After a series of munching chicken rice and some other Asian cuisine (Singaporean/Indian/Malay/Chinese), I requested that we have our lunch in a resto that serves steak or something similar when we went to Universal Studios in Singapore.

We had a hard time choosing a restaurant coz most of them were full. When we looked at the map, KT's Grill caught my attention coz they serve steak (I loooooove!!! :D ). Unfortunately, the receptionist there told us that we would have to wait for about one and a half hours just to be seated (considering that the 1st floor of the resto was almost empty). She told us that the dining area is upstairs coz they cannot accommodate people at the first floor due to lack of crew (the second floor was jampacked even if it was already 2:30PM). However, when we started to speak in Tagalog she realized that we are Filipinos and good thing, she is, too. She tried her best to have us seated as soon as she can (oh well, Filipinos are really madaya.. hahaaha! :D). While waiting downstairs, I took shots of my friends and the place as well. Waiting gave me the time to adjust my camera's settings. Hehehe.

I also made fun of my friend while she was looking at the menu. :P

Even if we already got seats, the receptionist told us that we would have to wait again for another 30minutes or so for us to order coz there was still a long queue to their kitchen. Again, she found ways to squeeze in our orders the FILIPINO WAY. Hahahah! :D (Oooopss... I'm sorry. I just hope their Manager doesn't read blogs hehehe :D )

It was a loooooong wait before we were able to eat that most of us were already cranky due to starvation (of course we were already shy to back out from dining there, sayang naman ang effort ni ate diba..) But then again, when our food arrived and we started eating, smiles also started to show off. It was worth it. The food was superb and of decent amount (and by that I meant mabubusog pati mga alaga kong bwaya sa tiyan :P )

I had Ribeye Steak with a side dish (I chose Baked Potato). This costs $29 I think.

My friends had burger, chicken wings (with mushroom and rice)

For the dessert we had Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (with honeydew, melon and watermelon). Yum!!! :D

It was sooooo yummy that when we got home here in Manila I started looking for a store that sells Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Any idea on where I can get some? :D (Some say they have it in S&R but that's far from my place.. how about Rustans?)

Aside from the great food, the service was really excellent as well. In fact, we had a great time chatting with one of their staff named Michelle. She speaks English very clearly coz she was educated in some other parts of Asia. She is very friendly and a good conversationalist. She shared a lot of amusing and inspiring stories about her. In fact, one of my friends already added her on Facebook. Hahaha! :D

As a bonus, she took our group pic. :)


Below are some of my favorite shots when my friends and I went to Universal Studios in Singapore last weekend.

The Penguins of Madagascar

I Heart Po! :)




FUN, FUN, FUN!!! :)


Ticket costs SGD72 (inclusive of a $5 retail voucher and $10 meal voucher that you can use in any restaurant inside Universal Studios). Better buy online super ahead of time (to avoid long queues at the ticketing ) coz this park had just opened in Singapore I think last month so the hype still exists (most of the time, tickets to this park are sold out). Also, go there on weekdays, lesser people are there, I guess. We went there on a Saturday and the crowd was just too huuuuge.


I don't eat spicy food coz I'm allergic to it. In fact, when I tried eating Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chili Flavor before, I looked like Diego of Bubble Gang. Go, figure out why. :lol: So I wasn't really keen on dining at Wings n Things when my friend mentioned about how she wanted to try their buffalo wings. Nevertheless, we ate there last night.

My friends tried New York's Finest and I heard they liked it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of flavors and dips to choose from aside from spicy stuff. (See below: I loved how they did it especially the spiciness ratings. It's just so cute.)

The crew recommended their Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings and I liked it.I looooove garlic and this has garlicky taste with parmesan cheese.

To alleviate the heat caused by the wings (and the season), we also got fries and beer.

Our Wings n Things experience last night was a great belly buster. I enjoyed their food as well as the service. The waitresses are cute and sexy (I'm straight! Swear! Hahaha!) plus they are approachable and bubbly. As for the price, I think it's reasonable enough and it's all worth it.


