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The first time in months that I cooked again. I told my NFF (newfoundfriend :P ) "I stopped cooking the moment he stopped eating with me at home" Ngorks!

So here.. I tried cooking once again. Sa kabutihang palad e buhay pa naman ang mga kumain. :P

Presenting.. my pork adobo!



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Another successful event by ThreesACharm..

Ryan Cleofas & Marjorie Acal
Mt. Carmel Church
Oasis Manila, Aurora Blvd., San Juan
November 18, 2008 



Catering: Tamayo's Catering
Entertainment: JJS Entertainment


I think the gown was made by a dressmaker from Laguna




Coordinators at work.. :)

Jamie and I

Jenny, Myla, Noelle

PG ako :P

More Photos: Click HERE


1. that my heart is no longer concealed. it may haven’t seen it’s partner but right now it enjoys kilig moments.

2. that i get kilig just by listening to my friends’/colleagues’ kilig moments even if i haven’t found my real “kilig factor”.

3. that you can have an inspiration without wanting to “get” the person, you just smile at his presence.

4. that you may meet someone who can make you smile without you two being connected. he may never be an inspiration for so long but he can make your heart melt the moment you meet him. not really that you want to see him again, its enough that you met him… hmmmm.. and when you look back, again, you’ll smile. :) (mahaba ba? malabo? paikot-ikot? haha.. basta ganun..)

5. that i missed mcdo breakfast so much that i bought 2 meals on my way to the office.

6. that i can already talk to the Lord without dropping a tear or uhog.

7. that i can just thank the Lord for everything that He has given me the past few days. i didn’t ask for major things anymore… He has given me more than what i’ve hoped for in the past.

8. that 20peso worth of sampaguita won’t harm your purse.

9. that the sweetest smile may come from a stranger… and you’d smile back genuinely. it can be that sampaguita vendor, the security guard of the building where you work or even just a random kid on the street.

10. that empoy still looks funny though he’s giving drama a shot (fyi, able to watch an episode of “kahit isang saglit” on abscbn.)

11. that one day can change your life forever.

12. that one day everything that you have/are may change and you could be the person that you never imagined you’d be in the future.

13. that being jologs or goin gaga over a celebrity won’t make me less of a person.

14. that simple things can fulfill the hollow spots in my heart nowadays.

15. that i can enjoy life… by simply being ME. :)


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The sky was dark and there I was,
Feeling so cold. Feeling so numb.
Then raindrops started to fall.
I welcomed the drizzle. Embraced the chill.
After a while I felt so weak. I got colds.
Virus hit me. Vigorously struck me.
I was restless I should have walked toward the house.
But no, I enjoyed playing under the rain and getting sick.
Nevertheless, it only happens once in a while.
I thought maybe it will improve my immunity.
Fortunately, it did. I am stronger than ever.
I don't easily get a fever whenever I play in the rain.
Or maybe I was just wishful I could see something remarkable...
after the rain stops to fall.
They say I may find something beautiful after the rain.
It must be the rainbow, as what they call it.
Then at the end of the rainbow I may find again..
something that's full of treasure.
Pandora's box, grandma told me.
I was keyed up I couldn't wait for the rain to stop.
I wanted to shout up high where someone could hear me pray
for the rain to stop quickly
So I could see that beautiful rainbow...
Walk through that colorful path...
Take a risk again in striding...
I couldn't wait to see whether they're right or wrong.
Could there be a treasure in that box?
Or another crap that might hurt me again?
I wouldn't know it if I won't try.
After all, there's really no harm in trying...
I might get screwed up again.
Or bring home the treasure.
Either way, I know I will be strong enough to face my fate.


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Henri Fernandez & Rolyn Sac
November 9, 2008
San Agustin Church
Coconut Palace



Photographer: Wally Gonzales
Caterer: Josiah's Catering
Souvenir: Baicapture
Musician & Sound System: SJT Strings
Bridal Car: JCA Vintage
Designer: EDD Sy
Make-Up Artist: Michael Celestino
Emcee: Albert "Amazing" Sumaya
Hotel: Lancaster Hotel
Flowers: Flowers Unlimited

Reception Registration

with Master Photographer Wally Gonzales and Albert Sumaya

Wacky shot with the newlyweds

AC, Noelle, AJ and Jenny
AC and Jay-R (the Baicapture guy) plus Noelle and AJ
The team with the newlyweds

More Photos: Click HERE


When it comes to updating this journal, I’ve been very timely, but now it took me a day to finally write what’s on my mind. Perhaps, I am still overwhelmed by what happened with me in Bora. I couldn’t seem to put into words the memories I had there. I’ll just write as much as I can. :)

Media_httpfarm4static_ldewgMy first taste of loneliness was my flight to Caticlan. The plane's almost full except for one seat - the one next to me. So you see, God really has given me what I wanted.. to be alone. Siguro sabi nya “O sige yan ang gusto mo ha, ibibigay ko sayo” :P I arrived at Caticlan before 11AM last Thursday. The flight was smooth, though it was my first time to ride a small plane. I didn’t have agitation, parang kung ano na lang bahala na si Lord sa akin. :) The ride was fun, I took the trike (yellow cab) at the port since my service (the resort’s) wasn’t able to pick me up due to some sort of demolition/fire along the way.

