After pigging out at Oakwood and visiting Gabee for the first time, we tried something new again -- Lasertag. We played at Lazermaxx in Greenhills. This is located at the roofdeck of Greenhills Shopping Center, along with Greenhills Badminton Center. A game (15minutes) costs PHP190 per head.

Lasertag is like a war game, some kind of paintball or airsoft sans the "violence". It is more technologically advanced as it involves the use of a hand-held infrared-emitting targetting device (gun). It can be done individually or as a team. We were 19 players, split into two teams.

Before the start of the game, we watched a video on how to play as well as the Do's and Dont's. After briefing, we went straight to an area to choose our gears. When I chose my gun, my friends and I laughed coz the name that I got was Rhasta, coincidental (okay, okay.. inside joke.. sorry :P )..

I am RHASTA -- Jejemon na Rasta :P
Aside from the "gun", we also wore something like a vest. Those vests are infrared-sensitive.

Si Rubi nag-lasertag (2nd from right)
Although I watched the video, I still didn't get the rules on how to play it. I just did what I felt like doing. Shoot. Hide. Run. Shoot. Run. Hide. Something like that.

I initially thought 15minutes isn't enough for this game. But man, I wanted to quit at the middle of the game coz I was dead tired. I was sweating like hell and my legs were already in pain. Signs of aging. Tsktsk.

But I think it's a good and quick exercise coz in 15minutes you will sweat a lot (coz of the venue as well -- dark and a bit hot in there)

After the game, we viewed our scores and we were given our scorecards.

See, I'm such a loser when it comes to this (probably coz we didn't know the term "strategy"). Out of 19 players, I was the 16th. I got a very low score. But I was still happy coz Amae was the 18th. Bwahahha!

We were really exhausted that we ended up pigging out again at Savory. :P

Everyone the birthday girl had fun! :)


We saw each other again last night after more than 2 months. He was with the new girl.

I didn't know that he was coming coz he isn't active in the group anymore. He's no longer hanging out with our barkada so I was surprised when I saw a familiar face near the stage when I walked into the bar. GB told me, "Nandito si N ha, di ko na sinabi sayo kase baka di ka pumunta.."

When I learned about his presence and when everything sank in, I joined the comics in the VIP room. I was touched when Ryan asked me to sit beside him. He gave me a hug and said, "Akong bahala sayo sister, di kita papabayaan." (he really knew what's playing in my head). I smoked a stick, trying to keep my composure. Fortunately, I did. I was fine. Until Amae decided to join the rest of the audience.

Being the bitch that she is, Amae sat at a table right in front of the stage. While he and the rest of his doctor friends (including the girl) were seated at our favorite/regular spot. It was just a few feet away from us so I had a clear view of them.

When it was time for him to perform, I started chatting with my friend. Haha! Oooops, I used to do that even when we were still together coz he isn't funny at all. Hahaha! No bitterness whatsoever, he even asked me before why it seems that I never listened to his set. :lol:  He was performing right in front of me. Like I was just more than a meter away from him while he was doing his set. Awkward, isn't it? Swear, I didn't know whether to laugh at his jokes or just listen passively.

By the time the show ended, he was already wandering and greeted his/our friends including Amae who just celebrated her birthday. He greeted her a Happy Birthday.. but you know what's even more surprising? He also greeted me an advanced Happy Birthday. I thanked him, of course. He sat beside me and started a conversation. He asked about my family, if my sister already gave birth, the upcoming wedding of my brother, my nephews, my colleagues, if I am still connected with this company, etc etc. We were laughing and smiling while talking to each other while the other girl was sitting at a nearby table and talking to another friend of them. In all honesty, all the laughter and smile I threw when we were chatting were genuine. But at some point, something pinched my heart coz he never knew how much my family and friends adore him. Yeah, I was devastated by the break up but it was them who felt the disappointment more than I did.