Wings n Things serves not just chicken wings, they also have  burgers, fries, nachos, quesadilla, hotdogs, burrito, tacos and a lot more. They also serve alcoholic beverages such as margarita, vodka and beer.

Buffalo's Wings n Things is located at the Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


This morning before I started my daily routine at work, I dropped by the cafe located at the 10th floor of the building  to grab a bite to eat. I was starving to death coz my last real meal was lunch the day before.

I love breakfast meals. In fact, I enjoy dining at restos/food chains that serve breakfast meal all day. So, when I saw that the breakfast menu's still up at the cafe, I ordered some and planned to eat at the office pantry.

I was excited to eat (and so were the baby alligators in my tummy) with a big smile for the server until we had a little misunderstanding...

AC: Ate, yung Swedish sausage tapos fried rice. May egg pa?
Staff: Meron po. Magpapaluto. Ano po, prito?
AC: Ah sige po, pa-scramble na lang po.
Staff: Ay wala na po kame scrambled egg.
AC: Kala ko meron pa ipapaluto?
Staff: Oo nga po, pero sunny side up na lang eh, wala na po kame scrambled.
AC: (nagugutom na ko t*&$@%# ayaw ko na ng diskusyon!!!)
AC: Ah sige po, pa-break na lang nung pula. Pakibati po.
Staff: Okay po Ma'am.

I thought the booboo ends there until I saw her putting a cup of plain rice in the styro.

AC: Ate, yung fried rice na lang pwede ba? (kunwari na lang nagbago lang isip ko)
Staff: Pwede naman po. Sabi mo kase plain rice eh. (tsaka parang buraot na pinalitan yung rice)

7^%$#$%(@ naman talaga ako na nga tong gutom na gutom, ako pang nasisi!

Right there and then I debunked the old saying "customer is always right" :D


Last week was very tiring, I rarely had a good sleep, in fact I got used to not sleeping (3-4hours of sleep is good enough for me but I wasn't able to get it either). So last night, after an uber soothing massage (after an overnight company outing in San Juan, Batangas) I got my long overdue rest. It was awesome, except for one thing. A dream about Dr. Love. It was the first time that I had a dream about him. Probably I missed him so much that I thought of him before I went to sleep. I don't know. Maybe.

Anyhoo, Here is the scenario in my dream:

I was at Shangri-La Mall to buy something. I saw him. When he saw me, he pretended that he doesn't know me. He walked away from me. I was searching for him but I guess he kept on hiding himself from me. I didn't cry, I wasn't hurt. I was just mad that I ended up buying lots of chocolates in a nearby chocolate/candy stand at the mall (FYI, there's no such thing in that mall). It took me about 30 minutes before I finally chose the chocolates that I'm gonna eat. I think I opted for something with lots of nuts (almonds, macadamia, etc.), not chocolate bars.. I bought something like M&M's, almonets and my favorite tiramisu/dark chocolates. I bought like 3-5 packs. Then I went to the cinema, watched a movie ALONE. I finished all the chocolates even before the movie ended. I was mad like hell.

After the movie, I decided to go home already but I realized that I left my bag inside the moviehouse. I informed the guards about it so I can go back inside, but my bag was already gone. I was worried about my IDs and cards in my wallet. Then I remembered my upcoming trips where I will be needing my IDs and credit cards and ATM cards. Hassle.

Then I woke up. My bag and wallet were within my reach. It was just a dream.

Apart from being my first dream about my boyfriend, it was the first vivid dream that I had in months. That is a bit cool because it depicted the real me. It's true that when I'm mad, gluttony arises. I eat more than I could take. I take more than what is advisable. Like some other women, chocolates are one of my guilty pleasures.

What I didn't understand about my dream is why did he ignore me at the mall? Does it signify something bad? And what does the loss of my personal/important stuff mean? Does it mean there's a probability that I'd lose some of the personal things/people in my life? I hope not.

It's okay to lose my wallet/bag over and over again. But not the people in my life.. not now.


