Sorry, I'm not in the mood to bring out the OC-ness in me when it comes to writing. I'm too sleepy and tired but I wanted to post something about my recent trip so I'll just share our pictures and a little details. Forgive me for the lack of information, just PM me in case you have plans of going here. :)

We arrived at Busuanga Airport in Palawan at around past 10 in the morning.

We got tour/accommodation package so we had someone to pick us up from the airport.

We checked in at Coron Village Lodge (I'll do a separate review on this lodge later) and had our lunch...

After our lunch we headed off to our island tour. We rode a trike from the lodge then traveled for a few minutes before finally reaching the port..

Abben, Kring, Karen, Ryan, Hannah, AC

Then off to the islands!!!

The boat is sinking! Ang bibigat nyo!


Kayangan Lake, sometimes called the Blue Lagoon is located at Coron Island, Northern Palawan and is said to be the cleanest lake in the Phillippines.

Ernie Baron wannabe
Before you get to this lake, you have to endure first the "pain" of trekking a mountain trail. Too steep. Too high. Too bad I came from a series of "paglalagari" (my boyfriend's Mom's wake, gigs, work, etc.) right before heading to the airport, thus, I was restless and got easily tired after hiking. I wasn't able to swim at the lake anymore. :( And now my friends call me "Flanax" :D

Life vest is a must as coast guards roam around

After an exhausting hike... this is what you're going to see....


Atuwayan Beach is just a small strip of beach in Coron. The sand is white and fine, the water is so clear that you can actually encounter school of small fish swimming with you even at the shallow part of the sea. What I liked about this place is that it's secluded, quiet but not that far from other tourist spots like the ship wreck and Kayangan Lake (just a few minute boat ride -- it kills me everytime I go on a verrrrry long boat ride, I swear. It doesn't show but I hate the feeling of riding a small boat. :P )


I'm not much of a diving/snorkeling person. I'm more into bumming around and enjoying the scenery, sun, sand and the sight of the sea. I prefer staying at a beautiful beach than playing with the fish under the sea.

Aside from the aforementioned fact about me, I got exhausted from our trekking at Kayangan Lake that's why after dipping a little, I decided to just stay at the boat and take photos of my friends enjoying under the sea and at the lagoon..

After snorkeling at Siete Pecados, we headed back in town then went straight to MAQUINIT HOTSPRING via a tricycle, the last leg of our tour for the day.

Dipping in Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring for me is the best way to end a day of tedious activities. The place offers pools of warm water, perfect for a soothing dip (I heard the temperature's around 39-40 degrees celsius). I even felt it washed off fatigue and provided even more relaxation for my body.

After that calming hot spring bathe, we went back to the lodge, had our dinner and had "fellowship" over bottles of Red Horse. Hehehe. :D


I love traveling. Exploring other places has been one of my bonding activities with my friends. However, my last travel was in November 2008 in Bora. Since then, I haven't had any significant out-of-town adventures (and by that, I meant far places like Visayas and Mindanao).

Last January, my High School friends and I talked about going to the beach. Our friend from UK was coming home and he wanted to go to Coron, and so, our trip was planned. Like I said, I have always been the "organizer" in this group when it comes to traveling, so I immediately checked out airline fares online. I'm used to traveling via Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. I haven't tried PAL Express so I was thinking of securing tickets from Cebu Pacific. However, since there was no promo at that time, fares were a bit higher.. PAL Express offered much cheaper fares even if it was not a promo. To cut the story short, I bought PAL Express round trip tickets to Busuanga for March 2010. Our departure from Manila is on March 19, 2010 at around 11AM and we're gonna leave Busuanga by March 22 at 2PM. The schedule was perfect for us since I have a companion that will only be out of her work by 7AM (she can still catch our 11AM flight to Busuanga)

I was confident that it would be a smooth travel for us since I trust PAL. That even if the aircraft to Busuanga is the old Air Philippines, there won't be any problem since they could not afford to ruin PAL's reputation (even if I already encountered not-so-nice experiences with PAL before.. talk about benefit of the doubt and second chances).