When I stood up to go to the restroom, he went back to his table with the girl. When I got back from the restroom, I went straight to talk to my other friends, including one of the bar owners. I saw in my peripheral vision that the girl was coming my way, they were about to leave (my friend and I were standing near the stairs/exit). She passed by me. But I didn't get to see her face clearly, I didn't feel like looking at her. She left the bar. Dr. Doom walked toward me, said his goodbye, hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek. I smiled and said "ingat"

Most of the people there are our friends, even the bar owners and the staff. So being the bully that they are, they kept on teasing me. But it didn't hurt like it was before. I just laughed and shrugged it off.

But when people left. I went to the restroom to fix myself. On my way there I saw GB. He hugged me. I hugged him back. Then I cried. I was kinda emotional coz I know how much my friends love me that they're always there to cheer me up. To brighten up my day. To ease the pain. I thanked him coz they probably don't know how grateful I am for having friends like them. They always make things bearable for me.

It was the first time that I saw my past love and his new love together in flesh. I'm happy coz I survived it with genuine smile on my face.


PS: Pang-asar tong iPod ko, tama bang nakashuffle at tumugtog ang "One Last Cry"??? Hahaha! :lP

But I feel like the more appropriate song for him is this:

And I'll remember the strength that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you saved me
And I'll remember the love that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you changed me



We have a love-hate relationship, but I hope you know that I tend to hate the people that I love.

And since it’s your 27th Birthday, I’m posting a list of things that annoy me most about you. I said the MOST coz if I will write down everything that I hate about you, the list will go on forever and ever. Amen. Haha!

Here goes my list (random lang yan)…
  1. I hate you for always being late and for always saying “coming!” when in fact you’re just about to leave the house or worse – take a bath
  2. I hate your being a procrastinator.
  3. I hate you for being lazy taking a bath. You stink! Haha! Joooooke!
  4. I hate you for being kuripot. Even if it’s your birthday today, I know you won’t pay for the bill later. Haha!
  5. I hate you for being LOUD most of the time that we always get people’s attention. You know me, I am a peace loving and quiet person. Ayoko ng limelight. Hihi..
  6. I hate that you are so beautiful and gorgeous and I always look like your nanny everytime we’re together. You add up to the reasons why my self esteem is so low. Nyahaha!
  7. I hate your lips. It annoys me everytime you pout excessively. But I love them in some cases, like when you put Anne-ish lipstick whenever we have bonggacious party to attend to.
  8. I hate your hips. Too big.
  9. I hate your boobs. Too small.
  10. I hate your hair. Messy.
  11. I hate that you don’t exercise. You’re getting bigger and bigger.
  12. I hate that you’re lazy walking. You take the cab instead of walking short distances.
  13. I hate that you don’t know when to bring out your pride. If you don’t like the person, you won’t apologize even if it was really you who did something wrong. But when it comes to men.. arrrghhh.. you always eat your pride. As in always. Oh well, the things we do for love.
  14. I hate you for always being RIGHT. You don’t know when you are wrong. Hahaha!
  15. I hate you for being stubborn.
  16. I hate you for always trying to get what you want even if it’s wrong.
  17. I hate that you’re not a good listener coz everytime I/we speak, you tend to change the topic and your attention is easily caught by other things.
  18. I hate that you always complain at work.
  19. I hate you for being snooty (I know you’re aware of that)
  20. I hate how you fall for the wrong guys. Really really really wrong.
  21. I hate how SOME of your ex-boyfriends tried to fool around with me (naks.. yabang! Hahaha! Joke!)
  22. I hate the fact that a few years ago you chose that asshole over me/us. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
  23. I hate how high you set your standards when it comes to men that you already forget what the reality is.
  24. I hate your being too “schizophrenic” at times. Harhar!
  25. I hate that sometimes you’re not aware of where to stand in a man’s life. I hate it everytime you act as if you own the guy.
  26. I hate how you brought another monster in my life a few months back.
  27. I hate that I love you so much that everytime I have a boyfriend I sometimes opt to be with you than spend time with him (ooops, I hope my FUTURE boyfriend won’t read this, he might get jealous.. hahaha feelingera lang ako!)

