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A rose dreamed day and night about bees, but no bee ever landed on her petals. The flower, however, continued to dream. During the lost nights, she imagined a heaven full of bees, which flew down to bestow fond kisses on her. By doing this, she was able to last until the next day, when she opened again to the light of the sun. One night, the moon, who knew of the rose's loneliness, asked: 'Aren't you tired of waiting?' 'Possibly, but I have to keep trying.' 'Why?' 'Because if I don't remain open, I will simply fade away.' At times, when loneliness seems to crush all beauty, the only way to resist is to remain open. excerpt from "Like the Flowing River" by Paulo Coelho


I used to believe that comfort means happiness
That happiness comes from getting what you need in life
And so I bought a pair of slippers for my bare feet
Those slippers made me feel relaxed
They kept me protected all throughout my past journeys
With each step I made, they were there to guide my feet
They fought with every rough road I stepped on
Yes, I was at ease and sheltered
But where was my happiness?
Time passed by and my needs have changed
That pair of slippers got exhausted
Comfort didn't mean happiness at all
I started to crave something different
Something special I guess
I yearned for a nice pair of shoes
Those pieces that are vigorous and versatile enough to take care of my feet
Those which won't be worn out easily
Those that can protect my feet in all seasons
So I left my old pair of slippers
But I just put them in my storage box
Cos my heart refused to let them go
Yet my mind told me to do so
I bought a brand new pair of shoes
Then finally I gave my old slippers their time for themselves
Away from my feet which only caused them to be depleted...
But now, after a few years, the shoes I bought are already out of fashion...
Got to find something new for this new season...
But to no avail...
I’m still craving for my old fashioned pair of shoes...

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