Come 1st week of March, my friend told me that our friend from UK (he booked his/his sister's tickets while I booked for mine and for 3 other friends) received an email notification from PAL that our flight schedule was changed. Our former 11AM flight was rescheduled to 7AM. It was an auto-generated email so responding to that effin' email was not possible.

Another thing that made me irritable was the fact that I DID NOT RECEIVE any notification about that change of flight schedule. Mind you, I booked online 3times. They didn't send me even one email. Can you just imagine if I didn't have a companion who received a notification? E di naiwan na pala ako/kame ng eroplano hindi pa namin nalalaman na nagpalit pala ng schedule? That was sooooooo irresponsible of them. I got more infuriated when I learned from my friend that Cebu Pacific calls their passenger if there are changes in their flight schedule. Buti pa sila.

Also, I just noticed that airlines here in the Philippines don't include in their disclaimer/rules & regulations/terms &conditions that schedules may change, may it be with prior notice or not. Labo diba? Kinalkal ko old e-tickets ko wala talaga nakasulat na ganun e.

I knew there were 2 flight schedules going to Busuanga everyday or every other day, but how come we were not given the chance to be transferred to the other schedule, the later one? How the hell would my friend catch that effin' 7AM flight when she will only be leaving her office at 7AM???!! Kawawa naman sya diba? She's on graveyard shift, by the way. It says in the notification that if passengers have concerns/questions, they should contact PAL's hotline. HOTLINE... yes, the line was too HOT that I couldn't connect 24/7 (di ako natutulog diba so I just spent time contacting that effin' airline). Our departure from Busuanga on March 22 was also changed from a PM flight to an AM flight (so tell me, what's the purpose of getting a 4D/3N hotel accommodation when it seems that we won't be able to maximize our 4th day??? I think the flight was changed to 7AM). At hellooooo, they changed the flight just a few days before our flight??!!

I got tired of calling PAL's office (I even tried other department's numbers) that I decided to send them an email asking for better options. Of course, I can no longer do something about their flight schedules.. all I needed was a chance to be transferred to a later flight. I emailed them... subtly expressing disappointments and fury, but still composed. I used my corporate email including my signature and other contact details so that my complaint would look professional (at para di nila isipin na cheap ako hahahaha.. para pansinin.. hehe). My email was too long and pure English maski ako dumugo ilong ko sa pag-intindi ng sarili kong email. Hahahahha!

I didn't receive any reply via email, but after a day I got a phone call straight from their ticketing office. Bwahahah! Nagbunga din ang pagpapapansin ko. At last, we were given the chance to be transferred to the other flight. At mabait na sila at nagsosorry na..

Since then if there are updates they call me in the office and properly notify me. At sa awa ng Diyos from time to time nagpapalit ng schedule. Siguro nakaka-sampung palit na ng schedule. Up to the last minute, just a night before our flight they called me again.. saying that our departure will be at 9AM na. Nalilito na ultimo alarm clock ko di na alam kung anong oras ako gigisingin para magpunta sa airport. Hay. E kala ko talaga 9AM ang flight.. pero nakaalis dito sa Manila at 9:15 or 9:30 yata.

I thought the story already ended there. Hindi pa pala. On our last day in Coron (our flight was supposedly at 3PM), the receptionist in the lodge where we were billeted told us that our flight was rescheduled at 4PM. E syempre mag-aadjust na naman yun dahil di naman on time yun, so my friend who works on graveyard shift was already bothered if she can still go to work.. she has 7PM work. Kaya sakto lang dapat ang 3PM para makauwi pa sya before makapasok sa work.

I thought my OC-ness just struck and that I have high expectations when it comes to airlines, but the receptionist at the lodge told me:

"Ma'am next time po pagbalik nyo dito sa Cebu Pacific na lang kayo sumakay. Mas maganda po dun. Bihirang-bihira sila magchange ng flight. Yung PAL lagi nag-aadjust ng schedule.. kung minsan nagkacancel pa."

Booooooom!!! Ayun, ayun naman pala ang katotohanan.

When we got to the airport, ayun na naman ang storya.. panay announcements na naman na kesyo madedelay ng dating yung aircraft.. in fact, we were anxious na baka nga macancel pa. Tsktsk. E baket naman kaya nadedelay, sobrang ganda naman ng panahon.. taas ng sikat ng araw, tapos di naman mahangin.. wala din naman kasabay na aircraft sa runway.. namaaaaaaannnnn!!!

