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Time flies so fast and another year of lease with my apartment has come to an end. We've decided not to renew anymore since most of us do not share the same views already. There were changes in work, personal life and a few other things that led to occasional misunderstandings. I guess parting ways would be the best solution for all of us, although it's a bit sad because we were together in this 5-bedroom unit for 3 years.

If you are familiar with house rental process and policies here in Singapore, you can say I am drained physically and financially. Physically, because we had to go through the whole sourcing of agents, phone calls, meet ups, viewing and boundless discussions and negotiations. One agent even turned us down because the house owner prefers Caucasian tenants. How racist is that? Hahaha. Financially, because I had to shell out hefty amount for deposits, public utility bills deposit, agent, mover, stuff for the new house, etc.

I would still be with a few friends and we will be moving in to a smaller unit.. in the same condominium, just in the next block. Hahaha. It's funny how we looked everywhere but ended up in the same place.

That building will be my new home

I already started packing my stuff and there's still a lot more untouched in my room because our move in date is not until the 17th. We have furniture to dispose as we need to hand over this unit to the owner empty. It was unfurnished when we took this unit so all furniture our ours. I guess we have to get a mover or avail of disposal services just clear this unit. Ohhh.. goodbye moolah again! Aaaahhhh... Oh and wait, we also need to prepare money for our old unit's professional cleaning and laundry services (they require receipts from pros).

I can't wait to get it over and done with.. and say hello to my new house!!!!


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I know it's already April and this post is way too late. I just had to share these photos from our lion dance event in the office for Chinese New Year.

They were too funny not to share, right? Silly lion! Haha.

Happy Easter, everyone!!! :)


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RIP to a great man, a leader who had spent his entire life building this nation and turning it into what it is today -- the envy of Asia and the world. 

Thank you for making Singapore such a great place to live in. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

Your legacy shall live on.


PS: Passed by this earlier today. Despite the scorching heat, thousands of people are queueing up for hours to pay their last respects to former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He is lying in state at the Parliament House until the 28th of March.

Such a well loved and respected leader.


You're no Jesus
Yeah, you're no f*^%#@! Elvis
Wash your hands clean on yourself, baby and..
Step down, step down

9 March 2015
The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel


Flooding you again with photos from my Chinese New Year trip last month. Hahah. All photos were taken using an iPhone, by the way. :)

I went to Penang and stayed in Batu Feringghi, the state's most popular beach area. I stayed in Holiday Inn just because we booked last minute and there were no available rooms at Parkroyal and Hard Rock anymore :(. Because I wanted to have a 'taste' of all these hotels in Penang, we just had some drinks at Parkroyal and dinner/drinks at Hard Rock.

It wasn't as fun though had I stayed in any of these. Oh well... if it's any consolation, Holiday Inn's room was relaxing so I had some good night's sleep there. :)

Besides lazing around, another thing that we enjoyed in Penang was the food. We had plenty of Mediterranean and Indian stuff aside from the usual local food (Singapore and Malaysia have similar cuisine anyway).

Persian grilled stuff and biryani rice
Chicken Tikka and Cheese Naan

Penang's beach isn't as lovely as what we have in the Philippines but it's also nice. Anyway, this is the closest thing I could get to a decent beach. There are some activities that you can do like parasailing and jet skiing.

... and maybe have some photoshoot? Hahah.

The view of the sunset in this area is lovely, too. Grabbing some drinks while watching the sun go down is one thing I'd suggest if you happen to visit Penang soon. :)

It can be romantic, too, if you watch it with your significant other. :)

My craving for the beach isn't fully satisfied yet but I am happy I was able to relax even for a while. Despite that long bus ride, I definitely had fun.

I am looking forward to a real beach trip hopefully in the Philippines... soon!

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