I threw away my slippers. Even the old fashioned pair of shoes that I loved for 3 years.
I had a time well-spent with them, I must admit.
They looked good on me, but it was time for me to let go.
Because they no longer satisfy my yearning, and my needs have changed.
Besides, my feet had a taste of extreme pain when they both turned old.
When I disposed them, I learned to survive with nothing but my bare feet.
And even how lonely and painful my feet were, never did I long to reclaim my old slippers and my old fashioned pair of shoes.
Why would I do that? It was never my mantra to further devastate something that I ruined before.
It would be a selfish act. My conscience shall eat me alive.
And so I went on with my journey without something that would protect my feet.
It hurts so much that everytime I step on something sharp, I'd cry and tell myself that this is the start of fighting alone.
I still have a lot to pass by. So much more to step on. A couple of danger zones to surpass.
I already prepared myself for that.
Time passed by and my journey to something has come to an end.
Even if it meant bruises and scratches, I am thankful my bare feet are still alive.. and kickin..
And I am grateful, I have come face to face with my destination now -- A NEW LIFE.
Recently, I got myself a new pair of shoes for my feet. A nice pair of stilettos.
I fell in love with that pair of stilettos the moment I laid my eyes on them.
But I was hesitant at first if they would look good on me.
Besides, when I first saw them I was still wearing my favorite old fashioned pair of shoes.
I am just a simple girl with simple wants and needs. I don't need something flashy, all the more a glittery pair of shoes.
But my friends insisted I give it a try. They said there is no harm in trying.
After all, I am known to be a brave soul. Someone who'd take risks without looking beyond the horizon.
And so, I left the stilettos first at the store.
It was a dilemma for me if I'd stay and buy, or go and leave them there.
After quite some time, when my old fashioned pair of shoes had worn out and brought me in pain, I thought about those nice stilettos I left at the store.
On second thought, I didn't return until I had a taste of walking barefoot.
When I came back to the store, the stilettos that I liked were still there. Waiting for me to pick them up.
I tried them on. But it was hard for me as I am not used to wearing heels.
Still, I bought them. I might try changing how I look from now on.
You looked good on me, but I must admit I was not comfortable.
Until now I am still on the period of walking uncomfortably. One wrong move and I'm out of balance. I might break my ankle and get hurt once more.
I care less, though. I'd get used to it anyway.
For now, I want to wear you often.
Day by day I get the benefits of wearing you.
You continuously teach me how to walk gracefully. Walk slowly and carefully.
You don't force me to move fast as you know I don't want to get hurt again.
And I love every minute that I am wearing you.
You make me feel good about myself.
You make me stand out from the rest.
Because I now know better what to do.
Walk with poise. Walk with care.
I might break the heels anytime. You might leave me early if that happens.
But I don't care. All I want is today.
I'm loving every minute of being with you.
Thank you for the protection that my feet get from you.
Even if I don't know how long it will last, or how far we can go.
Thank you for staying at the store.


I knew you as someone who knows nothing but to crack a joke (the green ones) and make me realize my flaws. Never did I expect that one sensible talk will occur between you and I but I had a taste of it yesterday afternoon. It was one of the best conversations we've ever had though I have known you for quite a long time now. Perhaps we were alcohol-free and all we ever had were caffeine and nicotine stuck in our system. I think I should thank coffee and cigarettes for turning you into your earnest form.

I guess, all I wanted to say is...

Thank you for spending time with me. This time I know I saw the best side of you.

Thank you for the transparency that we both show all throughout the years. No matter how horrible your character is, or how chaotic your life can get, you were never afraid to show me what is real and what is not. You will never be my ideal guy, not even close to being a good mate. You are not the knight-in-shining-armour that I always dream of even when I am awake....

But you have this thing that always makes me want to give in.

I just hope opening my heart to you will never mean pushing you away.

I love you, my friend. :)


Let's stick to this, okay? I'd never want to get hurt for now.  (kelangan nakaschedule? hahaha) :)

Yung sinabi ko pala sayo the other night totoo yun ha? Kahit di ko sya natatandaan, sige totoo na yun.. tutuparin ko yun.  ;)


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I learned it the hard way, but I've been rolling by myself for quite sometime now....

or am I starting to roll with the Big O?  :)


It's my pleasure to introduce JENNY, a "resident" of Ark Avilon Zoo in Tiendesitas, Pasig.

When I first saw her picture on my friend's Facebook account, I asked if I can meet her as well. Fortunately, my friend also wanted to go back to Ark Avilon.. and voila! we had fun with the animals. :)

Jenny is so adorable. She's shy and sweet at the same time. She smells nice too. :)




Other animals..

White tiger








Kellie's Bestfriends



There's a limited number of animals in this zoo but it's perfect for those who would love  to bring their children to the zoo yet do not want to drive miles away from the city.

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