I know I’m too candid. I am always harsh on you. But despite being one tactless/rude/heartless person, you know you always have a bestfriend in me.

We have NOTHING in common. Probably it's true that "UNLIKE POLES ATTRACT" coz that's how we are.

And while I hate a lot of things about you, I know it’ll be outnumbered by the list of things that I love about you. I won’t write them anymore, coz having me write cheesy stuff like this already expresses my love for you.

Like Che said, you may haven’t found that “thing” (oo, bagay sya) yet but you are definitely blessed with the things/people that you truly need. I hope I’m one of those that make you a blessed person.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kulot and I love you! (yuckkkkk… hindi ako to!!!)


If you think Noelle's birthday celebration has already ended, you got it all wrong. Since she's my supahfwend, the adventures and treats for her birthday haven't stopped yet... everything should be special, coz she's one special friend. We had to make her happy on her WEEK (yes, that's how we celebrate birthdays in our barkada), as what we promised her.

Last Saturday, we treated her to a breakfast buffet at Oakwood in Ortigas. Oooops, it wasn't really a treat  coz we got the GCs from Che.. hahaha! One of the perks we get from having a "bossing" for a bestfriend. We got 4 vouchers and we used it (and literally made the most of this free stuff) :D

We've tried buffet breakfast in several hotels in the metro but this one's awesome. They have a wide array of food to choose from, not just American cuisine but a fusion of everything. I just noticed something: no scrambled eggs. It was kinda odd coz I believe breakfast isn't complete without fried egg, be it scrambled or sunny side up. :D But everything I ate was superb. My friends said they liked the eggplant chorva (don't know the name.. sorry :P ), too bad I wasn't able to taste it.

My plate 
No dressing. Yes, I'm weird. :P 
I love fruits!
Serious sila :P
Got milk?

After our breakfast, we proceeded to their bar (not to drink alcohol coz we still got other activities for the day), we just had a quick peek..

The best things in life are indeed free! :)


Oakwood Hotel is located along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center (almost across The Podium and Asian Development Bank)


This post is just to update you on my adventures as a celebrity.. nyahahhaa.. just kidding. :P

Like I always do everytime we celebrate something special, I'm posting some pictures from Noelle's post birthday gimmick last night.

Noelle is a true-blue Gogolosh; she's one of my supahfwends. Her birthday is on July 21 (last Wednesday). That night, Amae and I went out coz there was a comedy gig (and a Battle of the Bands) at Fuel Up Bar (Angel Locsin is one of the owners but I didn't see her there. However, they told us she will be there on August 4 for the Finals of the Battle of the Bands -- kaya tara friends na may kras sa kanya, let's go! haha!). We were supposed to meet up with Noelle there and have a little celebration for her birthday. Unfortunately, she fell asleep coz of the bad weather. According to her, that was her worst birthday ever, "walang tao sa bahay, malakas ang ulan, wala akong auto.." That's so sad, we even had a cute cake for her and GB brought his gift for her.

The next day she sent us an SMS and said sorry for not showing up. But she promised that she will be there at Votre, and so she did.

It was really fun and I know she enjoyed the night, too coz there were lots of people that night including our celebrity friends (naks feeling close). Remember when I told you guys in my last entry that Luke Mejares would like to join us in watching GB's gigs? He kept his promise. A few days ago we were texting and he called me up to say that he will go to Votre to watch, along with Jimmy Bondoc. What's more exciting was the presence of Ehra Madrigal, DJ Myke's girl (one of the Sabado Boys).

Jimmy, Amae, AC
with Papa Luke
Runner Up lang ako! Hahaha!

We brought a cute cake again (masarap pala sa Mary Grace -- pramis! :) )

My sharky teeth are back!
Happy Birthday, Noelle!
GB with Ehra
The Gang
The Gang
Votre people (my fave waiter at the back :P)

Aside from the presence of celebrities, the night was extra special coz one of the pioneers of Pinoy Stand Up Comedy, Allan Manalo (he's living in the US), came and did a set.

