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Someone told me he loves me. I was stunned. I haven't heard this in 6 years, you know... the one with all sincerity. While I felt the need to respond with how I truly feel, I caught myself questioning him. Why? Is it easy to fall in love with me? 

Dear you,

I am that woman your momma warned you about, I can break your heart in a snap. Ironically though, it is my own heart that gets broken most of the time. I am scarred. I find it hard to give someone my trust, because there's this fear that forever resides in my heart. 

I was happy spending my days alone until you came. You made me realise I'd be happier being the other half of something beautiful and surprisingly, I never looked back at my solitude. So please, just be that half that makes me whole.

Do you really love me? Will you promise to take care of me and at least TRY not to hurt me? I know uncertainty goes hand in hand with commitment and who knows you might fall out of love at some point in our 'relationship' (or steadyship, chillship.. or whatever ship you want to call this sh**), but do you think you can manage to be honest at all times? I can never live AGAIN in a world of lies believing you care when you don't. Just walk away when you already feel the need to and never ever mislead me like what they all did to me.

Don't think that I'm judging you. I just want to make sure you're real. Please tell me you are real. I want to know you deeper. I want to rip your heart open to find out if I'm there. 

There are days that I still find myself wondering if you'd stay the same even after I give you my everything. I'm sorry for doubting you. Overthinking, I know.

But hey, I like you. I feel something for you. Love? I'll get there soon, I'm certain. So please, be patient with me. 

- AC


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Like I always mention in this blog, my parents have been living in Japan for nearly two decades now. They reside inside a US Navy housing in Sasebo, a city located in Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Their place is boring, I swear.. Haha. The only (quite) famous tourist spot there that I know is a Dutch-themed park called Huis Ten Bosch.

Last autumn (Oct-Nov), I traveled again to Sasebo. Although this place is quite uninteresting, I'm still happy about going because my purpose was to visit my family so it meant more than the usual travel for me. It's just sad though that my dad wasn't around because of sudden military duties in another base so basically I just spent my entire visit with my mom.

My trip started with a not-so-good news from my siblings in the Philippines. As soon as I arrived at the airport in Japan, I heard from my brother that our house in Manila caught fire. Sure, it was a sad news, but life goes on. I'm still thankful because no one was hurt. Mom and I still tried our best to enjoy our bonding moments.

Mom's friend's birthday.

We had dinner at a nearby Italian place and went to a karaoke (one of the very few pubs) place owned by their Filipino friend. I felt uncomfortable at first because I was with the 'oldies' and it was the first time Mom and I bonded over alcohol. Hahah. They were singing and dancing nonstop while I sat all night in one corner watching them. (In my head: Am I seeing myself 20 years from now? LOL)

Henn na Hotel. How about having robots man the hotel reception? And oh, one of them is a dinosaur. This weird hotel is located near my parents' place. We didn't check in, I just wanted to see the robots. I read online that the hotel is staffed entirely by robots. If not for the budget I would have booked a night here just to experience being served by robots. Heheh.

Wanna see how robots work in the hotel? Click HERE.

Don't go chasing waterfalls.. please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.. lalalala... This song automatically played in my head when I saw this beautiful falls in Karatsu. If not for the very cold weather I would have jumped into the water. Hehe. 

Karatsu is a city in Saga Prefecture, also on Kyushu Island. It wasn't easy reaching this falls as we had to 'hike' for a few km. I know my mom had a hard time cos she's not into physical activities so her friend (who regularly does trek mountains) and I had to adjust to her pace.

Even the trees, mountains surrounding the falls are lovely. 

May Forever. Sabi nito. And so does my mom. I forgot how they call this place though. We passed by this on our way home from the falls. This is also within Karatsu.