Pramissssss, I will never fly with you again. Tsk!


I'm off to Coron, Palawan tomorrow with my High School friends. I've been looking forward to this vacation as I haven't been out of town for so long. I've been so excited that I bought a lot of stuff needed for this trip.

It could have been a real vacation for me, even if Dr. Love isn't coming with me. I know that this is also what he wanted for me. He has long been pushing me to take a break even if it means not being with him for a couple of days.

The last time Doc and I spent time together was almost 2 weeks ago. He was so busy in the hospital and so was I at work and with some personal stuff. We are never the typical clingy partners, our relationship is the "one time, big time" kind, as I regard it. We hardly see each other, but when we do we maximize every moment.

One day, he sent me an SMS that says "Love u beh. I get ur msgs, sobra toxic lang ako handle nanay ko. Basta I love u if di ako makasagot agad. :-*" That was March 13.

I know his Mom has been in and out of the hospital (where he works as well). She has liver cancer. When he's off duty, he personally attends to his Mom. As a son and as a "personal physician". Never did I complain. I very much understand that family should come first. After all, never did I feel neglected by him. He has given me more than enough. Of course, it's sad that we don't see each other even if we wanted to. But that's part of what I call mature type of relationship.

When I received that message, I knew that there was something wrong. He just probably didn't want me to be bothered by it, whatever that problem is.

Two days had passed without talking to each other. I'm used to it, all the more when he's on 24-36 hour duty. But that day was different, I felt so anxious. I wanted to cry but I couldn't really figure what was painful. I was confident that he didn't forget me. I was so sure that he wasn't cheating on me nor trying to stay away from me. Still, I felt so down that I didn't spend my weekend at home.. I visited my friends and my sister/nephew just to alleviate the sorrow in me. I talked to my bestfriends to unload the gloominess.

Come Monday, finally, he sent me an SMS that says, "Beh, Mamy passed away na."

I knew it. I felt his pain. Even if he tried to conceal it. After a few hours we talked over the phone, he sounded fine. He saw it coming. But of course, there is really no preparing in everything. In losing a part of your life.

That's what he always does. He's always trying to detach me from all the misery that he endures. Some people would find it weird, coz the ideal purpose of a partner is to share the ups and downs of his/her life to his/her partner. But our case is different. He has always been an independent guy, he doesn't pass the burden on me. I, on the other hand, always try to be his breather from all the shit that life gives him. I would never want to be the one to pull him down. It is never insensitivity on my part, I call it a way of showing him that this is just a phase, it shall pass. And that life has another piece -- something beautiful. He is loved. Very much loved. That alone is something to be thankful for. And that his Mom is in a better place now. :)

The other night I was at the wake. I did my part in gathering our friends to spend time paying respect to his Mom. I spent a few hours talking to them. When all the visitors left, he found time to relax and be with our group. He lost weight. He looked tired and weary but he kept on smiling and laughing -- his usual self. He may look jolly, but I know deep inside of him his heart was crushing.

One of our friends who came was Ryan, the one in Jonel's briefs commercial. That one proud addict.  :lol:  Ryan spent a couple of minutes looking at Doc's Mom's remains, they said he was praying. When he went back to the area where we were seated, he called me and asked to sit beside him. And this is exactly what he told me.

"Sayang noh? Ang lungkot. Di man lang nya naabutan wedding nyo."

I just smiled. Coz wedding plans are not within our sight yet.

He continued. (with much twinkling of the eye -- I told you, he's an addict. And proud of it. :lol: )

"Alam mo ang isang tao pag nawalan ng half ng life nya, yun bang spiritual nawawala.. may nawawalang parte ng buhay nya. Yung better half. Naghahanap yan ng kapalit.. yun bang pupuno sa kakulangan sa buhay nya. Gawin mo yun ha? Buuin mo sya.. ipangako mo sa kin. Ikaw yung kalahati. Baka naman 1/4 ka lang?"