My bad, I stole the limelight from him. :D

I suppose this gives you an idea of how fun the night was (and how drunk I was) :D

I just hope that Noelle had a good time with us kahit simple lang ang celebration and small cake lang ang naibigay namin sa kanya ni Amae. :)


It's been months since DD and I broke up and I'm really living my life to the fullest. I enjoy being single and good thing, my friends are very supportive and always keep me company. I always tell them I need to have something new to look forward to. Like new activities, sports, parties, etc. Some of the few things that I accomplished/will accomplish are: hitting the gym again (it's been more than 2 years since I worked out); trying out cuisines that I used to hate; included marathon, rock climbing, bungee jumping (I have tried the zipline, planning to go to the new one in Quezon City and hopefully, the one in Davao) in my to-do list; reinventing myself and the way I look (I have yet to learn how to pluck/shave my eyebrows, though); and MEETING NEW PEOPLE. Those that are as crazy as I am.

A few weeks ago, GB told me we have a lot of events to attend to. One is his cousin's birthday party in Makati and the others are upcoming Open Mic Nights (one in Ortigas and one in Quezon City). I got so excited coz I really enjoy going out and be with my friends. Aside from the fact that it keeps me preoccupied, I get to meet a lot of people. Ooops, don't get me wrong.. I'm not looking for 'someone' yet, it's just fun meeting people.

I already met a lot of people, I became friends with those who were just strangers to me, but last night was different. I met a cool guy. A celebrity.

GB's cousin's party was held at Conway's Bar in Makati Shangri-La. She had Sabado Boys (don't know if you're familiar with the group but it's composed of Luke Mejares, Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc and Mike) to perform.

Sabado Boys

Sabado Boys with GB

Being the jologs that we are.. we went picture taking with the boys.

Jimmy Bondoc, Jimmy (feeling celeb din.. haha!), Caca, Amae, AC, Luke Mejares
with Paolo Santos

with DJ Myke

The boys were all nice but one of them stood out -- Luke Mejares.

After their performance, Luke stayed and joined our group. Drinking, dancing, chatting, picture taking -- he was one cool guy. He even told us to add him on Facebook (the personal account) and tag him in our photos.

Earlier today, I saw that GB and Luke were already friends on Facebook. Being the Miss Congeniality and Miss Curiosity that I am, I added him up and see if he's gonna accept my request (or he was just drunk when he asked us to tag him in our photos). He accepted my request and to my surprise, he sent me private messages (as in message, not FB chat) and our conversation went like this:

Luke: haluuuuu!!!:)
AC: haluuuuuu!!!! nice profile pic! haha! :D (his profile pic is an old portrait, siguro grade school or HS pic)
Luke: hahaha di pa ako laspag nyan!!!:) uy,twas nice hanging out wd u guys kagabi!!!:)
AC: ahahaha.. pero mukang laspag na din. haha. joke! :) yep yep! it was fun! we enjoyed the night. nice to meet you din. galing ng set! :)
Luke: hahahaha!! bat mo alam?konti pa lang umabuso sa akin nyan!!hahaha uy,wat time na kayo natapos?
AC: nakooo... hindi ko na namalayan ang oras. pero tingin ko past 3 na yun. kase 4am na ko nakauwi e. haha! di ko na nga napansin nawala na kayo e hahaa..
Luke: tumakas na ako para di malasing!!!heheheeh
AC: oo buti na lang tumakas ka. lasing na lahat eh. buti nakauwi ng maayos. hehe :)
Luke: buti naman!!!:) hope to c u next time!!:) teka,kung may gig si papa gb and magwatch kayo pls let me know para sasama beauty ko!!!hehehe
AC: ahahha! naku lagi ako/kame kakabit nun! sige sama ka ha? mamaya nga nasa Club Phi yun sa Metrowalk. pero iniisip ko pang kung susunod ako kase bangenge pa ang beauty ko. hehe. :D Mondays - Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2, Thursdays - Votre Bar (near ABSCBN) tapos ngayon ayan (not sure if regular na to) Sunday sa Phi tapos may mga upcoming pang inaayos. oha diba para akong manager nya. hehehe. :) pero pag meron pang iba sige sabihan kita! para masaya! go go go! :) ayan punta na ko sa Phi to watch GB. pero saglit lang kame coz we have work tomorrow. sa mga bangengean na gimik, dun sama mo beauty mo para masaya. :)
Luke: go go go powerpuff sabihan mo lang aketch!!:) di din me makaalis 2nyt cos kararating lang ng parents ko galing bohol. il give my # para mattxt mo din ibang sked pero ok na ok kung sa qc area lang para lapit lang!!!hehee 091********
AC: yun oh! sige sa Votre near ABSCBN sama ka minsan para jam ka din.