When I arrived at Station 2, I quickly changed my clothes then headed off to the beach. Sad thing, it was raining (in fact, there was a typhoon). I didn't care though, I played in the rain and it was fun (though it was disappointing that I wasn't able to "fry" myself under the heat of the sun).

Then I wandered, looked for cool stuff and something to eat. I wanted to have a seafood buffet but I was afraid that my allergies would attack. I just decided to try Backyard's steak and took photos of hilarious quotes on their wall. I enjoyed their food except for one thing -- next time I will not order canned drinks anymore if I am alone (I have super short nails, good thing the waiter was so nice to help and open the can for me) :D

Since it was raining really hard, I just bought some bottles of Vodka Cruiser in a nearby liquor shop and brought to my hotel room so I don't need to go to the bar and drink. The weather was really bad that night. I really thought I was not going out that night, but then again, I realized that I should go out and unwind instead of locking up myself (ayyy.. OA?? haha!) inside the hotel room. And so, I went to Bombom. It's a reggae bar in Station 2, FYI. I got myself a glass of Cosmopolitan but I met some people so it became 3. Hehehe. :D

The night was full of fun. I got to meet some interesting people. Oh well, I think when you're alone everything you see becomes interesting coz your attention is focused on what you like to see/understand. I had some chitchat with those random people I met at the bar (one of them is the bar owner, a guy from a local political family in Boracay) that made me feel really good.

The following day, the weather got better I went to the beach early in the morning and had a relaxing massage.


I also had the chance to explore the non-beach part of Boracay. It was so nice of the hotel owner to play as my tourist guide for free! :) We trekked Mt. Luho where I saw the whole Boracay island as well as the other islands.


There were also some animals, it’s like a mini zoo.

Then a trip to Puka Beach where I felt like Anne Curtis singing One Hello...Nyahahah!

We also went to West Cove (some people say it's owned by Manny Pacquiao, not sure though) and had a bottle of beer. The resort is quite far from the busy stations of Boracay. It's just right for relaxation and perhaps, honeymoon.

After our roadtrip, we went back to Station 1 and got ourselves some shake and snacks at Jonah’s. I watched the sunset. It was quite melancholic to watch the sun go down when you're alone... and heartbroken. *sigh*

It rained again after the sunset so we decided to go back to the hotel and just drink at the rooftop (again, with the owner). She was with her 5 year old niece who resembles my face when I was a kid. She's half Japanese while I'm half... human. Haha. Joooke! :P

My trip back to Manila was the earliest flight and I felt that 3 days of stay in this paradise wasn't enough, all the more if you're a lost soul wanting to find herself (naks!). I just thank God that I went home safe and sound despite the bad weather.

Being alone made me realize a lot of things. I had time to analyze awful things that happened in the past, that break up that almost took away my sanity. I realized that I didn't deserve such kind of relationship and that kind of man coz I know God is preparing someone better to come my way.

It's better to let someone/something go if you know that it doesn't do you any good than to stay even when you know that it just becomes detrimental to your being.  I didn't regret falling in love with him though. I was just real coz I thought he was so into me.

People say, saltwater heals one's wound. I just hope it was able to mend my broken heart, too....


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I haven't read the book so I have no idea whether the film gave justice to what Nicholas Sparks had written.

I will just illustrate what I have twigged from the movie.

Two people who try to get away from their wretched past met in a beautiful place. Romantic I must say, that they eventually fell in love with each other. It's funny how I always recognize the difference between Hollywood films and Pinoy flicks in terms of romance and falling in love. I always believe that falling in love is not instant.. you cannot just meet someone, get to know him/her in a couple of days, feel a spark coming out.. then you sense it could be love. I couldn't feel that there was enough foundation for the characters to fall in love. I don't know, I may be skeptic when it comes to relationships but do you think it would be possible to fall in love with someone you hardly know? Nonetheless, the scenes in Rodanthe were passionate, I won't argue anymore.

Sad thing about this film is, though I wasn't able to read the book, I pretty much figured what would happen next. The plot is predictable. But honestly, even if I was always right in guessing what the next scene would be, I've been so off guard that I found myself crying because of those "love letters" (see, snail mails/love letters rule!).

Another thing that I didn't like about this is an unrecognized Papa James Franco. I didn't see his name on the billing. He may have had a very short stint but his character played a major part in Dr. Flenner's life. He was also the one who broke the news to Adrienne.. one scene that crushed my heart.

Now that I shared some of the things that I found unappealing in this movie, next thing is to express what I loved about it.

The performances are great and it was expected that there would be indisputable chemistry between Richard Gere and Diane Lane. The girl who played Amanda (Adrienne's teenage daughter) is also effective in playing the role of a rebellious daughter. The setting is also magnificent, the beachside inn that Adrienne's friend owns gave the nights a romantic vista.

Forget about how the film was done. Or how the story went on. Or how quickly the characters fell in love. I'll just stick to the main point: it made me cry, smiled, laughed.. and believe that everybody deserves a second chance.. to fall in love. :)

Somewhere, somehow, someone will come into your life and will inspire you in so many ways. :)

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