Again, I smiled. Such "unsolicited" advice is something that touched my heart. Sometimes it's not only from sober people you can get sensible statements. :)

I don't make promises. My friends don't usually hear sweet stuff from me. I am not the typical sweet girlfriend. I rarely say I love you, I don't text much nor call often. I don't say how much I want to take care of the person I love -- I just do. And when I do, I make sure it goes beyond what is expected.

Doc is the 2nd of the brood of 6 boys. Their eldest is based in the US. Since he's the eldest here in the country, he's the one in charge of a lot of things. Even attending to relatives and his Mom's friends. Interment will take place tomorrow. That time, I guess, is for family. I don't consider myself as part of the family -- yet.

I will go to Palawan tomorrow with a heavy heart. I initially backed out of this trip a few days ago. But Doc didn't permit me to. He wanted me to push through with the plans. I even consulted our dear friend, GB, if I really need to cancel my trip. And he said I should go, coz he says probably Doc also wants me to relax. I feel guilty for leaving Doc here, at the same time I would never want to ruin my friends' vacation. I am regarded as the "leader" of the group. I handled all the bookings (even used my own credit card for our tickets) and coordination with our accommodation and tour. For sure, I won't enjoy much, but I'll try my best not to spoil the fun.

Tonight I'll be back to his Mom's wake. I'll spend time there until my early morning flight tomorrow. Perhaps, that's the best thing I can do for now. Spend time as much as I can.

I will be back here in Manila on Monday. I hope by then all the negative vibes already depart from both of us. This time I'll make a promise -- that from that day on I will be the one to take care of him like the way his Mom took care of him. It may lack a lot of things, but I will try my best to at fulfill at least half of what she has given him.

With much much LOVE.


Since I wasn't happy with my dinner at Kimono Ken (and so were my friends), I was still searching for something to eat. We were seated outside Kimono Ken, thus, we got a glimpse of other nearby restaurants. The first to catch our attention was the wide array of gelato at Pagliacci (just beside our table). The flavors and colors were really to die for. It took us probably half to an hour before we bought a cone coz we were thinking if it's worth the price (a small cone costs PHP100). Nevertheless, we still grabbed a cone each (Che, Nheng and I) coz we really wanted to eat some more.

I got Bon Crock (some kinda chocolatey) and Pistachio...

Ang nguso. Bow.

Nheng got Nutella Ferrero and Pistachio...

Nakasmile pa rin kahit may nakasubo.

I didn't know what flavor Che got for herself. I was just sure of one thing: she wasn't satisfied (see the look on her face). AGAIN. Well, me too. Hahaha! :D

Mangot much?

Because I didn't enjoy my gelato (di ko magets kung lasang Tempra o Rubber Band), I was still craving for some more. I wanted to eat chips and was supposed to buy at the snacks bar just outside the cinema but it was already closed. :(

Sad, sad night for my tummy. :(


5th Floor, The Podium
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City


I was at The Podium in Ortigas last night coz I had to meet Sugar, my friend who's getting married in June. As usual, I came earlier than our call time. While waiting for her (and some other friends, too) I killed time window shopping materials for her wedding invites (I am in charge of doing it, together with my other friends).

While roaming around the bookstore, I started to feel hungry as a bear but I was still alone. Not that I'm not used to eating alone. In fact, I always eat all by myself at home. It's just that I missed my friends so much that I wanted us to have dinner together.

Hehe. Emo-ish me. Anyway, enough of the drama. :D

Not long after I felt my large intestines eating my small intestines, Nheng arrived. Lucky me, she told me she was already starving so we started to look for a place to eat. Yipee! :D

I was craving (again) for Japanese cuisine but The Podium offers limited number of restaurants to choose from. I think there are just two Japanese restaurants there, Yaku and Kimono Ken. I already tried dining at Yaku so I asked my friend if we can try Kimono Ken for a change.

My orders were... jaraaaaaaaannnn!

Kani Sushi


Ebi Katsudon

If you ask me if I enjoyed my food, my answer is NO. Why? Please refer below.
  • Their kani sushi's just like the usual sushi elsewhere. Nothing special. What's special with kani sushi, anyway? (Hahaha.. masyado naman ako pa-critic dito eh talaga naman yatang iisa lang lasa nyan kahit san man sya binili. Lasang crabsticks. Ganun. Syempre synthetic. :P )
  • Their ebi katsudon is too sweet I almost forgot that there are vegetables (like onions and leeks) in the bowl. Looks like they put tablespoons of sugar in their katsudon. :P
Since I wasn't happy with what I had, I got a bite of what Nheng ordered.

