brother and a sister whom I can turn to in times of trouble. I know they cannot resist me in case I seek help.

Even if mom and dad haven't called for a long time now, it's fine with me.  At least I still have parents and I know they love me even if they're always busy to even check on me. I am still grateful that I have an awesome family.

Even if I'm always sluggish and going through sleepless nights coz of lots of parties, it's okay coz it only means I have loads of friends who love my company. I know I will never be alone for the rest of my life.

Even if my lovelife is "zero" and I don't have someone to call my significant other, it's perfectly fine with me. At least for now I'm not experiencing pain caused by too much love and expectations that are not met.

Even if I always get home mad coz of having a maid who doesn't seem to know a thing at home and sometimes triggers my blood pressure to go up, it's okay. At least I am not alone at home. I can still get help (even just a little).

So, when you think you are a loser and everything doesn't seem to happen the way you want them to, look at the bright side -- COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. And thank God. :)
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