There are still other places that I got to visit for the first time in Kyushu, but this post is getting long so I'm going to stop here for now. I'll find another free time to update this blog and hopefully it won't take long. Heheh. But oh... work resumes tomorrow so.... que sera, sera. :)

Happy New Year again, folks! :)


Since it's a long weekend and I've got plenty of time to be wasted at home, I've decided to update this blog and write about past trips that I think are worth sharing. I was supposed to go out today but the weather's really bad and my bed's calling me back in its arms. Hahah.

My last birthday (August 2015) was spent in Hanoi, Vietnam. When I booked the flight, I imagined myself eating authentic Vietnamese delicacies, wandering around the busy streets of Old Quarter and cruising through the majestic Halong Bay but.. surprise, surprise! The weather was so bad that I literally spent the entire vacation in a raincoat. My Halong Bay trip was also cancelled so I guess I will be back to Hanoi soon.

Only one wish came true -- eating Vietnamese food because obviously, I was in Vietnam. Hahah.

Despite the weather almost ruining my holiday, I still had one reason to enjoy my Hanoi trip. It was a visit to Cu Da, an old village located in Thanh Oai district, few kilometers away from central Hanoi. I got the tour package through Viator for USD58 each. Pretty cheap for an exclusive tour (I was with a friend) and the best part of it was having fun tour guides who eventually became friends. :)

If you're looking for tour agents in Hanoi, please contact them (look for Trang Bui and Giang Nim). No matter how bad the situation is, there will never be a dull moment when you're with them. :)

Cu Da Village is famous for its ancient houses and old style buildings which are actually perfect for a 'photoshoot', if not for the heavy rain.

The village is also known as the "vermicelli capital" because it is the largest producer of rice vermicelli in the country. Soy sauce is another product of the residents here. In fact, while we were walking around we could actually smell the soy sauce in every corner. Again, because of the heavy rain we had no chance to see an actual production of both vermicelli and soy sauce. I only saw the finished products.

soy bean paste
soy sauce
ready to pack vermicelli
We visited some temples and pagodas, too.

We also had the chance to visit traditional Vietnamese houses and mingle with the locals. I love Vietnamese people, because they think I'm beautiful.. hahahaha! (maybe because I'm quite tall?) One old man kept looking at my face and told our guide how beautiful I am for like a dozen times. Hahahaha. Haba ng hair ko noh? Feelingera lang hahaha. Kidding aside, the people are nice and warm. They welcomed us into their homes despite the language barrier.

It was a whole day tour but I we weren't able to do much because of the bad weather. To sum it up, our tour was spent walking in the rain and on the puddles. Sounds bad, doesn't it? Yes, if you are someone who always sees the negative in every situation. I still enjoyed this tour because of a great company that took good care of me and never let me feel bored. :)

Eto, I could pass as a local noh? Hahahaha.


"Be bright and cheery.
Be big and bold.
Be strong and resilient.
Know your roots and be hard to miss in a room."

Here's to seeing a more sunshiney version of us..

Happy New Year! :)


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I'm a bit emotional this time of the year because I spent Christmas here in Singapore alone (well, kinda) while my family celebrated in Bohol where my sister resides. All of them, including my parents who flew in from Japan to spend the holidays.

Today, the 31st of December, I am still contemplating on how to celebrate the New Year. I think we have a little celebration in my apartment but it's not my priority to spend it at home because I am no longer that 'cheerful' flatmate they all know. Things are different and I am no longer comfortable staying there. Some friends are inviting me over to their house to celebrate with them while others insist we go out and go clubbing. The thing is, I am still sick. I've been down with flu and I don't think I have the energy to party. 

Last year I spent the New Year with my parents in Japan and it was one of the best NYE I've had in years. I am missing them so bad. 

I am actually used to being on my own during special days and holidays like this but today is the first time I felt the loneliness and it's killing me.


I know, I know.. Not a good way to end my 2015 and start the new year, but..... I don't want to pretend I'm okay when I'm not really fine. Physically, emotionally, professionally, whatever-lly.. hahahaha.. 

Nonetheless, wishing you all a New Year filled with love, hope and nothing but good vibes! :)

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