Saturday, August 30, 2014


I haven't been updating this blog lately and I apologize to my beloved readers, all 3 of them. Hahah. Anyway, there's just a lot of things happening in my life right now that I can barely bring myself to compose even a single decent sentence. So I'll just share with you some photos from my quick weekend trip to Manila last week. 

My parents were also in town so I basically spent most of my time with my family and managed to squeezed in meet ups with friends.

Went pampering with my mom and had our nails done, dined out with the whole family and killed time (window) shopping.

KathNiel of the 80s
"Piktyuran mo nga kami ni Coco Martin", sabi ng nanay ko sabay pose
My dad surprisingly smiled

Played with my nieces.


Cailah, Chelsea & Scarlett

Chika with friends over lunch, coffee and dinner.

Casa Verde, UP Town Center
playing dams with our little boy

.. then capped the night off by watching my boys' stand up comedy show at Route 196 along Katipunan. (Shameless plug: Catch Comedy Manila performing at different bars around the metro, visit their FB page for schedule.)

Eri Neeman hosting the show (picture grabbed from Comedy Manila)

Victor Anastacio headlining the show (picture grabbed from Comedy Manila)

I was only there for 4 days (or 3 and a half.. haha!) but every single minute was well spent. 

Short but sweet, isn't it? :)

PS: Next time I hope to see you all blog friends! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hello hello!

My company has joined an exciting event and my team is participating. The event is called Steptember, a 4-week challenge in September where employees commit to walking approximately 10,000 steps daily, benefiting health and well-being and also supporting a good cause – the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

As such, I am seeking your help in raising funds for this cause. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go a loooong way. Note that it is only through our generous support that Cerebral Palsy Alliance can provide services, equipment, respite and therapy for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Make a difference to someone’s life today. Donate to my team! J

For donations, please visit this website:

Pretty please??? J

For more details, you may visit:

By the way, I am the Project Lead for our Singapore office so effort na effort ako talaga. Kaya wag na kayo kuripot, help me? HAHAHAHA.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


.. my flatmate (Nheng) actually planned for a house party for me. Sure, I thought of preparing something at home the weekend of my birthday (just because it has always been 'mandatory' at our place to hold a small party to celebrate each flatmate's party) but I never thought I'd be having something extraordinary without my knowledge. All I had in mind was an intimate gathering with a handful of guests over finger food and (overflowing) booze but what she (and the rest of the people at home) arranged was a 'debut' or a sweet sixteen party which I never had when I turned 18.

I woke up to this:

I heard from one of my flatmates that Nheng stayed up all night just to do this and put up on the wall.

She even decorated our place with pastel colors to add up to the teenage party vibe at home. My friends all know I hate pink but I almost changed my preference that night. Hahaha.

I prepared most of the food while she took care of the desserts.

The highlight of this was the birthday cake which Nheng secretly made while I was at work. She is no expert when it comes to baking so it really meant a lot to me. She even took a day's off from work just to prepare stuff for my party. She is the sweetest, isn't she?

She also made some puto in colorful cups (in lieu of cupcakes which she tried baking but ended up a failure..awww) and the whole gang ordered lollicakes (or whatever they are called) from a friend who bakes cake.

What made me really happy was the thought of her bringing together all my friends to party with us. I found out she even contacted everyone and sent an invite.

I loved it, because most of them really came wearing the required colors. Too bad some came from other engagements prior to coming to my place so they were wearing different colors. It's alright though, I was more than happy to see them all. :)

It was a fun night of eating, drinking, chatting, hula hoop challenge, picking on each other and everything that involves fun. I loved it. I am blessed with wonderful people around me. I was so happy it made me think, "Am I that good to deserve these amazing friends?" What do you think? :)

It was indeed a happy 30th birthday for me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


2 days ago I turned 30. By far this is the first birthday that didn't excite me. I wasn't even looking forward to it unlike the past few birthdays which I celebrated with different sets of friends the entire week. Also, my birthday happened to be on the last day of my colleague here in Singapore (she's moving to our head office down under) so we had a sort of emotional day in the office. We took lots of photos using her phone and she even took solo pictures of everyone in the office. When it was my turn to pose for her camera I was like, "Why are we having a photoshoot? Is it my birthday today?" Then I remembered, oh sh** it's my birthday today. Oh yeah, for a moment I forgot about my special day.

