"Time is meaningless when you are in love"

That is what Lolo Uly (Noel Trinidad) told Allan (John Lloyd) and Mia (Bea Alonzo) when he saw them together in a park. Something that stirred up my mind and prompted me to write something about love and time -- this entry. Loaded with corn and cheese, I found it hard not to laugh while writing. Just please bear with my cheesiness. :D

When I was young I used to believe that love needs time to develop. I found it absurd to get into a relationship with someone you hardly even know. That's why I never believed in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

Over the years I have witnessed a lot of friends breaking up with their significant others of 5 years or so. Painful, indeed, but could be worse had they prolong their cul-de-sac relationships. I have also seen acquaintances who got hitched after just a few months of being together as a couple. I would often shrug it off as I never had faith in unions done impulsively. I made judgments based on what I think is reasonable and realistic. But this made me curious at one point in my life -- does the time spent with someone really determine the amount of love that you have for him/her?

When I had my first taste of "impulsiveness", I realized that yeah, time and intensity of love don't come hand in hand. You can be with your boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time without having concrete plans for the future while you can fall in love in an instant with one person you just randomly met somewhere and think about being with him/her for the rest of your life. I had 2 serious boyfriends in the past; both relationships lasted for 3 years. But it didn't constantly occur to me that I'm gonna be Mrs. Madrigal or Mrs. Sanchez in the future. Of course, when you get into a relationship you would never want to waste your time on someone for nothing-- but not everything is of shades of red and pink. Mine was like that. There were hopes, dreams and sometimes, plans. But those were all "half-baked". Perhaps due to the fact that 3 years is long enough to never step-up. And I thought, maybe it's about time I get serious and plan for the future. But nothing really materialized. I wasn't even sure of how I feel back then. There were lots of problems and I wasn't happy anymore. I didn't end up with any of those men -- those 6 years have gone to waste. And so did my feelings for both of them.

Just recently I got committed with someone who literally defy all my rules in love and relationships. I may have known him for more than a year but he was never part of my group. We were never introduced. He was a total stranger to me until that night when we shared a table and started chatting with each other. That moment I instantly felt that he'd play an important role in my life -- that is to love me and take care of me. True enough. He does. More than what I have expected and hoped for.

We may have been together for barely 4 months but I've never been this sure about how I feel. I've never been this thrilled to see what the future holds.

Time, indeed, is insignificant.

PS: I found my own Mr. Cruz. ;)


Just like any other typical romantic comedy flicks, Valentine's Day won't require much analysis as everything was depicted in a very comprehensible manner. It just needs a little sensitivity as it'll tickle you to the bones. Forgive me, this is a chick flick.. and I'd like to believe I'm a chick. ;)

This is a star-studded film (though not everybody had his/her own shining moment in the film), from Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner (yes, that wolf in New Moon) to the veteran ones like Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, etc. It's nice that in Hollywood, even big stars don't mind having small roles. They never seem to believe in small roles, it's how much impact they made on the viewers that matters. And I hope the same goes here in the Philippines (Okay, talk about pride and all...)

It has shown love in different generations: puppy love, teenage romance, the mature kind of love and the one that goes as far as decades. It may be shallow, but there's a lot of truth in it. But then again, it amused me that everything had to be told within 24hours, hence the title Valentine's Day.. coz everything happened that day. They seem to have energy to the highest level that they had a day full of activities (Jennifer even had an RT LA-SanFo that day, went to the hospital where her boyfriend works then created a scene in a restaurant.. then back to Ashton's place in LA) yet they still managed to survive and even had the strength and wit to find out bunch of facts and truth in just one day. Imagine, when he woke up, Reed (Ashton Kutcher) was so in love with Morley (Jessica Alba) that he proposed and in the middle of the day, Morley decided to call it quits then come night time, Julia (Jennifer Garner) the bestfriend and Reed seemed to grasp the truth that they love each other only after they broke up with their significant other.

Oooops, enough of scrutiny. I just told you, it won't require much thinking.. but I'm still thinking pala. Hahaha! Kaya enough na. :)

To sum it all up, the movie is cute. Funny and inspiring. :) You know, sometimes I need a "feel good" movie like this.. just a breather from the toxic corporate world. Something that won't make me cry. :)

BTW, I just realized that Taylor Swift is so cute and her role pretty much painted a "hilarious" text on her forehead. I was laughing hard while watching all her scenes.. talk about CRAZY in love. Literally. Haha! :D Also, it was amusing that McDreamy is part of the movie. He's also a doctor here. :D

PS: The soundtrack is really cool I might download it as soon as I can. ;)


I had the rare chance to be at home on a weekend last Sunday. The moment boredom struck me, I decided to watch movies. The first that I viewed was My Sister's Keeper starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. Honestly, I don't really watch movies much at home coz of my "attention deficit disorder". I prefer going to cinemas to concentrate more on what I am watching. However, my friend told me I better see this one and for sure I'd cry a river.

