Wise men say
only fools rush in
but I can't help
falling in love with you




While a lot of those who have seen this movie hate Summer, I found myself falling in love with her character. Sure, she is a heartbreaker.. but she has this certain candor that made me fond of her. I even told my friends I wanna be like Summer! Haha! :D
Summer: Ok. I like being on my own. I think relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Who needs it? We’re young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; might as well have fun while we can and, save the serious stuff for later.
I like her character because of the fact that she exudes simplicity yet draws a heap of admiration. She is the epitome of integrity and honesty. And last but not the least: she is dangerous… falling in love with her is like putting your heart at risk. Big time.

She may be insensitive in a way that she can still casually talk to Tom about their "relationship" while the guy is almost dying of frustration and heartache. But come to think of it, didn’t Summer tell him that what they have is purely platonic? Yeah, they do things beyond what friends normally do like kissing and making out.. but hey, if the guy didn’t like the set up in the first place he could have stepped back. Call me unconventional, but I guess that’s the reality of life. Not because I said that means I have no idea of what Tom was going through.. been there, done that. In fact, my first love and my first in a lot of things wasn’t even my boyfriend. Just like Tom and Summer, we were friends and he wasn’t ready to get into another relationship – yet. I was Tom-ish when I was young, you know, hoping that he will change and eventually learn to love me. I did silly stuff just to make him fall for me. However, I came to realize that even how good you are, or how much sacrifice you have done for the person, those cannot guarantee that you will be loved in return. Painful, isn't it? So better guard your heart. Or else, you’re dead. Hehehe. Kidding! :D As long as you’re happy and you think you still enjoy what you’re doing.. it’s all good.. even if it means not getting what you want – commitment. Don’t push it, or else, the other party might flare up and end what’s not supposed to be concluded yet. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. In time. If not, then not. Cliché, indeed. :D

I admire Summer for being upfront. I hate effing poseurs! If I were to ask you, who will you choose: Someone who has laid down all his/her cards and not giving you false hopes? Or someone who says he/she loves you even when he/she doesn't? I will choose the former. Hiding the truth from you is much painful, believe me… It hurts to be pulled down from heaven only to realize that you were obliviously living in hell for some time.

Anyway, while browsing Twitter a while ago, I saw this cute picture in my friend’s friend’s account. Simple but signifies a lot. I think it might illustrate this whole Tom-Summer thingie. :D

I love this because it veered away from the usual happily ever after kind of film. You know, that crappy feeling of hoping that it’s gonna be the lead actor and the lead actress in the end. The narrator was right, this is not a love story – this is a story about love.. And that loving doesn't always mean getting what/who you want.

Another thing that made me fall in love with this film is the transition of Summer from someone who doesn’t believe in love to someone who eventually fell in love. See, even a cynic falls in love at some point in her life. Nobody can escape from the power of love. When it hits you, you have no choice but to give in. Even if you didn't believe in it. Even if you’re not sure of what the future holds -- something that Tom’s character, on the other hand, showed. He represented HOPE, that when you love someone you’ll do everything to be loved in return. And BRAVERY – for taking risks even when you don’t hear the magic words from someone you love.

Screenplay-wise, the song-dance number of Tom just made me laugh. I mean, it’s common in Pinoy films that you’d see characters singing and dancing with flocks of “extras” acting as their back up dancers, but with a foreign film like this? It’s just sooooo funny! :D But hey, after the film I realized that perhaps it was a way of illustrating how love works. Don’t you feel like you wanna sing and dance when you are in love?

I still can’t get over it so I’m posting one of my favorite lines from the film:
Summer: I woke up one morning and I just knew.Tom: Knew what?Summer: What I was never sure of with you.
Ahhhh.. it feels great to be in love. (Ssssshhhh… I can’t wait to fall in love again ;) )


There I was, sitting near our family’s mausoleum while having a chitchat with my folks when suddenly, I heard somebody spoke vehemently, “Ayun oh, mag-bless ka kay Tita/Ninang” (since nobody in my age bracket was there, I supposed it was me she was referring to as Tita/Ninang) Seconds later, I saw a kid coming up to me and kissed me on my cheek. It was my goddaughter, Ali. Her Mom is my cousin/childhood friend way back in the province. We grew up together, went to the same nursery school, attended kiddie parties together and had our first crush almost at the same time.