The only thing that reminded me it was my birthday was my schedule to watch The Sound of Music that I booked weeks ago just so I'd have something to do on my birthday. When my colleagues asked me what my plan was for my birthday and I told them I was going to watch a musical, they were surprised probably because they'd expect me to party hard. I said I prefer to spend my birthday more quietly this time (sign of aging, I guess). One of them even asked me if I have a boyfriend (and would probably ask what we're going to do on the birthday as a couple). Hahah.

Anyway, so I went to see The Sound of Music with my friends on the night of my birthday. I had fun watching although I felt like I was expecting more from the show. Perhaps I was hoping every single touching scene would move me, but I never had the awww moment the entire show. It was OK.

My birthday was spent like any other ordinary day. There was nothing special except for the cupcakes that my flatmate baked and we ate when we got home. Nonetheless, I am thankful for another year that God has given me. I am also thankful to a lot of people that make my life worth living.. eeewwwww... I am such an emo. Allow me to be one even just for today, can you? :)


To my parents - Thank you for the gift of trust, independence and generosity. I just realized growing up without you was meaningful after all.. because you taught me how to stand on my own.

To my siblings (and their family) - Thank you for teaching me how to share. I wouldn't have known how to be selfless if it weren't for you.

To my gogolosh, my sisters from another mother - 4 years of solitude (romantically speaking) is no joke, but you never let me feel alone. Thank you for the 14 years (and counting) of friendship.

To my SG housemates and friends - Thank you for being my home away from home. You make my stay here a fun and enjoyable experience.

To my colleagues - Thank you for turning a boring job into an amazing one. Though I enjoyed the arts and literature more than business when I was young, you made me realize I made the right choice.

To my past loves and quasi ones - Thank you for the learnings in love. You all continue to inspire me to become a better version of myself as I get closer to meeting the one.

To everyone who touched my life one way or another in my thirty years of existence, thank you so much.

I am now thirty. Welcome to cougarland, Anna Cecilia. Haha. :)


Monday, July 28, 2014


Originally from South Korea, one of the newest attractions that came to Singapore recently is the Alive Museum. It is basically a gallery of artworks that create visual illusion (that is if you bring someone who has an eye for photography and if you get the perfect spot to take photos.. hehe.)

If you are a tourist or just want to visit the place, it is conveniently situated in the city (Suntec Mall) so there is no way you'd get lost or spend much of your time traveling to this place. Ticket is priced at $25 for adult, $20 for child (aged 3-12) and $60 for a family package (2 adults, 1 child, $10 for each additional child.) It is open from 10am to 10pm daily (last admission at 9pm).

Alive Museum is a perfect place if you love taking unusual photos, making silly poses and at the same time, having fun. There's a lot of pieces to take creative photos with, from superheroes and public figures to fantasy creatures. My favorite would be my photo with Spiderman (those who are close to me know that I am addicted to him - even my phone case shows.. haha), although he looks gay here with red lipstick on his pouty lips. Hahah.

I only have a few comments that made it quite difficult for us to take photos:
  • The place was dark but on each art piece were light bulbs, it reflects on the paintings and thus, not too good for photography (even when flash if off).
  • Most pieces are just next to each other, making you block the view to the nearby piece just to get a nice photo.
  • On the wall, beside each artwork are framed samples of poses to make when taking photos Because they are too close to the artwork, they may be included in your photo. Not a perfect view, I'd say. You cannot just crop though this as you may ruin the whole thing.
But in general, Alive Museum is great. My friends and I enjoyed the experience when we visited last week, partly because there was only a handful of people so we didn't have to queue and we took our time taking photos at each artwork. If you have plans of visiting, it's best to do it in the morning as soon as it opens to avoid the long queue.

Best actress eh? HAHAHAHA.

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