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I hate taking selfies because I'm not good at it and I couldn't seem to find my best angle.. but then again, this is my face so I better accept its flaws. HAHAHA.

All I wanted to say is... I had my hair dyed yesterday. Hope the color suits me. ;)


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Hello everyone! I missed you.... my 2 readers! Haha. :)

To be honest, I'm having a hard time maintaining this blog, hence the occasional and nonsense posts. I become too attached with my bed and enjoy slumber weekend a lot because I feel I was deprived of sleep prior to moving in to this new place. Even going out for groceries shopping and errands becomes a difficult task for me to do. Good thing my flatmates' families are here for a vacation  so there are people dragging me to go out and have fun. Haha.

Last weekend, to celebrate the Mother's Day and my friend's mom's birthday we went to a nearby Indonesian island called Bintan. This is an hour and a half ferry ride away from Singapore (Tanah Merah ferry terminal) and a two-way ticket costs about SGD70. Not sure though if this is the regular price or already the premium one cos it was Mother's Day.

We stayed at Nirwana Gardens Resort. I've been to this resort before but stayed at the Beach Club. This time we rented a villa which is more practical than getting 3-5 hotel rooms where a group of 10 people could fit. The price of this villa is pretty cheap at less than SGD300 per night for NTUC card member.

There's a kitchen and you can cook but we still brought cooked food so we can already eat as soon as we arrive. I'm lucky to have friends that are mothers, because they know how to take charge of an outing like this. Honestly, I didn't provide any help in pulling off this whole thing. 

The place surrounding the villas are so lovely. There are lakes (with fountains.. LOL), trees.. such a peaceful environment that made even more relaxing by the beautiful weather that day.

.. and if you're lucky you will come across this buddy.

We went swimming, playing, taking lots of photos. The kids (and adults.. haha) went elephant riding, too.

The birthday girl (on an elephant) and her kids 

Because we arrived late on Saturday and left early on Sunday, our time there was limited so we weren't able to do much other than swimming, except for that 30-minute kayak 4 of us did. Free time in between activities were spent taking pictures. Hahah. So.... I'm posting my kaartehang shots here if you don't mind. HAHAH.

Okay, enough.. before your computer explodes. Haha.

I guess the best thing about Nirvana is their pool..

It's so pretty, isn't it?

Anywayyyy.... it was indeed a relaxing weekend for all of us.

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends!!! Hope you had fun! :)


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Not bragging... hahaha.. just wanted to share with you that I received a very special recognition at work last week. :)

Oooops... cash and 'gold' are not included. Hahah. We actually played two-up after the Aspire Awards because it was also the week after Anzac Day. Two-up is a traditional Australian game usually played in pubs and public places during Anzac Day.

Anzac Day /ˈænzæk/ is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served."
-- Wikipedia

Too bad I lost! Heheh. Someone here is so happy she took home $300! (Before the start of the game everyone was given cash by our boss to play.)

Happy weekend guys!

PS: I'm so excited for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight heheh :)


Finally, after weeks of stress I am done moving in to a new place. Well, not really a new place cos it's in the same condo, only the unit is in the building 2 blocks away. However, it was still tiring because we had to manually carry our stuff (and occasionally used some carts) because it would look funny had we availed mover services cos its just near my old flat. Like I said in my previous post I've been physically, emotionally and financially drained because of this move and since it's done I can now breathe.

Although no one really cares, I am still sharing with you some photos of my new apartment. Hihi. :D

view from the balcony


living and dining area


my room

my wardrobe -- it was an achievement to sort this cos its is one of the things I hate doing the most haha

my bathroom

I can finally eat, drink and be merry! .. and blog! Woooohoooo!!!! :)


Time flies so fast and another year of lease with my apartment has come to an end. We've decided not to renew anymore since most of us do not share the same views already. There were changes in work, personal life and a few other things that led to occasional misunderstandings. I guess parting ways would be the best solution for all of us, although it's a bit sad because we were together in this 5-bedroom unit for 3 years.

If you are familiar with house rental process and policies here in Singapore, you can say I am drained physically and financially. Physically, because we had to go through the whole sourcing of agents, phone calls, meet ups, viewing and boundless discussions and negotiations. One agent even turned us down because the house owner prefers Caucasian tenants. How racist is that? Hahaha. Financially, because I had to shell out hefty amount for deposits, public utility bills deposit, agent, mover, stuff for the new house, etc.

I would still be with a few friends and we will be moving in to a smaller unit.. in the same condominium, just in the next block. Hahaha. It's funny how we looked everywhere but ended up in the same place.

That building will be my new home

I already started packing my stuff and there's still a lot more untouched in my room because our move in date is not until the 17th. We have furniture to dispose as we need to hand over this unit to the owner empty. It was unfurnished when we took this unit so all furniture our ours. I guess we have to get a mover or avail of disposal services just clear this unit. Ohhh.. goodbye moolah again! Aaaahhhh... Oh and wait, we also need to prepare money for our old unit's professional cleaning and laundry services (they require receipts from pros).

I can't wait to get it over and done with.. and say hello to my new house!!!!

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