I love sunrise/sunset. In fact I posted some of my mediocre shots here probably last year along with a poem by Emily Dickinson.

I prefer sunset than sunrise, though. I love the colors of the horizon whenever the sun is going down. It's just so beautiful.


I just wonder why sunset is more beautiful than sunrise when in fact it signifies the end of the day, thus, commences darkness. Does it mean endings can also mean beautiful things?


This is what I consider as the highlight of our trip, aside from the fact that this is where we spent one whole day, the island is lovely.

This is Malcapuya, an island located about an hour and a half away from Coron port.

When I booked for our Coron trip, we were given the option whether to go to either Banana Island or Malcapuya Island. We were not decided until our 3rd day in Coron. Initially we planned to go to Malcapuya first then head off to Banana Island after Malcapuya (we will just add a certain amount). According to our tour guide, Banana Island is also one of the most beautiful beaches there in Coron. However, we were already stuck in Malcapuya, bumming around and swimming in booze that we decided to just let go of our plans of going to Banana. Now I wonder how that Banana looks... :D

Before we started our Malcapuya adventure, we first went to the Market to get some food to cook. The dishes that we got from the resort were just adobong pusit and beef steak so we decided to have ihaw-ihaw at the beach. We bought liempo (pork belly), squid, fish (I forgot the name), salted eggs, green mangoes and bagoong.

As soon as we finished shopping, we headed to the port (a few steps away from the market).

.. then the travel began.

The weather was fine, the sun was up and shining but the waves were a bit big. It was as if we were riding Anchor's Away, the one in Enchanted Kingdom. That was one of the most frightening trips I had in my life. You see, I have this fear of waves. That's why I don't surf. Wakeboarding will do, but surfing? Errrr....

Okay, enough of the drama. After a grueling hour and a half, we finally reached our destination..

We had to get off the boat at the back part of the beach, Manong Bangkero told us the waves in front were huge. So we had to walk for a few minutes before getting to the beach..

I was in awe when I finally saw the beach...

So I did my jumpshot...

Another one with my friends...

Dipped a lot and enjoyed the sun, sand and the sea..

the hut...

... and of course, the food...

... and the BOOZE. :D

This beach is really beautiful (the sand is powdery and the water is so clean, not even a piece of trash was in sight) that we didn't want to go home. We almost stayed there overnight, however, we didn't bring extra clothes. But there are lodges there. According to our guide, a room costs approximately 700-900 pesos per night (he's not sure though, basta hindi aabot ng 1000 pesos).

Since our guides were not sure of the rates, I tried googling it for those of you who might be interested in going to Malcapuya Island. Here is what I found out:

Malcapuya Island Package - PHP3,500per person per night, minimum of 6pax. The package includes:
  • Round trip boat transfer to Malcapuya Island
  • Full board meals inclusive of non-alcoholic drinks
  • Accommodation at Malcapuya Island
  • Entrance Fee to Malcapuya
  • Coron Island tours (entrance fees not included)
For more info about the package, email them at: malcapuyaisland@yahoo.com

On the other hand, if you avail a Coron tour package that doesn't include Malcapuya trip, ask your tour guide/boatmen if you can add this to your itinerary. Just be sure to allot one whole day for this. You have to leave Coron town proper early in the morning so you can stay longer in the island (you have to leave Malcapuya by 4:30 or 5PM so you can get back to Coron proper before 7PM).

I asked our boatmen of the boat rates (since we initially planned to transfer to Banana Island), they said it's PHP 1,800.. I think the same goes if you request for a Malcapuya island tour that's not included in your package.

Hmmmm... what else did I miss.......

Bring mp3 player with speakers. Or charge your cellphone fully. You will need music for relaxation. :)



You know what I hate about this trip?

I realized that I've grown so much. And by "grown" I meant "became fat" that I can no longer wear skimpy bikini. Nyahahah! Dream on! :lol: I'm getting old, metabolism slows down (hehe.. excuses, excuses.. :P )

I did one of my favorite poses then compared my latest shot with an old one...

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