Isn't he nice and down to earth? Okay, I know his name is not as big as the ones who enjoy fame in showbusiness nowadays, but the fact that he used to be part of South Border is one great achievement for him. And I really find him approachable, he was even the first to come to us and joined our barkada.

It's definitely not a new experience for me to rub elbows with the stars coz most of my friends' network belong in the entertainment world. I also have some celebrity friends (mga long lost na nga lang.. haha!) and acquaintances. Even my ex-boyfriend's brother (and ex would-be sister-in-law) and some friends are part of that limelight. But this experience with Luke was one fun night for me (see, he was the first pa to give his mobile #). I don't know what's on his mind (if he really enjoyed our company, he wants to expand his network pa and fanbase or he likes one of my friends or si GB mismo.. hahaha.. joke lang! :P ) but for me, mingling with ordinary people like me and my friends is one cool trait that I admire about him. :)

Oh, and by the way, I really loved his Rock With You rendition. :)


PS: At dahil hindi na ako malungkot, lumalaki na ko ulet. Ang taba ko na sa pictures noh? :(


Since I'm at home today (believe it or not) and all I had was a homecooked meal (I cooked pork sinigang), I cannot share with you yet a "fresh" foodie review.

I'll just share an old food experience. My last trip to Singapore (May 2010) was spent foodtripping with my friends (apart from visiting the newly opened Universal Studios there). Ironic coz I never really liked Singaporean food (I know, Crickette will oppose coz she loves Singaporean cuisine).

So how did I go about "foodtripping in SG"? Simple. I let my friends satisfy their cravings for Singaporean (Chinese/Malay/Indian) cuisine then we also tried restaurants that offer Western/European/other Asian cuisine.

One of which is Marche. It's a Swiss Market Restaurant located at Vivo City in Singapore. I love its facade. I love the decor.

'Dramatic' lights
At the reception area, we were told by one of the staff that picture taking isn't allowed inside. However, being the stubborn that I am, I took pictures inconspicuously coz there was a lot of interesting stuff that I wanted to take shots of. :D

The restaurant's dining concept is pretty much different from what we have here in the Philippines. Upon entry, we were given a guest card. This card served as our "credit card" for the night. Everytime we would order something, we would give it to the cook then they will charge our orders to that card. Then we paid at the cashier located near the exit of the restaurant. There was a variety of food to choose from.

There were several food areas such as salad, meat (chicken/pork/beef), there was an area for pasta, seafood, vegetables, dessert and drinks. I felt like I was a kid who wanted to order everything. Haha! :D

I was eyeing for sweet crepes coz they looked yummy (wasn't able to take pictures, though). However, didn't get to eat anymore coz I had too much meals and my tummy won't accept dessert anymore. :(

Some veggies
I love it!

Here's our table after having a hard time choosing food to order.

I won't be able to give you much comments about the food coz I was starving to death at that time and my mantra has always been, "walang hindi masarap sa taong gutom" :D

But I heard my friends enjoyed the food. Lalo na at libre. :D

Noelle enjoying her food

Kidding aside, I liked the paella. :)

What made this restaurant awesome for me?

(1) The food is cooked right in front of you, you are assured that it is not reheated (aside from what I said earlier that ingredients looked really fresh).
(2) The employees were courteous and cheerful, most especially the Pinoys (there's a lot of Filipino working there).
(3) The atmosphere is homey; the decors are nice. I will definitely go back there soon. :)

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