Now that we are 25, she already has a 6-year old daughter (Ali) and last thing I heard she’s four months pregnant with her second child. See how time flies so fast. Most friends/relatives of us this age are either married or already separated but still bonded by law. A lot of them have 2-3 kids already.. while I am yet to conceive my first.

Instances like these make me wonder: Am I really getting old? Or were their lives too fast paced they even forgot how to grow up the right way?

Finally, I have come to think of some things that would confirm that I am, indeed, getting old. (Still, I’d like to believe that I am approaching maturity – not really getting old :P )

1. Flirting vs. Searching/Waiting for THE ONE. I must admit, it’s sooooo lonely being single for a long time; depressing to continuously hope that whoever is with you will last a lifetime; disheartening to convince yourself to patiently wait for someone to love.. While some people continuously feed me with hopes, my heart (even my mind) is starting to give up. Everytime I meet someone (and I begin to like him) but something exhibits boo-boo, I would step back. I won’t push it anymore. I still remember how I made the most of my college life, boys are everywhere, suitors are lining up, prospects are easy to find.. now that I am in my mid-20s, I already find it absurd to “flirt” anymore. It’s tempting, really. But at the end of the day, I realize that hey I’m not looking for a “playmate” nor the typical “MU” back when we were young.. I want the next one to be my last and forever (Who doesn’t want that?). Why would I waste my time for nothing? Like what I have read somewhere “I like dead ends. At least they have the decency to let you know that you’re going nowhere.” And mere flirting won’t give me that. Well, I believe so.

2. Jaded. In line with my #1 in the list, being jaded in love and relationships is another sign of aging/maturity. At least for me. Being young I guess gives us the license to be susceptible and naïve. But when you get older, don’t you think it is but inappropriate to just believe in whatever it is that is thrown at you? We must think all the time. But I guess it is not “thinking” that I am doing anymore – it’s overanalyzing things. Haha! Hence, being jaded. After all the heartaches in the past, I learned to be careful with my actions and my response to sweet nothings. It is hard to trust people anymore. Trust is a precious thing to be given easily. I always think twice before giving it away. Ending: refer to #1 – LONELINESS IS A MURDERER :D

3. Being Tactful. If you know me as someone who’s straightforward and someone who speaks her mind.. for your information, I am already tactful nowadays. Well, compared with my old self, someone who reveals everything about her life, someone who doesn’t know how to keep secrets. I realized that my own tongue shall slash me had I not known the value of being discreet. I almost killed myself before because of this bad (some people consider this as a good quality though) trait.

4. Unwanted “Respect”. When I was in college, I was the youngest in our barkada (I was a year advanced in school.. yes bright! Haha! ) so they call me “bebe” (well, until now, my supahfriends refer to me that way). After graduating from college, I got my first job in the corporate world and I was the youngest in that firm. They pampered me, took care of me and all. I looked up to them and regarded what they were doing as my guide at work. Now, I can’t believe that most employees in the company call me “Miss” even those who have the same level as mine. Outside of work, I am often annoyed that a lot of people call me “Ate”. Tsk.. even those drivers who used to call me “Miss” and “Ma’am” (while I call them “Kuya” or “Manong”) now call me “Ate”. Tsk.

5. Baby Girl. I went to the province recently coz my Uncle (my Dad’s brother) went home from the States. Sure, I was their favorite niece (maybe because I am my Dad’s carbon copy) but that doesn’t mean they are my favorite relatives, too. Hekhek! Kidding. :P When I was young, they used to carry me and shower me with kisses. I would always sit on their lap whenever they would ask me to. Recently, I was talking to my cousin when suddenly I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist, giving me a tight embrace and kissed me on my cheeks. It was my Uncle. I felt awkward. And I told them I am no longer their baby. I almost heard myself saying “ewwww” Hahaha! :D

6. Night Out. Believe it or not, I do not enjoy gimmicks nowadays as much as I did when I was in college. Even my bellies and my purse will agree with me. You may often see my pictures in bars and parties, but believe me, they are all out of “pakikisama” to my friends and colleagues. Also, I enjoy their company and events.. not the beer ANYMORE. Apart from those, it is a means to expand my network, which is advantageous for my line of work and sidelines. But for my night out with my bestfriends, we usually opt for dinner in a cozy restaurant, a movie date, or coffee date. Sometimes if our system needs alcohol we take cocktails and the likes.. plus Acoustic Music. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. :D

I am not yet done with my list but my eyes are getting drowsy. It’s only 1AM yet I am sleepy… I am used to sleeping at 3-5AM during holidays..

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