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RIP to a great man, a leader who had spent his entire life building this nation and turning it into what it is today -- the envy of Asia and the world. 

Thank you for making Singapore such a great place to live in. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

Your legacy shall live on.


PS: Passed by this earlier today. Despite the scorching heat, thousands of people are queueing up for hours to pay their last respects to former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He is lying in state at the Parliament House until the 28th of March.

Such a well loved and respected leader.


You're no Jesus
Yeah, you're no f*^%#@! Elvis
Wash your hands clean on yourself, baby and..
Step down, step down

9 March 2015
The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel


Flooding you again with photos from my Chinese New Year trip last month. Hahah. All photos were taken using an iPhone, by the way. :)

I went to Penang and stayed in Batu Feringghi, the state's most popular beach area. I stayed in Holiday Inn just because we booked last minute and there were no available rooms at Parkroyal and Hard Rock anymore :(. Because I wanted to have a 'taste' of all these hotels in Penang, we just had some drinks at Parkroyal and dinner/drinks at Hard Rock.

It wasn't as fun though had I stayed in any of these. Oh well... if it's any consolation, Holiday Inn's room was relaxing so I had some good night's sleep there. :)

Besides lazing around, another thing that we enjoyed in Penang was the food. We had plenty of Mediterranean and Indian stuff aside from the usual local food (Singapore and Malaysia have similar cuisine anyway).

Persian grilled stuff and biryani rice
Chicken Tikka and Cheese Naan

Penang's beach isn't as lovely as what we have in the Philippines but it's also nice. Anyway, this is the closest thing I could get to a decent beach. There are some activities that you can do like parasailing and jet skiing.

... and maybe have some photoshoot? Hahah.

The view of the sunset in this area is lovely, too. Grabbing some drinks while watching the sun go down is one thing I'd suggest if you happen to visit Penang soon. :)

It can be romantic, too, if you watch it with your significant other. :)

My craving for the beach isn't fully satisfied yet but I am happy I was able to relax even for a while. Despite that long bus ride, I definitely had fun.

I am looking forward to a real beach trip hopefully in the Philippines... soon!



"Hindi ko alam kung pa'no nya nakaya na tapusin na lang ang lahat, lahat ng three years na yun sa Siya ang mahal ko. Four words? Tatlong taon tapos four words lang kaya niyang ibigay?"

This is me, reenacting that famous line by Angelica Panganiban's character (Mace Castillo) in the movie, "That Thing Called Tadhana" with a twist, based on my own heartbreak story. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of hopeless romantic Pinays out there that relate to her character as well.

Every line thrown by Mace felt like listening to my own voice ranting over my failed romance. It is supposed to be a sad movie, yes, but I couldn't help but laugh in most of the scenes. Probably because, aside from listening to my own voice, it was like watching my real life drama on the big screen. I looked funny. Crazy. Loser. Pathetic. All those cringe-worthy adjectives one can probably think of. But then again, everyone is entitled to pour out his/her emotions over a lost love no matter how stupid he/she can get, right? And when you get past that stage you can already laugh everything off. That's where the comedy kicks in. Lol.

I guess by now most of us have already watched the movie. My Facebook and Twitter newsfeed have been flooded by posts about it; most of my friends liked it while there a few others who felt otherwise. They found it boring, and some even said it's a piece of s***. I am one of those who enjoyed it. I loved it. Although it may never surpass the impact and popularity of One More Chance, I still believe That Thing Called Tadhana deserves to be included in my list of favorite movies of all time. While both movies' plot focused on broken hearts, I think they are incomparable. The John Lloyd - Bea starrer stabbed my heart a million times (even the mere thought of it makes me wanna cry) while Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman's Tadhana is cute, funny and light with a few little pinches in the heart.

For those who haven't watched, That Thing Called Tadhana tells the story of two strangers who met at an airport in Italy; went on a trip to Baguio and Sagada together, wandered on the road while getting to know each other and sharing their misfortunes in love. It's quite similar with the American movie Before Sunrise starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, only Pinoy.

The movie is nice because it's everyone's story. As I mentioned earlier, one can easily relate to the characters. Be it the pathetic Mace, or the "moving on" master Anthony. I'm sure at one point in our lives we became either the heart or that arrow with a heart pierced through him. In that scene where Mace carried her big suitcase down the stairs I remembered myself doing the same, trying to look okay even when I was feeling weak. That suitcase is a symbol of one having emotional baggage. Like Mace, I held on to that baggage for quite sometime because I didn't want someone new to help me carry it, let alone let go of it.  I wanted to wallow in pain and do things on my own. Because I hate it when people feel sorry for me, I always wear this strong persona of me. And that karaoke moment? My best friend said Mace and JM looked exactly like us when I broke my heart years ago, we spent most of our nights singing our hearts out in KTV bars.  I also went 'soul searching'. Sounds cliche, but I did. At the time when traveling solo wasn't too mainstream yet, I went to Boracay alone amid a typhoon. In fact, the flights after mine got cancelled due to bad weather. I felt overwhelmed and suffocated, hence I wanted to escape even for a while.

There were a lot of hugot lines, too. From cursing the ex, wanting to turn back the hands of time and do things right, to completely trying to get over him. Mace's line is my usual dialogue when heartbroken, "Pangit ba ako?" HAHAH. Of course, when someone dumps you, your self-esteem is doomed. But there's this particular scene that hit me. It's when Anthony asked Mace, "Kapag may dumaang shooting star, ano'ng iwiwish mo?" To which Mace replied, "Na sana.. sana hindi ko na siya mahalin." I've said this piece many times in the past. You know, it's so much easier to move forward when the love is gone.

It's a straightforward, tell-all kind of movie. It is realistic and can happen to anyone. Most importantly, It didn't promote fantasy and that is why this, for me, is beautifully done.

On to its cinematography and screenplay, everyone seems to have liked how the right angles and awesome views were captured by Tadhana's camera. Being an indie film didn't stop it from producing high quality shots. In fact, one could actually feel the emotions of the actors even without dialogues being thrown. Add to that the songs they used and you'd find yourself getting affected by the scenes. Tadhana by Updharma is one of my favorite songs. Though it wasn't played much, all other songs I heard made quite an impact.  I'm not a professional movie critic so this is all I can say. Hahah. In regards to the script, it's "too UP" (the writer-director is an Iska). I suddenly remembered myself in college, speaking the same way as Mace and Anthony with all those burgis and t***i** stuff and all. Hahah. I'm not saying non-UP students wouldn't relate, but more like saying every conversation is reminiscent of my colorful UP life.

Beyond the quality of the movie, the ultimate reason why I love this is the presence of JM De Guzman on screen. He is f&^#*@ handsome.  I developed a huge crush on him when he was just starting out especially in Angelito (Kahit siguro hindi ako brokenhearted, pag ganito nakasabay ko sa airport, magfifeeling weak na lang ako. Hahaha.) I am happy now that he is back on track after his apparent downfall 2 years back.

I will end this post by saying that I will forever hold on to that line from Anthony, which I've actually been keeping in my head for the past few years now.

I can't wait to meet my own TADHANA. :)


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Sorry, It's been years since I last draw on paper (plus the fact that I'm not really an artist). Now that everything is done using computers and other high tech gadgets, I'm not comfortable using a pen anymore.. 

Okay, okay.. too much explanation. All I wanted to say is I want to learn more about art. I am contemplating on taking up a short painting course.. hmmmm... 

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