Chicken Cheese Rolls

The verdict: The rolls were almost bland. I asked Nheng about the taste and she told the same. She even put lots of seasoning but she still found them tasteless. Awwww... :(

Then there were Che's orders..


Crunchy Chicken Teriyaki

Again, the pakialamera in me struck. I tasted the teriyaki. Contrary to its name, its not "crunchy" at all. :(

When Noelle and AJ came, I was already having my dessert (I'll make a separate entry for this) so I opted not to taste what they ordered. I just took a photo to include in my Gastronomic Adventures album on Facebook. Haha! :D

Tofu Steak

Even if it seemed enticing, Noelle and AJ didn't look satisfied at all. I don't know if it was just me or their food wasn't really that good. :P

So, will I eat again at Kimono Ken? Uhhhmmmm... :D


Kimono Ken
5th Floor, The Podium
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City


Just when I thought Christmas is over, I received a card from my sponsored kid in World Vision today. It's a thank you letter for what he received last Christmas. :)

Like I always do, I'm sharing the letter with you (not to brag, of course.. but to inspire and encourage people to sponsor :D)



One happy woman in here! :D



It's been a while since I last saw a movie in 3D, I think that was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while my friends haven't tried it yet. Last night, to let them experience 3D, we went to Robinsons Galleria to see Alice in Wonderland. Yep, Galleria already has a cinema showing movies in 3D, and so do SM Megamall and Shangri-La. I need not go to this farrrrraway land called Mall of Asia IMAX just to experience the thrill of 3D movies (but of course, watching in MOA iMAX is way way better than some other 3D cinemas here in Manila)

Sadly, though, there's this thing that always bothers me everytime I watch at Robinsons Galleria -- it's the presence of those annoying/unnerving viewers who don't know the word "concentration". There was a group of 2 guys (or gays) and a girl who acted as if they own the whole cinema, they kept on talking while the movie is being shown. The moment they sat beside me, they started talking and saying stuff like "Ay ang galing, ganito pala yun pag nakasuot yung salamin"... then "Ay tingnan mo pag walang salamin doble yung image sa screen".. then when Alice came out somebody from the group said "Grabe sobrang puti nya, gusto ko ganyan din ako kaputi" (yung lalake nagsabi non.. bwiset mag-overdose ka ng glutathione! o kaya magpakalunod ka sa sukang paombong nang mamuti ka!). Having heard that, I immediately blurted, "Ang ingay mo, Amae! (my friend)" but the guys seemed insensitive that they kept on talking.. verrrry LOUD. I stood up and transferred to the other side, good thing there were still vacant seats. And take note, even when I was already at the other end I can still hear their voice. Crap! Nevertheless, I was still able to keep calm and stay focused on the movie. Those infuriating "viewers" were not a hindrance for me to enjoy the night. :)

Going back to the movie.. This is enchanting, not only because of the wonderland per se, but because it teaches us to follow our dreams. Persistence. Determination… that something is impossible only if you believe it is, as per the Mad Hatter. And as what the White Queen told Alice, she always thinks of 6 impossible things even before breakfast, one thing that she thought might motivate her to slay the Jabberwocky, that beast.. errr, dragon that is controlled by the Red Queen. This, I guess, implies that we should all learn to do our best in everything and never lose hope in achieving our goals.