True enough. Not only did I cry a river, I cried an ocean. Cameron gave justice to the role of a mother. FYI, I've been a Cameron fan eversince I was in High School but I'm used to seeing her in hilarious and hopeless romantic characters, not in this uber poignant type of film. But I loved it. She is the epitome of a woman of strength in this film. The one who always fights for her loved ones.. she fought hard until the end, until such time when hopelessness is all that existed in everyone. It's amazing how a mother's love can be so boundless.

There's still a lot of lessons that you can learn from this yet I am overwhelmed to even try to write some more so I'm just leaving you an old saying (that I realized appears true in this movie)... "When you love someone, set him/her free.". :)


Blah.. blah... blah... blah....

AC: So when is your availability for employment?
Applicant: To serve and to be a nice person, users and do all if you want to service and to and kung matapos po yung trabaho na tinawag nila sa kin and will not pending tomorrow.
AC: [muntik na mahulog sa upuan habang dumudugo ang ilong]

Seryoso. Verbatim yan. Napakalinaw pa ng pandinig ko.


Fresh from a friend's departure, I am still feeling a lil bit down lately. Problems are coming in and I couldn't comprehend things anymore. Even my hormones add up to this gloomy feeling. I hate the first week of the months.

While our friend passed away, Ditzy Diner had its final run last 29th. This used to be our second home and Tweetums (RIP) was once a jolly patron, and an enthusiastic part of audience of our comic friends performing there. I'm sure gonna miss Ditzy. And I'm missing our dear friend, Richie, who used to be one of the sweetest and cheerful comic friends of mine, he is apparently losing his old self when he lost his ladylove (who wouldn't?). Anyway, we are still conceptualizing something that could be our haven, our next Ditzy. I hope as well that my friend will soon be back to his real self. Someone who's funny even not performing onstage.

In another aspect of my life, I'm sad for my beloved. Dr. Love has been down lately because of a lot of terrible things happening. Apart from being exhausted from his 24-36-hour duty almost every other day, his Mom is sick. According to him, she was diagnosed with liver cancer a few years ago but eventually got better after a series of treatment. However, just a few weeks ago he told me his Mom's health is getting worse. Her lungs sometimes get watery caused by lack of protein due to liver damage, or probably got infected (as per his medical explanation to me). Last week she became his constant patient. In the hospital and even at home. In fact, he went home to his family yesterday in Taytay (he seldom goes and stays there) to personally take care of his Mom and try to prevent her lungs from becoming watery again by checking on her hour by hour. These are the times that I admire him for being a family man, for being a good son, and for being a wonderful person.

The problem is, he cannot break the news to his Mom, he cannot tell her that the cancer cells become active again.. coz he's afraid that he might ruin his Mom's cheerful disposition nowadays, aside from the fact that he's happy seeing his parents' happy moments as a couple, like going out and enjoying life. He doesn't want to spoil the fun. When we talked about this, I advised him that he better talk to his brothers and Dad just so he can have other people share decision making tasks with.

This explains why we haven't seen each other for a week now. I genuinely understand. Sure, I miss him a lot. But I know that family should come first. And his family needs him now more than I do. Anyway, I know in time he'll get through this and eventually get back on track. Good thing, I am a very independent woman so he doesn't have to worry about me getting mad. Like I say, I truly understand.. and I sincerely pray that his Mom gets better. I'm just glad he always expresses how grateful he is that I'm always "here".

Another thing that bothers me is my brother. Just a few days ago I posted a story on his recent break up, the one with my sister-out-law #2. What surprised me is the "breaking news" that I got from my sister, his new girlfriend is pregnant. That was so quick. Honestly, it didn't excite me as much as my Ate's pregnancy did. Perhaps due to a lot of problems attached to it. Still, I welcome the baby with all my heart. After all, that is still my brother's child.

The pregnancy isn't really the problem (of course, the baby is God's blessing) but the impact it might cause our family and the people around us.. terrible things started to happen lately and I think it would be too much if I share them here. It's a very delicate matter and I can only say that it bothers my family and I.. almost haunting us every now and then.

Even if it was my brother's fault (like what people say), I believe that he did the right thing by breaking up with someone who doesn't make him happy anymore. We all deserve to be happy and hanging on to something that won't ever succeed is like prolonging your agony. He might be bad, but he was real.. and it hurts to see my brother suffer. Yeah, he broke someone's heart.. but he doesn't deserve to be treated that way. It hurts me as well that Mom and Dad cannot find peace that they deserve, even they are away I know they have been bugged by those circumstances. And I hate it everytime my father thinks too much coz he becomes so emotional. I hate it whenever he's hurt. And I hate people who don't know how to think objectively. :(

That's it. Thank you, I was able to vent.
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