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"A spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, you're gone."


I am currently here in Japan visiting my parents. As soon as I arrived yesterday I learned from my brother that our house in Manila caught fire, leaving us with nothing. Good thing no one was harmed and the kids are safe (my niece's was just asking how she can go to school cos she doesn't have a uniform and all her things are gone... hehe, such a positive little lady.) :)

I am thankful that everyone's safe, and glad that there have been tons of people that helped and have been offering help. We may not be rich but we are rich in friends. The real ones. My parents taught (and showed) us to be generous and help people in need so I am glad we get the favor now that my family is the one needing it. Not that I am telling one should help for the purpose of getting something in return.. I am just glad that we have kind hearted people around us.

I am still feeling sad but you know.. life goes on. :)

I am certain we can recover from this...

I'll try to enjoy this trip and bond with my mom for now...


Thank you for this letter. It always warms my heart whenever I receive something like this from you. How I wish someday I could meet you and your family. Continue being a good boy, study well and I hope you won't get tired of pursuing your dreams. (John is the first name of my sponsored kid)


While I am forever grateful to my parents for providing me everything that I needed (from food and other basic necessities to quality education), I am also thankful to non-profit organizations like World Vision for helping communities send their children to school through this sponsorship program. 

PS: I am not bragging, I am just happily sharing. :)


Last night while waiting for my nightly dose of keso aka On The Wings of Love to air on TFC Online. (Please don't judge.. ahhahaha!)

PS: I just realized I've been neglecting this blog. I still have a lot to share but.... :(


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3 years ago they performed at the SGP and I watched it. I braved the crowd and stood very near  the stage just to see Adam Levine up close.

Below is a collage of some of my (and my friends') shots in 2012.

This year they returned to Singapore to do the same -- adding entertainment to this racing event. To be honest I'm claustrophobic and cannot stand to be in a crowd like this (I was too stubborn years ago even if I already had difficulty breathing) so this time I just watched them from afar with another friend. 

I was initially staying near the stage but I really couldn't stand the heat and the crowd so I left and moved far from my friends. They stayed close to the stage because they wanted to see his pores. Haha. Kidding. I still enjoyed their show, in fact I realized it's even better to watch at a distant because you can freely move and dance without worrying about hurting other people or exchanging sweats with them. Haha.

As always, Adam Levine started with a shirt, rather a polo and an inner tank and finished the show shirtless. LOL. My friends always envy Maroon 5's Singapore shows because he always takes his shirt off while in Manila he's always covered because they usually perform in an air conditioned venue. 

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