As for the actors, Johnny Depp, once again has amazed me by portraying yet another odd but lovable character, the Mad Hatter. Helena Bonham Carter (as the Red Queen), on the other hand, was the “breather” from the magical world for her droll character. Almost all her lines brought me tears caused by laughing hard. I specifically liked the scene where she sat down and asked for a pig where she then rested her feet while saying “I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet..” Imagine having pig belly as a "furniture"? :D Also, who wouldn't laugh at the sight of a flamingo (tama ba? o basta pink bird sya :lol: ) that she used as golf clubs and a beaver (tama ba ulet? ah basta small animal sya :D ) as her ball. And that remarkable line of hers when she and Stayne (her disciple slash loverboy) were arrested at the end of movie, “At least we have each other” (with matching twinkling of the eyes) Hahaha.. the look on Stayne’s face was absolutely peculiar. He looked like he was about to vomit, too. :D

The role of Alice was perfectly portrayed by a young Aussie actress named, Mia Wasikowska (according to the news, she bested some other “veteran” young actresses including Lindsay Lohan in applying for this role) because of her natural portrayal of a girl who’s strong willed yet timid, courageous yet shows cowardice, smart yet often uses her heart.  Like I said, she’s an Aussie so expect that she has this accent that most Filipinos won’t clearly understand. So better be attentive and listen carefully to her lines. Anne Hathaway was also impeccably chosen to play as the White Queen. She was effortless in showing off an almost NR face.. hehe.. just kidding. What I meant was, she’s just right for a soft-spoken character. I just realized one thing, Anne looked like Chinchin Gutierrez here. :D

My favorite character here is the Red Queen who I found really hilarious. Others that also caught my attention would have to be the twin fat boys named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They’re soooo adorable that I wanted to get inside the screen and pinch their chubby cheeks. :D Their constant disagreement with each other is what made their character remarkable.

Another thing that I like about this film is the abundance of words of wisdom that are not only meant for children, but also for adult like me. Below are the quotes that I personally like and believe in:

“Nothing is ever solved with tears”The Caterpillar

"If you knew Time as well as I do, you wouldn't talk about wasting it." - The Mad Hatter

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter... which luckily I am." -- The Mad Hatter (then suddenly I remembered my friend, GB and his joke on how to survive in Cubao. (sorry, inside joke) :P

Alice: Which road do I take?
The Cheshire Cat: Where do you want to go?
Alice: I don't know.
The Cheshire Cat: It doesn't matter...
The Cheshire Cat: If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


Ohhh, and before I forget, when you see this film it must be seen in 3D. The colors are vibrant, the scenery is fantastic and the characters looked real when in fact some of them are actual actors whose physical features were distorted/animated just so they would look like cartoon character (see the Red Queen’s enormous head). See it in 3D and you’ll feel like you’re in wonderland, too.  :)

The plot is too simple for adult minds that crave for complex story, yet good enough for kids and childlike ones whose minds need to be filled with lessons in life. :)


I love Japanese cuisine, though it's just weird that I'm not much of a sushi/sashimi eater and all those raw food (some variety of maki, too). Japanese cuisine for me simply means tempura, yakisoba, ramen, teriyaki and katsudon.

Also, I don't enjoy dining at Teriyaki Boy as much as I do in some other Japanese restaurants in the metro. Blame it on the oil. It's as if they have an oil factory in their kitchen that they're not bothered by the amount they use in cooking.

Yesterday, I had no choice but to give in when my friend asked if I can join her for lunch. I have limited time during lunch break so instead of eating where I've been craving to eat (where we might spend more time waiting to be seated than having our lunch), we ended up dining at Teriyaki Boy in Robinsons Galleria (it's just a few blocks away from where I work).

Though I don't enjoy, my friends and I always eat here. Perhaps, we're used to the oil. :D My usual order consists of Reba Nira Itame and Yakimeshi.. but this time I added something different (coz its picture looks enticing :P ) -- Crazy California Rolls (California Maki with a twist: with watermelon, mango, iceberg lettuce and orange & green ebikko or roe).

It's surprising that I have slowly been fulfilling my friends'/family's gastronomic "dreams" for me lately. Congrats to me, my taste buds crave for something new nowadays that I no longer consider myself as picky eater. :P


I love this roll coz it has no mayonnaise (I hate mayo FYI) and I can already sense the summer when I grabbed a bite (perhaps due to its filling - tropical fruits like mango and watermelon) :)

I think I've been craving for a lot that I tend to post about food nowadays. You cannot blame me, this is what I enjoy the most -- EATING. :D


Price: PHP175

You may also try Teriyaki Boy's other variation of maki on their menu. They all look appetizing. I'll try another one next time. ;

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